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Thursday, 30 September, 2004

What Makes A Boring Life.?!

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Today is Wednesday..a few more days, my semester break will come to an end..

Next Monday is the new semester of TARC..but i still don’t know the confuse now..

To make things worse..i still don’t know the result of my 1st sem exam..

These few days were such a boring day..and i’m quite tired to hangout..don’t know why..i’m soo energetic at the beginning of my sem break..

Now i’m tired of everything..maybe because of the new sem is coming..and i’m still worried about my exam’s results..dare not to think much bout the new sem..

I had been hanging out with Hikaru almost everyday since the 1st day of my break..but he still having his break for another 2 months..

Too bad that next month he needs to take an extra subject..need to attend class just 1 day a week, 2 hours a day..for 4 weeks..

Hmm..hope i still can hangout with him after the new sem started..

Sure i’ll still be hanging around with him..i still want to watch  Milla Jovovich’s Resident Evil 2 : The Apocalypse..and Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle..hahahaha..

But who knows..maybe there’re some pretty girls out there willing to accompany me to watch the movies..hehe..

It has been quite some times i didn’t see my frens from Cochrane..Wah Kei..Mun Choon..Ming Hong..Poh Hong..Chee Lim..Tony..Yee Tat..Song Feng..Chuan Soon..Yew Mun..and others..

Really miss those days we stay back in school in the evening to play football and basketball..Now they don’t have the time..

Everyone gone to different Colleges and Universities in a different states..don’t know how are they doing now..?

Just hope that our friendship will never fade away..

And i also hope to know more frens in TARC..i got not much frens in TARC..just those from the same group of mine..

I don’t know why..even i got my bestfren, Hikaru accompanied me almost everyday..other buddies from St Gabriel’s..and other caring frens concerning about me..

I played futsal with my St Gabriel’s buddies almost every week..and i may not afford to play too much in the coming days..

Coz i need the money for my daily expenses..although i may use it with other frens in’s still 1 of my daily expenses..

I can’t always use the money to play futsal with them and left out other frens..I still got frens out there..

And i really appreciate it, that they called me everytime they played..they will not left me out although they knew i’m quite broke these few days..

I went out with my frens..such as..SuSan and Ji-ann..I enjoyed my times going out with them..

And i do look forward for another out-goings with them..don’t know if they are free or not..

Who knows..they also need to accompany their frens..and maybe boyfrens..heh.. these few days, i still feel lonely deep in my heart..I really don’t know why..

Maybe I wish there’s someone else to care bout me.?? Am i waiting for someone.?? Or am I just didn’t appreciate what i have now.??

Will I be happier when the new sem is started.?? Will I be happier to see my coursemates.?? I might be happier to see my bestfren..hahahaha..

Hmm..what a dilemma..but i know i can’t continue it this way..I need to do something for the new semester..

I always listen to problems from my frens..advising them not to be too sad and stuffs..but..actually i got the some problems too..

It works for other people..but..I myself don’t want to follow my own’s easy to be said than done..hahaha..

I feel so great in helping my frens by listening to their works will lighten their burden..

And i like to advise..and..stories will eventually come out from my mouth automatically..hahaha..

Although i like to tell my stories..i my frens..but..i do mean only bestfrens and close-frens..

Other than just telling my problems and happy moments to my closest-frens..

I decided to write my own blog to tell u all briefly about my life..full with happiness and sadness..

Anyway..really thanks to those who read my blogs all these while..

I will try to keep it i hope this will be my lifetime diary..

Not only for u to see..but also for myself to look back at my old days, in the future..

Thanks everyone.. ~ FrenZ AlwayZ



Tuesday, 28 September, 2004

Movie Again..

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Well..look at the time now…just back from Midvalley (what de heck..again..?!?!)..

Yea..watching Princess Diaries 2 – The Royal Engagement just now..midnight show..with’s Ji-ann..

At 1st..when i heard Deral is booking tickets for the Princess Diaries 2..i was like..Are there no more other movies to watch..????

I thought it was another lame sissy movie for i didn’t watch the 1st one..

But..just to accompany Ji-ann to watch a movie as she’s bored to the heck..just watch it..

It turned out quite good..not as bad as i thought..and i would consider it as 1 of the meaningful movies that i watched..

It’s funny..and..quite meaningful..

It teaches us..just do what we feel is right..u may make mistakes in the mid-way of everything that u did..but..the mistakes would be a lesson to u.. something for your love because of something..

Like Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) 1st..she chose to love someone because she needs to be married to take over the throne..

It’s the law in the country called Genovia..a female need to be married to take over the throne..and a guy dun have to be married to take over the throne..

The couple are happy to be together..but not love to be together..and dun have feelings for each other..

On the other hand..Princess Mia loves the person..who is trying to take away her last..he gives up..

It ended Princess Mia takes the throne without marrying to the one she doesn’t love..

And..she found love with the 1 who really loves her..and because of that he gave up to take away the throne from her..(it’s all bcoz of his uncle..trying to sabotage Princess Mia)

So..that’s what i something for your love..and not to not love because of something..hope u know what i mean..

Umm..i would like to say The Bourne Supremacy (Matt Damon) and The Terminal (Tom Hanks) could be also a nice movie..after watching the trailers..

Hmm..until’s the 4th day since Irene left KL..dunno what is she doing now..??

Hope she’ll be fine in UK..and contact me as soon as possible..

I got contact with See Yee Through her new number..she’s fine in Ukraine..the weather is hot no worries..

And dunno how’s Yian Wei’s been 1 week since he left KL to UK too..

Hope he’ll be fine too..

Not to forget Lausanne..who is in India now..hope she’s fine too..

Ok..that’s all for now..signing off here..need to get some sleep..chiaow..

Monday, 27 September, 2004


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These few days i’m very very tired..maybe because i hangout too much..

On Friday afternoon..i went out with my long-lost fren..San..i would like to call her Midvalley..

We went to see a Korean ghost movie called…The Ghost

Aah…another lame story something like the combination of The Phone with The Tale Of 2 Sisters and also The Dark Water..

Anyway..i enjoy my movie with my fren..hehehe..

Well…it’s been a long time i didn’t see her..

She’s still fair and lovely (huh..sounds like a facial cream wash product or somethin like that..)..

I really enjoy my time talking with her…she’s soooo talkative..haha..i’m not bored with her stories..

After she left..i went to queue at the cinema ticket counter again..

To buy tickets for New Police Story for Saturday..hahaha..

So on SaturdayHikaru and I went out with a net fren..i called her as Momo..heh..

At 12pm..I went to fetch meet Momo at Midvalley (again.?!) at 12.30pm..

I bought the ticket at the wrong time…i mean..i should buy it earlier..

Instead of 2.45pm..i bought tickets for 3.30pm show…silly me..

The 3 of us went on window shopping before the movie started..

Our feet starting to pain and strain…~sigh~..bcoz of my silly mistake…

So here and there we walked…helping Hikaru find some birthday presents for his girl fren (it’s fren..not girlfren,k..) from China

Find some postcards to show how beautiful our country is..

So we walk..walk..walk..walk..walk..walk..walk..walk..

Ah hah.!!
It’s 3.20pm…so we went to the cinema to buy some drinks and food…

We get seated in our seats…umm…it’s in Hall 11…G09-G11..

Hahaha..the space of the seat is quite small..for Hikaru and my long legs…

Before the usual..there are lots of previews and trailers of upcoming movies..there are movies like Alexander..Kung Fu Hustle..

Talking bout Kung Fu a new movie from Stephen Chow..YEAH.!! there’s a movie coming soon..

I think since filming the Shaolin Soccer..he’s alredy into kung fu films..hahaha..

Umm..too bad i didn’t notice when is the release date..

So..waiting for it eagerly..can’t wait for his movies again..since 2001’s Shaolin Soccer..

Really missed Stephen Chow‘s stupid tricks and jokes and craps to make us laugh like hell..forgetting our sadness…hehe..

We enjoyed the movie…and I can say that it’s a great movie..

I wouldn’t say a movie of Jackie Chan is great..i mean for his past productions…

But this one is GREAT.!! no more boring stunts like fighting with chairs..ladder..jumping and climbing and squeezing through windows, stairs, escalators or anything that he used to do…

Although there are still some stunts of the similarities.. this movie..Jackie Chan expressed more in his feelings and face expressions..rather than his fighting skills…GOOD JOB.!!

For those who still haven’t watch it…try’s a great movie…

And..there’s a scene could made my eyes wet…it’s so touching…~sob sob~

And Jackie Chan looks soo heroic in this movie..because of the stupidity of the stupendous Nicholas Tse

He is no more a cool and good looking guy in this movie..

He is more like a clown..that every climax of a scene..would broke down into laughness bcoz of his stupidity…

Anyway..i enjoy it..HAHAHA..!!

There’s one thing that is even funnier than Nicholas Tse‘s acting..

That our fren, so excited and frightened with Jackie Chan‘s acting…

It’s like she’s watching a horror movie..shutting her eyes with her palms..shocked..and other stuffs..

We ask her why..she said she’s so excited with it..and frightened bcoz of those sudden stunts..

Like car-crashings..police-criminals shootings..falling from building..and some other stuffs that we usually saw in Jackie Chan‘s film..

After the movie we rushed to the washroom..there’s a faucet(pipe) in the guy’s washroom..spoilt..

So the water kept flowing out unstoppable..the toilet is on the floor below the cinema (it is the 2nd floor.?)..

Later we went to Kepong for our dinner at 7.30pm..while watching Middlesbrough – Chelsea match…

We ate and was soo fun…to know a fren like her…

There’s a man..selling night version chinese newspapers..asked us whether we want to buy we say NO.!! he left..

After a while..he came back..asking the same question..again..we say NO.!! he left..

After a while..he came back again..asking the same stupid question..we say NO.!! he left..(’s something like a deja-vu)

We eat at a food-court something like KL’s Payathin..or SJ’s is normal people asking do u want to buy vcd/cd..

So..the same thing happened here..just like the newspaper guy..this vcd guy kept asking for a few times..ARGH.!! I’m fed up..

After that..i fetched Momo home at Manjalara at 9.20pm..Hikaru and I sped off back to KL to meet with our frens at Fairplay..YEAH.!! for 10pm..

I managed to drive without speeding much to reach at Fairplay before 10pm..hahaha..

As usual..we played for 2 hours..10pm-12am…soo tired..

We stop-by at Deral‘s watch some football..then proceed to yamcha at 2am..

Like i mentioned on the Profile Section…1 of my favourite hangout is Saga Hill..again..we went to Saga Hill

WoW.!! we ate a loooot…and i’m totally broke for going out too much..even if i need to borrow some money from my frens..i need to eat something that night..

There were..err..1,2,3,4,..7 of us..each 1 of us..ate at least 2 plates of maggi goreng or roti canai…

became the champion..with 2 plates of maggi goreng and a plate of roti 2 glass of teh ais..

It’s like we hadn’t eat for dinner…but we did..well..guys..our stomach is like rubbish bins…put anything u want…

So we sit there and chit chat until Hiew‘s brother called at 3.30am..he need to go went home..

Altogether..Hikaru and I went out for 16 HOURS.!! without going back home..damn tired…

I think i need to sleep now…see u guys again next time…

Now i’m waiting for Resident Evil 2…i talk about it after i watch it,k…see ya til then…

Thursday, 23 September, 2004

Feel Glad..

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Well..i feel quite glad today…

Yesterday night in the wee hours of 3am…i received a sms message from See Yee..she got a new phone number alredy…i’m sooo glad that she’s fine in Ukraine

Well…she says the hostel and food are sucks..and ofcoz..needless to the Russians are very rude to AsiansFUCK OFF RUSSIANS..!!! Oops.!! sorry..i didn’t meant it…

Luckily she goes to Ukraine..not the terrorising country, Russia…~Pheeew~ I got a fren studying in Russia…damn chaos..there’s 1 time..even the University got a curfew for about 1 week or more…

Can’t imagine how messy it is…Bleeh~~’s Ukraine..what do you expect from it…it’s good to hear from her…

So…keep in touch always to know more…

Tonight…my close-fren, Irene…gonna leave KL to Bristol,England…at 12.10am midnight…

Poor Irene…going there alone…don’t worry…i’ll always be there for u when u need help at anytime…

Wednesday, 22 September, 2004


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Well…talking bout leaving KL…yesterday night at 11pm…i got another fren leaving KL..going to UK to further his study..

Low Yian Wei…a fren of mine during our secondary times in SMK St. Gabriel’s..he’s going to Northern Ireland to further his studies in Advanced Diploma in Electronic Engineering..

Although we are not so close..we are still frens’s sad to hear another fren leaving u…

At least Hikaru and I accompany him last go window shopping..and watch movie..yea..the stupid AVP

Yian Wei didn’t have much thought we could accompany him to let him know there’s still frens for him..and there’re frens care about him(which we really are..)..

But the sad thing is..we didn’t send him off the’s a sad thing to do..sending people off plane..

He’ll be doing the Advanced Diploma for 2 years..and if he could..Masters for another additional 1 year..

What a miserable day yesterday…2 person left KL in just 1 day..

Talking bout it..I got another fren,Irene going to leave KL tomorrow..also to UK..Bristol,England

She’s going there alone..without knowing anybody…but she’s different..she’s doing her Masters in Computer Science – Majoring in Global Computing and Multimedia

She’ll be in England for 1 do her Masters..or maybe hopefully find a better job over there instead of Malaysia’s just been a day since See Yee left yesterday..i alredy feel so sad and miss her sooo much…

Don’t know what is she doing now…i can’t contact her..need to wait her to get a new phone number..

Hope she has settle down in her hostel..and her parents first..just hope everything is fine in Ukraine..not like Russia..messed up everywhere..

After sending her off yesterday morning…Teh Poh fetched me home first..went to Connaught’s McDonald’s drive thru to buy a meal to eat..

Eating my Special Meal..McDonald’s Large Double-Cheeseburger Lonely Meal..

I don’t have appetite to finish it..i mean the fries and i went out with Hikaru in the afternoon…

We went to Pandan Indah to have his haircut..then we went to Sungei Wang..we lepak-ed for the whole evening..then ate our dinner at Jalan Alor..

After that..we went back to his house..I was sooo tired that i took a nap at his place for half an hour…

Although we went out the whole day..but i didn’t feel like i’m enjoying myself with the outing..

Maybe i’m too sad to be’s really sad to send someone off at the airport..Especially your close frens and your love ones..

Well..sorry to say this but..luckily i didn’t sent off the team who went to Sabah..consisting of Rachel, Bee Yan, Sin Yin, Ming Hong and dunno who else..

Sure i’m gonna get my eyes wet…although it’s still in Malaysia..

Anyway..just wish everyone studying abroad or living abroad happy always..and all the best to them..and appreciate all my frens who are still in Kuala Lumpur



Tuesday, 21 September, 2004

One Sad Moment… :'(

Filed under: Shits — Yatz @ 12:30 pm the day..where someone is leaving from me..her family..and frens…and she is See Yee

She’s going to Ukraine to further her study in medical..for 6 years..~sob sob~..anyway she’ll be back twice a year…

This morning..i woke up at 6.30am…to get ready and wait for my frens to come…after a tiring night last night..playing futsal…

At 7am..Chew Shu arrived with Teh Poh and Teh Chai…in her Kenari..with Teh Poh driving…we used the Serdang/Bangi highway to go to the airport…

Then we went through Nilai…then there’s the airport…

Along the whole journey to KLIA…i didn’t think much…coz all i wanted to know is the way to KLIA..haha..stupid me..dunno the way the airport…

We reached at about 8am…so we parked our car and went to the departure station…it’s like playing hide-and-seek over there…but at last…we found her with her family…

They were packing her luggages…u know…it’s a normal thing for students going oversea…LUGGAGE OVERLOAD..!!!

So they were shifting things here and there…to make sure the weight is just right…and light & easy for her to carry…

U’ll know when u carry her backpack..damn heavy with the laptop and those books she’s going to use in Ukraine

We have a lil chit chat while queueing for check-in…lots of Indians going with her…i mean..ya..they are her new coursemates…luckily she found a chinese girl to be her roommate…

Then..right after the check-in…she’s ready to enter the took a couple of photos..then…i’s ok..bcoz..this is just the beginning for her…instead of it’s the ending of us and other frens..

When she’s ready to enter the departure gate…i feel so sad..with my tears going to come out of my eyes..but i managed to hold it..

But Chew shu broke into tears..and See Yee can’t hold it too…with Teh Poh and Teh Chai trying to crack jokes to make them feel just hold on to my tears..

By the time See Yee entered the gate…she broke into tears again…waving good bye to us and her family…her mother cried too…~sob sob~..

So..there she goes..into the a whole new environment..know new frens..explore the new place…get herself suit in a new weather…

The temperature can be -5 degree celcius at normal weather..just wait til the winter comes…~Brrr~…

Anyway..hope there’s a new life for me and for her…and nothing will change after 6 years…~sob sob~…

Well..yea..i’m emotional..i can cry everytime i watched Armageddon…~sob sob~…

Til then…wait for my next blog while i try to dry up my tears…


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