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Tuesday, 7 September, 2004

What A Stress..!!

Filed under: Ramblings — Yatz @ 2:31 pm

well..yesterday night…i had a nice sleep…at 9pm…i slept like i never sleep before..

i had sleepless nights since the final of my 1st semester started on 28th of August..

But unfortunately..i didnt sleep for the whole night..i mean..didnt sleep til the next morning..

suddenly i woke up at 2 am..quite my night for the exam..the long theory of Industrial Management Studies..~sigh~..

some of it are quite’s too much to memorize..

Anyway..hope i can do well in this paper to cover my other papers..
so..i studied until 5am..

i felt quite try to go to bed again..but i can’t sleep well again..with lots of thing kept bugging my i rolled on my bed til around 6am..

then i fell asleep (i rather called it a nap)..then i woke up at find myself still fresh..

so i just playing with the fantasies in my mind..until 9am..which i’m completely fresh and can’t sleep anymore..

So..i decided to wake up instead of just lying down..

So..i onlined at 9.30..i got nothing to do when i’m online..

i finished checking my mails..checking my friendster account..checked and my Yahoo! Fantasysports Football..

Until i post this blog..i found that writing this what so-called a blog..or for’s something like a diary..

it’s just this diary is posted online and for everyone to read’s quite fun and interesting..

anyway..keep in touch with my blogs..


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