The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Saturday, 11 September, 2004


Filed under: Ramblings — Yatz @ 8:15 pm

Woo Hoo..!! at last…i’m free as a any other students…

so the 1st thing i’m gonna do is..go to Wangsa Maju’s BRJ to meet my coursemates..yamcha..and watch Football..hahaha..

it’s been a long time i didn’t do this kinda stuff… usual..i’m gonna talk about my sleeping routine..yesterday night and the previous night..

Whoa.!! i slept for the whole night for the 1st time since my exam started..for that 2 nights..i slept at around 9.30pm…

until the next day 6am…this never happened before since the exam started…it’s the other way round..

i’m sooo fresh until 6am..then only i’ll sleep..and because of that..i missed the Malaysian Idol.! what de heck..

mayb the stress of exam is getting over my head..haha..maybe i should do it this way in the future..

i’m soo fresh and energetic when i woke up at 6am..and i haven’t wake up in the early morning since..umm..year 1997..?

now i can eat breakfast..have some morning exercises..get some fresh air through my’s soo great..

hmm..i think my activities will get even better on the coming days..i can’t wait to meet up with Ivy and Irene..and also pay a visit to Eirene..hahaha..

what a similar name of this 3…never mind..just a fren of mine..

let’s talk the stupid last paper of sux..after that..aah..just a piece of cake..but sux again..

i screwed it up bcoz i can’t remember the very 1st formula..and bcoz of that..i couldn’t continue with the next sub-questions as they need the answer from the 1st part..

so i just give it a hit..after that..i asked my fren..haha..lucky me..i hit it right..Phew.!!

from today onwards..i got 3 weeks holiday..until 3rd of Oct..and i can spend my times on blogging..hahaha..

why.? bcoz i’m gonna have wonderful days after my exam..although i screwed up a few papers.. =P

Anyway..talking bout’s Sept 11 today..the anniversary of the terrorism on the WTC on Sept 11 2001…

i still remember..on that day..the TV just kept talking bout that time around soon as the tragedy happened..

i thought..what de heck.?? what kind of ad is that..? a new movie or what..?

if it’s a new movie or ad..bcoz it kept repeat and repeat and repeat for bout 15 minutes..but why is it on news..??

ooh..sorry for that..around half an hour later only i knew it’s the tragedy of all the readers out there..pray for them..


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