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Friday, 17 September, 2004

Good Old Days..(G.O.D)

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Well..i didn’t go out today..need some rest..hahaha..

Fortunately…i met 2 frens of mine in MSN…so i decided to add another entry of my blog for today..hahahaha…

Talking bout frens..i’m gonna talk about my Form 6 frens…for those who enter local university or college or whatever…here it goes..

For those in the East of Malaysia..the UMS(Sabah)..Rachel, Bee Yan, Niam Ming Hong, Sin Yin, and..i also dunno who else is over there…so..all of them are doing just fine…with the exam is just around the corner..

And for those in Peninsula…the one at KUKUM(Perlis)..Moon Yee..haha..coming back to KL every bus..

Taking up her 7 hours every she came back..and another 7 hours for going back there..

For those in UM(PJ) …Chew Shu, Li Wei…and i also dunno who else…i think they were also doing fine…didn’t contact them although they were just in KL…

But i know that every university is having election(pilihan raya) to select the CEOs for the Student Affairs or something like that…

Then..for the overseas…Lausanne had gone to India to further her study in medical..she took her flight on Tuesday night, 14th Sept 2004

For See Yee..she’s leaving next Tuesday morning, 21st of Sept further her study in medical too…but she’ll be back for almost every 6 months…

Umm..that’s the girls part..for the guys my fren..u know that i’m in TARC(Setapak)..together with Lim Song Feng..same course-Electronic Engineering..

But unfortunately different year..i’m in year 2..he’s late for the intake..too bad..ending up in year 1.. đŸ˜¦

Poh Hong doing fine in UPM(Serdang) with Pay Shuen around..Tai Chee Lim in..UM or UKM..?? and the irritating Jason at Uniten(JB.??)..hahahaha…

Then there’s Kai Tung and Danny in UTAR(Setapak)…umm..dunno who else..ok..that’s all bout my frens…hope that we can gather again some day..doing all the old stuffs…yamcha..steamboat..barbeque..hmm..good old days~~~

So..Wish all of you mentioned here..and those not mention here..all the best in your Mid-Terms, Finals and Exams…it’s either like exam is over..or..just around the corner…

So Work Hard and Study Smart..!!!

~~ Do Keep In Touch With My Blogs ~~


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