The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Wednesday, 22 September, 2004


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Well…talking bout leaving KL…yesterday night at 11pm…i got another fren leaving KL..going to UK to further his study..

Low Yian Wei…a fren of mine during our secondary times in SMK St. Gabriel’s..he’s going to Northern Ireland to further his studies in Advanced Diploma in Electronic Engineering..

Although we are not so close..we are still frens’s sad to hear another fren leaving u…

At least Hikaru and I accompany him last go window shopping..and watch movie..yea..the stupid AVP

Yian Wei didn’t have much thought we could accompany him to let him know there’s still frens for him..and there’re frens care about him(which we really are..)..

But the sad thing is..we didn’t send him off the’s a sad thing to do..sending people off plane..

He’ll be doing the Advanced Diploma for 2 years..and if he could..Masters for another additional 1 year..

What a miserable day yesterday…2 person left KL in just 1 day..

Talking bout it..I got another fren,Irene going to leave KL tomorrow..also to UK..Bristol,England

She’s going there alone..without knowing anybody…but she’s different..she’s doing her Masters in Computer Science – Majoring in Global Computing and Multimedia

She’ll be in England for 1 do her Masters..or maybe hopefully find a better job over there instead of Malaysia’s just been a day since See Yee left yesterday..i alredy feel so sad and miss her sooo much…

Don’t know what is she doing now…i can’t contact her..need to wait her to get a new phone number..

Hope she has settle down in her hostel..and her parents first..just hope everything is fine in Ukraine..not like Russia..messed up everywhere..

After sending her off yesterday morning…Teh Poh fetched me home first..went to Connaught’s McDonald’s drive thru to buy a meal to eat..

Eating my Special Meal..McDonald’s Large Double-Cheeseburger Lonely Meal..

I don’t have appetite to finish it..i mean the fries and i went out with Hikaru in the afternoon…

We went to Pandan Indah to have his haircut..then we went to Sungei Wang..we lepak-ed for the whole evening..then ate our dinner at Jalan Alor..

After that..we went back to his house..I was sooo tired that i took a nap at his place for half an hour…

Although we went out the whole day..but i didn’t feel like i’m enjoying myself with the outing..

Maybe i’m too sad to be’s really sad to send someone off at the airport..Especially your close frens and your love ones..

Well..sorry to say this but..luckily i didn’t sent off the team who went to Sabah..consisting of Rachel, Bee Yan, Sin Yin, Ming Hong and dunno who else..

Sure i’m gonna get my eyes wet…although it’s still in Malaysia..

Anyway..just wish everyone studying abroad or living abroad happy always..and all the best to them..and appreciate all my frens who are still in Kuala Lumpur



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