The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Monday, 27 September, 2004


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These few days i’m very very tired..maybe because i hangout too much..

On Friday afternoon..i went out with my long-lost fren..San..i would like to call her Midvalley..

We went to see a Korean ghost movie called…The Ghost

Aah…another lame story something like the combination of The Phone with The Tale Of 2 Sisters and also The Dark Water..

Anyway..i enjoy my movie with my fren..hehehe..

Well…it’s been a long time i didn’t see her..

She’s still fair and lovely (huh..sounds like a facial cream wash product or somethin like that..)..

I really enjoy my time talking with her…she’s soooo talkative..haha..i’m not bored with her stories..

After she left..i went to queue at the cinema ticket counter again..

To buy tickets for New Police Story for Saturday..hahaha..

So on SaturdayHikaru and I went out with a net fren..i called her as Momo..heh..

At 12pm..I went to fetch meet Momo at Midvalley (again.?!) at 12.30pm..

I bought the ticket at the wrong time…i mean..i should buy it earlier..

Instead of 2.45pm..i bought tickets for 3.30pm show…silly me..

The 3 of us went on window shopping before the movie started..

Our feet starting to pain and strain…~sigh~..bcoz of my silly mistake…

So here and there we walked…helping Hikaru find some birthday presents for his girl fren (it’s fren..not girlfren,k..) from China

Find some postcards to show how beautiful our country is..

So we walk..walk..walk..walk..walk..walk..walk..walk..

Ah hah.!!
It’s 3.20pm…so we went to the cinema to buy some drinks and food…

We get seated in our seats…umm…it’s in Hall 11…G09-G11..

Hahaha..the space of the seat is quite small..for Hikaru and my long legs…

Before the usual..there are lots of previews and trailers of upcoming movies..there are movies like Alexander..Kung Fu Hustle..

Talking bout Kung Fu a new movie from Stephen Chow..YEAH.!! there’s a movie coming soon..

I think since filming the Shaolin Soccer..he’s alredy into kung fu films..hahaha..

Umm..too bad i didn’t notice when is the release date..

So..waiting for it eagerly..can’t wait for his movies again..since 2001’s Shaolin Soccer..

Really missed Stephen Chow‘s stupid tricks and jokes and craps to make us laugh like hell..forgetting our sadness…hehe..

We enjoyed the movie…and I can say that it’s a great movie..

I wouldn’t say a movie of Jackie Chan is great..i mean for his past productions…

But this one is GREAT.!! no more boring stunts like fighting with chairs..ladder..jumping and climbing and squeezing through windows, stairs, escalators or anything that he used to do…

Although there are still some stunts of the similarities.. this movie..Jackie Chan expressed more in his feelings and face expressions..rather than his fighting skills…GOOD JOB.!!

For those who still haven’t watch it…try’s a great movie…

And..there’s a scene could made my eyes wet…it’s so touching…~sob sob~

And Jackie Chan looks soo heroic in this movie..because of the stupidity of the stupendous Nicholas Tse

He is no more a cool and good looking guy in this movie..

He is more like a clown..that every climax of a scene..would broke down into laughness bcoz of his stupidity…

Anyway..i enjoy it..HAHAHA..!!

There’s one thing that is even funnier than Nicholas Tse‘s acting..

That our fren, so excited and frightened with Jackie Chan‘s acting…

It’s like she’s watching a horror movie..shutting her eyes with her palms..shocked..and other stuffs..

We ask her why..she said she’s so excited with it..and frightened bcoz of those sudden stunts..

Like car-crashings..police-criminals shootings..falling from building..and some other stuffs that we usually saw in Jackie Chan‘s film..

After the movie we rushed to the washroom..there’s a faucet(pipe) in the guy’s washroom..spoilt..

So the water kept flowing out unstoppable..the toilet is on the floor below the cinema (it is the 2nd floor.?)..

Later we went to Kepong for our dinner at 7.30pm..while watching Middlesbrough – Chelsea match…

We ate and was soo fun…to know a fren like her…

There’s a man..selling night version chinese newspapers..asked us whether we want to buy we say NO.!! he left..

After a while..he came back..asking the same question..again..we say NO.!! he left..

After a while..he came back again..asking the same stupid question..we say NO.!! he left..(’s something like a deja-vu)

We eat at a food-court something like KL’s Payathin..or SJ’s is normal people asking do u want to buy vcd/cd..

So..the same thing happened here..just like the newspaper guy..this vcd guy kept asking for a few times..ARGH.!! I’m fed up..

After that..i fetched Momo home at Manjalara at 9.20pm..Hikaru and I sped off back to KL to meet with our frens at Fairplay..YEAH.!! for 10pm..

I managed to drive without speeding much to reach at Fairplay before 10pm..hahaha..

As usual..we played for 2 hours..10pm-12am…soo tired..

We stop-by at Deral‘s watch some football..then proceed to yamcha at 2am..

Like i mentioned on the Profile Section…1 of my favourite hangout is Saga Hill..again..we went to Saga Hill

WoW.!! we ate a loooot…and i’m totally broke for going out too much..even if i need to borrow some money from my frens..i need to eat something that night..

There were..err..1,2,3,4,..7 of us..each 1 of us..ate at least 2 plates of maggi goreng or roti canai…

became the champion..with 2 plates of maggi goreng and a plate of roti 2 glass of teh ais..

It’s like we hadn’t eat for dinner…but we did..well..guys..our stomach is like rubbish bins…put anything u want…

So we sit there and chit chat until Hiew‘s brother called at 3.30am..he need to go went home..

Altogether..Hikaru and I went out for 16 HOURS.!! without going back home..damn tired…

I think i need to sleep now…see u guys again next time…

Now i’m waiting for Resident Evil 2…i talk about it after i watch it,k…see ya til then…


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