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Tuesday, 28 September, 2004

Movie Again..

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Well..look at the time now…just back from Midvalley (what de heck..again..?!?!)..

Yea..watching Princess Diaries 2 – The Royal Engagement just now..midnight show..with’s Ji-ann..

At 1st..when i heard Deral is booking tickets for the Princess Diaries 2..i was like..Are there no more other movies to watch..????

I thought it was another lame sissy movie for i didn’t watch the 1st one..

But..just to accompany Ji-ann to watch a movie as she’s bored to the heck..just watch it..

It turned out quite good..not as bad as i thought..and i would consider it as 1 of the meaningful movies that i watched..

It’s funny..and..quite meaningful..

It teaches us..just do what we feel is right..u may make mistakes in the mid-way of everything that u did..but..the mistakes would be a lesson to u.. something for your love because of something..

Like Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) 1st..she chose to love someone because she needs to be married to take over the throne..

It’s the law in the country called Genovia..a female need to be married to take over the throne..and a guy dun have to be married to take over the throne..

The couple are happy to be together..but not love to be together..and dun have feelings for each other..

On the other hand..Princess Mia loves the person..who is trying to take away her last..he gives up..

It ended Princess Mia takes the throne without marrying to the one she doesn’t love..

And..she found love with the 1 who really loves her..and because of that he gave up to take away the throne from her..(it’s all bcoz of his uncle..trying to sabotage Princess Mia)

So..that’s what i something for your love..and not to not love because of something..hope u know what i mean..

Umm..i would like to say The Bourne Supremacy (Matt Damon) and The Terminal (Tom Hanks) could be also a nice movie..after watching the trailers..

Hmm..until’s the 4th day since Irene left KL..dunno what is she doing now..??

Hope she’ll be fine in UK..and contact me as soon as possible..

I got contact with See Yee Through her new number..she’s fine in Ukraine..the weather is hot no worries..

And dunno how’s Yian Wei’s been 1 week since he left KL to UK too..

Hope he’ll be fine too..

Not to forget Lausanne..who is in India now..hope she’s fine too..

Ok..that’s all for now..signing off here..need to get some sleep..chiaow..


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