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Thursday, 30 September, 2004

What Makes A Boring Life.?!

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Today is Wednesday..a few more days, my semester break will come to an end..

Next Monday is the new semester of TARC..but i still don’t know the confuse now..

To make things worse..i still don’t know the result of my 1st sem exam..

These few days were such a boring day..and i’m quite tired to hangout..don’t know why..i’m soo energetic at the beginning of my sem break..

Now i’m tired of everything..maybe because of the new sem is coming..and i’m still worried about my exam’s results..dare not to think much bout the new sem..

I had been hanging out with Hikaru almost everyday since the 1st day of my break..but he still having his break for another 2 months..

Too bad that next month he needs to take an extra subject..need to attend class just 1 day a week, 2 hours a day..for 4 weeks..

Hmm..hope i still can hangout with him after the new sem started..

Sure i’ll still be hanging around with him..i still want to watch  Milla Jovovich’s Resident Evil 2 : The Apocalypse..and Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle..hahahaha..

But who knows..maybe there’re some pretty girls out there willing to accompany me to watch the movies..hehe..

It has been quite some times i didn’t see my frens from Cochrane..Wah Kei..Mun Choon..Ming Hong..Poh Hong..Chee Lim..Tony..Yee Tat..Song Feng..Chuan Soon..Yew Mun..and others..

Really miss those days we stay back in school in the evening to play football and basketball..Now they don’t have the time..

Everyone gone to different Colleges and Universities in a different states..don’t know how are they doing now..?

Just hope that our friendship will never fade away..

And i also hope to know more frens in TARC..i got not much frens in TARC..just those from the same group of mine..

I don’t know why..even i got my bestfren, Hikaru accompanied me almost everyday..other buddies from St Gabriel’s..and other caring frens concerning about me..

I played futsal with my St Gabriel’s buddies almost every week..and i may not afford to play too much in the coming days..

Coz i need the money for my daily expenses..although i may use it with other frens in’s still 1 of my daily expenses..

I can’t always use the money to play futsal with them and left out other frens..I still got frens out there..

And i really appreciate it, that they called me everytime they played..they will not left me out although they knew i’m quite broke these few days..

I went out with my frens..such as..SuSan and Ji-ann..I enjoyed my times going out with them..

And i do look forward for another out-goings with them..don’t know if they are free or not..

Who knows..they also need to accompany their frens..and maybe boyfrens..heh.. these few days, i still feel lonely deep in my heart..I really don’t know why..

Maybe I wish there’s someone else to care bout me.?? Am i waiting for someone.?? Or am I just didn’t appreciate what i have now.??

Will I be happier when the new sem is started.?? Will I be happier to see my coursemates.?? I might be happier to see my bestfren..hahahaha..

Hmm..what a dilemma..but i know i can’t continue it this way..I need to do something for the new semester..

I always listen to problems from my frens..advising them not to be too sad and stuffs..but..actually i got the some problems too..

It works for other people..but..I myself don’t want to follow my own’s easy to be said than done..hahaha..

I feel so great in helping my frens by listening to their works will lighten their burden..

And i like to advise..and..stories will eventually come out from my mouth automatically..hahaha..

Although i like to tell my stories..i my frens..but..i do mean only bestfrens and close-frens..

Other than just telling my problems and happy moments to my closest-frens..

I decided to write my own blog to tell u all briefly about my life..full with happiness and sadness..

Anyway..really thanks to those who read my blogs all these while..

I will try to keep it i hope this will be my lifetime diary..

Not only for u to see..but also for myself to look back at my old days, in the future..

Thanks everyone.. ~ FrenZ AlwayZ



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