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Saturday, 30 October, 2004

What An Embarrassment..

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Well..Ah Yaw and i went for the Sports’ Carnival basketball selection on Thursday evening at 4pm..

Umm..We thought of joining for we didn’t play basketball for quite a while..

When we were at the basketball court..just around 6 people from my course (DEL2) turned up..trying out their shots..

So..I thought..aaaah..what the heck..Just cancel the selection..just a few of can we select from it..

By the time around 4.30pm..a bunch of big-sized guys sitting on the bench with basketball attires (sleeveless shirts and short pants)..

Then they came and play with a sudden..they made a match on a random teammate selection basis..

So..They played..I thought they were just playing for fun..since the ball is theirs..

After a while..I asked my not-so-close coursemate..

Umm..How’s the selection goes..?? He said..The selection is selecting people from a same course..from Certificate until the Advanced Diploma 2nd year..

WHAT DE #$%^&*!@! ..!!! I thought we were playing for our course..DEL2..

The competition would be matches between all courses from all years (e.g. DEL1..DEL2..AELE1..AELE2) in SOT..

But..nooo..The competition are matches between Electronic..Mechatronic..Material..Quantity Survey..Building..and some other courses in SOT..’s not my turn to play in the competition..They were all so skillful..playing fast and pacy strategy..

So..about 5.30pm..that’s the time about to rain..We left college headed back home..

Stupid me..~sigh~..


Thursday, 28 October, 2004


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Alright guys..back here again with my blog about stupid TARC’s co-curricular activity..

Ben and I finally chose Tuesday morning for our football activity..needed to rush for our tutorial class at 11am..

The football session started at jogged around the field for the opener of all sorts of warm up..

Then..we need to do push-ups..jumpings..and even commando’s crawlings..made my shirt cannot be worn again because of the dirtiness..

Well..I felt like wanna die of exhaustion..and I’m not quite feeling well..with sore-throat..and lack of sleep..Plus the the tough training..

Pheew~~ All the pain and suffer had gone’s time to kick balls..

We were practising on how to pass ball and stop ball by chesting down the ball..

After all the trainings and pratices..We get to play a football match for the last 30 minutes..

The football should be ended at 11am..but we went off I still got class at another far end of the field..Block Q..

It’s like hell during the tutorial class..coz I’m very very tired..with a little pain on my back heel..

My skin peeled off a little on the back heel..for wearing Hikaru’s silver R9 replica boot..

But right after the class finished..WOW.!! My feeling was just like from zero-to-hero..

For TARC’s students..they knew it..Block Q and it’s neighbour Block R full of cun chics..really cun ones..

So..Ben and I..from a condition of a zombie..became like a super-human..damn cun la i tell u..

And we didn’t what happened that day..I mean Tuesday..TBR was packed with students..all the shops were fully seated..

So..I decided to buy a take away meal to Ben’s house..and slept after the lunch..hehehe..too tired..

Then we woke up at 1.30pm..bathe and get ready for class at 2pm..what a rush..

That’s all for the stupid day..I’m sooo tired..and now my whole body hurts..

My both arms are pain..My muscles..daaaaaamn pain man..

As you can see the time now..about 2am..the next day I’ll be taking part in another game..

Basketball..hahahaha..It’s a trend in TARC..that lots of chics like to watch guy or girls play basketball..

I’m joining the game on behalf of the Sports’ Carnival..there are other games like football..volleyball..chess..and of course basketball..

I’ll be in the selection session tomorrow..I mean Thursday afternoon at 4pm..

If I’m selected..I’ll be reprensenting my course, play against other courses in School Of Technology (SOT)..

Courses like Mechatronic (DMH)..Quantity Survey (DQS)..Material (DMT)..and other courses that I don’t know..hahaha..

Well..Wish me best of lucks for the selction..The game will be held through out the whole week..

Starting on next Monday..1st of’s been a year I didn’t try out my 3-point balls..hahahaha..

Okla..keep in touch about my games..chiaow…

Monday, 25 October, 2004

Manchester Utd VS Arsenal..

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Yesterday..the English Premier League had 1 of its biggest match of the season..

Title chaser Manchester United against unbeaten team for 49 matches, Old Trafford..the stadium of the home team..MU..

In this game..Man Utd is looking for a win for a title challenge survival..which they are drift 11 points apart from current league leader, Arsenal..

On the other hand..Arsenal is looking for a consecutive 50 games unbeaten streak in the Premier League..since August 2003..

2nd placed title chaser, Chelsea won against Blackburn Rovers on Saturday night for a 1st big margin winning game..4-0..

Man Utd is hoping for new teenage sensation, Wayne Rooney, to upset the Gunners once more..

Where Rooney ended the Gunners 30 games unbeaten streak during his time at Everton..

While Rio Ferdinand is back from the 8-months ban..Sir Alex Ferguson is depending on the defender to build up a strong defence..

Arsenal got a few new names came up to help the leader..

New Gunners genius, Jose Antonio Reyes, hard-tackling Francesc Fabregas, midfeilder Mathieu Flamini and Robin van Persie..

Man Utd also got some new names in the squad..Wayne Rooney & Alan Smith on the up-front and Argentinian Gabriel Heinze on the left-back..

So..before the match started at 11pm..I rushed my Maths V assignment before I went out with Hikaru..

We went to a near-by mamak stall to cheer for the we also bet in it..hehehe..

Well..needless to say..lots of stupid Red Devils fans out there..made Hikaru and I felt outnumbered by them..

Anyway..we still cheered for the big game..hoping for at least a draw for the Gunners..that will take them to 50 games unbeaten..

Hmm..I don’t know what happened to Arsenal..their atacks seemed like not up to their usual standard..

Thierry Henry didn’t get the ball much..just depending on Reyes, Bergkamp, Ashley Cole, and Brazilian, Edu..

Arsenal missed lots of chances..from crossings, to through passes, to penalties..the referee was seems biased to the Red Devils..

Although 2 yellow cards handed-out to Man Utd players..but it didn’t helped Arsenal much..where Arsenal’s attacks broke down to a few minor injuries..

Jose Reyes and Ashley Cole fell down a few times as a result from hard-tackling Rio Ferdinand, and the Neville brothers..

But to be frank..Man Utd created lots of chances against the Gunners..

Thanks to solid defending from Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole, Lauren and Kolo Toure..(but where is Fabregas..?!?!)

I had to put credits on the Devils too..all crosses intercepted by high-flying Rio Ferdinand..

Making Man Utd goalkeeper, Roy Carroll, not much needed movements..he didn’t save much in this game

Man Utd did made lots of attacks on the right Cristiano Ronaldo..and from Gabriel Heinze on the left..but not as much as he used to be..

Even Wayne Rooney didn’t touch much on the ball as he did in the England game against Azerbaijan..

From a forward..he became the defender..the wing..the sweeper..and the midfielder..

Jens Lehmann did made a few narrow saves..added some headache to the Devils..

But the Gunners add some headache to Hikaru, Deral and I..for not attacking much..and of course..not playing like they used to..

Gunners seemed like out-classed by the Devils..with Robert Pires sitting on bench as a sub..letting Edu to play..

And the Gunners missed a few chances of free-kicks outside the penalty box..which I mean the referee not awarding any free-kicks to them..

Ljungberg hardly pushed by Ferdinand from the back..and also Bergkamp was brought down in the penalty area..nothing were awarded.. went on until the 73rd minute..Sol Campbell streched out his leg for the ball from Wayne Rooney in the penalty area..

It’s just a soft tackling..and the referee awarded a penalty for the Devils..

So..It’s van Nistelrooy who kicked the ball into the net from the spot..cheering and screaming like he’s hungered of goals..(which he is..)

After the goal..Arsenal begun to press against Man Utd’s defence..hmm..wasn’t it too late..?!?!

Crosses after crosses..shots after shots..but still can’t break through Man Utd’s super solid defending..

Hoping the Gunners will level in the last minutes..but it was Man Utd who add to the scoresheet..

Wayne Rooney scored from close-range from a low-pass by Alan Smith at 90 minute..

That’s over for Arsenal..even 4 minute injury-time added to game won’t help Arsenal revive it..

Man Utd won the game by 2 goals margin..2-0..ended Arsenal’s hope for a consecutive 50 games unbeaten..

But revived Man Utd’s hope for a survival for a Champions’ League berth..they got their much-needed 3 point..

What a sad day for Arsenal fans..and for me..although I’m a Charlton Athletics fan..but I’m a realistic person..

I know Charlton won’t win the championship..or even a spot in the Champions’ League..but I like them..

And of course..I’m counting on the Gunners to upset the Devils once more and also Jose Mourinho’s big-spending Chelsea..

Gunners Goooooo Gunners..!!!!

Friday, 22 October, 2004

TARC’s Co-Curricular Activity

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Alright..I’m back with another stupid blog about stupid TARC..In oder to graduate from Diploma in TARC..1 has to join a sports club..There are Football, Basketball, Netball, Swimming, Volleyball, and Dancing..

Well..I had to choose 1 of the games to earn a 2 hour credit to complete my Diploma..If I didn’t join any..I can’t graduate from TARC..SHIT.!!!

Let’s choose together in here,k..

Netball..Nah~~ For girls..Swimming..Nah~~ Not with my skinny body..The swimming pool just located beside the clubhouse (a cafeteria..lots of pretty chics from Business..Accounting..and Mass Comm eat there)..

Volleyball..My fren said..quite hard with assignments and tests..So..Never mind..Dancing..Full of pretty girls in that dancing room..

Everytime I passed-by the room..CHIO LA.!! Those girls ROCKS.!!

But..need to perform when there’s an event..something like TARC Carnival..Convocation..and other big events..

So..again..never mind bout it..although got lotsa girls..girls..and girls..hahahaha..

Then..there’s Basketball..Althought I’m quite good in 3-point shot =P …But..I really sucks in every other positions..and dribbling..all sucks..except for my 3-point shot..hehehe..

So..just left Football..Although I’m not so good in it..but..better than any other games I mentioned above..

And my coursemate Ben, wants to join Football..okla..had to accompany him..

So..we chose Thursday 8.30am..

Yesterday was our 1st class..I heard from Ah Kuai and Kelvin about their Monday class..quite tough with the trainings..and Song Feng in his Volleyball..quite tough too..

Ben and I were quite nervous and afraid about yesterday..not because of the training..but that day that we chose..

We are afraid if there’re not much people join on Thursday morning..We wait at the TARC field..well..just the 2 of us..WHAT DE HECK..?!?!?!!?

Until the time..8.30am..At last..A guy came out from no’re just 3 of us waiting for the coach to come..

There are a group of students from DQS (Quantity Survey) doing their project at the field..So..we get to look on chics while waiting for the coach..

About 8.45am..the coach showed up..He called us..wanted to talk something to us..

Here he goes..”Alright..We just have 4 students for today’s can’t continue our activity..I had to change u guys to other games..izzit ok.??”

Then we said..”Huh..?!?! We want football lah..”

Then he said..“How bout other days.? Are u all free on other days.??”

Then we said..“Nop..just today..that’s why we chose today..”

The he said back..“Hmm..okla..How bout Saturday morning..?? Is that ok for all of u.??”

Since Ben and I have class at 10am on do the other guy..

But the problem 7.30am..What The @#$%^&*..!!!! But he’ll call to confirm..

Just now Ben asked him..he said no activity for tomorrow..damn..So we need to change day or change to other games..

I’ll change to basketball if i’m changing..otherwise..Ben and I will join Tuesday’s activity for Football..

Stupid Co-Curricular thing..ARGH..!!!

Sunday, 17 October, 2004

Wonderful Night..

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Yesterday night..I went to play futsal with my frens at Sri Petaling..

When we reached there..we saw a girl sitting there watching a bunch of guys playing in 1 of the courts..

It quite hard to see girls sitting at a futsal court or football field watching their boyfriends playing..

This time around..the girl is a pretty girl..very nice-looking..and very very very nice body..

Umm..her body is like..Pamela Anderson..It’s not looked like Pamela actually..just a comparison..

Her face is pretty..long straight-hair..quite thin..not tall or short..can say got the petite look..nice butt..hehehe..and of course..the most important part..her boobs..

When you look at’s just like..around 36-38D..or even mayb DD..can you imagine what I try to say bout her nice body..?!?!

She’s just like an AV (Adult Video) actress..daaaaaaaaaaaamn nice..sluuuuuurp..

How proud, happy and enjoy to be her boyfriend..

Luckily I joined my buddies..if not..I’ll miss the chance of a lifetime to see such girl in KL..aaah~~~

Hope to see her again or meet someone else with the same looking..chiaow..

Wonderful Night..


Saturday, 16 October, 2004

For Your Info…

Filed under: Ramblings — Yatz @ 8:07 pm’m going to tell you all about my blog..Other than I’m posting my blogs and chatting in the chatter-box..

You can post comment on the end of every blog..and..for those who don’t know..Every time i post a blog..the time i post the blog will be stated at the bottom of every blog..

Besides that..there’re some announcements on the Side Section..which is below the chatter-box..

So..the new announcement is..Niam Ming Hong and the gang..i mean Bee Yan..Rachel..Sin Yin..and others..on 31st of October 2004..

For other announcements..check on the Side Section on Announcements..

And below the side section..there’re the Link Section..

You can click on the links stated..straight away enter the links..

There’re 2 other bloggers around..Song feng and my coursemate..Raymond..and I think there’re some more to come..

For those who received e-mail from I had put your e-mail address in my notification..

When there’s a new blog i posted will be notified with e-mail from

So..that’s all for today..hope I’ll watch some new movies to talk about..MUAHAHAHAHAH..!!!

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