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Monday, 4 October, 2004

A Whole New Semester..

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Tomorrow..will start the new semester of’s my 2nd year of Diploma’s 2nd semester..

And I still don’t know the timetable for the new I think i need to go to college at the earliest time..8am..

Just in case if I have a morning class..if not..I’ll just do my routine as usual..sleep in the study-room until lunch time..

Quite tired today..went out the whole day yesterday..went to Sg Wang in the afternoon..with..who else..Hikaru of course..and new partner..Petrol..

At 1st..Hikaru wanted to buy a polo-T..which he spotted last week..but..after we went to a few shops..they don’t have the shirt anymore..

Thought of going to Times Square to have a look..but..before going there..I thought of finding my fren, Ji-ann 1st before we left Sg Wang..

Since Hikaru wanted to buy a new handphone..there’s a model he was attracted..a LG G7050..quite brand new..

Quite small..with savvy look..push down-up key-pad cover..with built-in camera..just cost RM750..what de heck..quite cheap for a camera-phone..

So..he bought it after thinking it for quite some times..thanx to me for persuading him to buy..haha..

At night..we went to play futsal again..but at Sri Petaling..the court sux..and it’s expensive..

Don’t know who the hell recommend that stupid place..argh..just forget about it..back to the college story..

I hope I can concentrate more this I just have 6 subjects..compared to 8 subjects last sem..

And I need to join a sports club or society to fulfill the college’s condition of completing 2 credit hour (I don’t know what’s that about.?!)..

I have to say goodbye to Hikaru..can’t accompany him or get his companion in the next few months..

So..hope to see him during his classes of Pengajian Malaysia..can u imagine..just 1 class each week for 4 weeks..and just 2 hours for each class..

I can meet up with my coursemates again..Raymond..Ben..William..Jason..and Ah Yaw..and also some girls..Sian Yean and Karen..

Hmm..hope to hangout with them more this sem..they had some quite boring-life though..

I myself also had some boring-life too these few days..hope the new sem will bring some sunshine to me..hehe.. about is’s the result day of the Malaysian Idol..

There’re 3 of them..Vick the Chinese..Jac the Indian..and Dina the Malay..Andrew was voted out last week..AT LAST..!! (muahahaha..)

And for today’s result..Vick voted out by the tribal council (huh.?!)..I mean by the Malaysians..

With Jac got the most votes..Vick and Dina are just 1% difference to enter the finale at Genting (i think..)..

Umm..I think Jac got the most probability to win the 1st ever Malaysian enter the World Idol to meet with American Idol Fantasia and Australian Idol Guy Sebastien (who is actually a

Anyway..Dina is also a good performer..quite spontaneous out u all..her mother is a police officer back in JB..

And there’s a new reality TV show on-screen..The’s about business-man/woman..trying to survive in the business world or something like that..

What I hope now is to watch the Season 10th of Friends..the very last season..and that’s the end of the Friends saga..

Anyway..need to go to sleep now..need to wake up early the next time.. 😥  ..~sob~sob~

So..hope to catch up with u all and hope u all will catch up with my college life..chiaoz..


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