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Monday, 4 October, 2004

The Saga Continues..

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Today is the 1st day of the new semester of 2nd semester of 2nd year..after a period of 3 weeks semester break.. So..I’m going to continue my studies in TARC‘s School Of Technology (SOT) Diploma in Engineering..duh..hahaha..I arrived at college at i stepped down from my car..I saw lots of chics stepping down from TAR College buses..

Oooh..I miss this situation a we walked into the campus..passing by yucky Canteen 2.. =P

The 1st thing to do..go to SOT’s notice board to look for the stupid timetable..if not..why am I so early..hehe..

As expected..the place was crowded like a jar of honey with an army of ants..hahaha..all of them copying their timetables..

So I met up with my coursemate..Raymond..He’s alredy there copying like everyone else..

So..the 1st class we gonna have is..Mr Henry‘s Maths V(5)..a tutorial class of 2 hours..but..this is my 1st time..I didn’t know that they don’t have tutorial classes on the 1st week..

We ended up hanging around at Canteen 2..Raymond was eating his breakfast..I was doing my usual job there..looking at chics everywhere..hahahaha..

When we were chatting..and spying around..i saw my fren Song Feng..wandering around alone..

So I say hello to him..and we sat together at Canteen

At about 10am..William and Ah Yaw showed up together..then we were chatting just like we were having a gathering..until around 10.50am..

Ben and Jason still at their hometown..Alor Setar,Kedah and Sarawak respectively..on their way coming back to KL today..

We need to leave for my next class at 11am..Electrical & Electronic Engineering..taught by Miss Lim DK-A..

So..Song Feng went to CIT to online to use up his extra-times..waiting for the next class at 1pm..and he wrote a blog there..hahaha..

I thought the 1st lecture was just some simple briefings..but it ended up Miss Lim began to teach the 1st chapter..Diode..

As usual..I was like trying to give 100% attention to the usual too..ended up putting my head on the table with my eyes half-closed..~YAWN~

The class ended at usual..LUNCH TIME at TBR..!!! we were just relaxing..waiting for the next lecture class at 4pm..~YAWN~

By the time we left TBR..I met Fei Choon..with her boyfren..hahaha..her boyfren quite tall..something like me..can u imagine Fei Choon with a guy with a height like me..Hmmm..

So we headed back to college..William going back to his house to sleep..Raymond and Ah Yaw going to library to find some books..

And for me..I went to CIT to check on results..haha..and also chics..muahahaha..

I was sitting there at 1.50pm until 3.50pm..2 hours..and I still got 470 plus hours for me to use.. spend my times..I wrote half of this blog at CIT..and now i’m writing at home..nothing to do..

I’d checked my mails..checked the footballs..checked Yahoo! Fantasy Football..checked my only thing to do is..continue to write blogs..hahahaha..

OK..back to the college..we got a lecture class at went to DK-1..all of us waited there..for about 20 minutes..??

Then..the course rep told us..Mr Tan..the 1 who is teaching on leave..back home..YEAH.!! I am back at home writing this stupid blog..hahahaha..umm..hope to continue some at night..see ya later..


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