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Thursday, 7 October, 2004

Boring 1st Week Of New Semester…

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~Sigh~...What a boring 1st week of this new semester..I really can’t imagine a college life would be like this..

As I said..i rushed to college on the 1st day just to copy down the that I could attend the classes..

But..although i’m in the 2nd’s my 1st time to be in college on the 1st week..

I’m late for 2 weeks for last don’t know what is it looked like on the 1st week or 1st day..

So..the classes were boring..the lecturers just do some briefings..then the class ends..

So..the same thing happened today..I rushed from my house in Cheras to TARC at attend my class at 1pm..

I reached TARC at 12.55pm..I thought i’m not gonna late for the class..I walked as fast as I can to the DK-Y lecture hall..

When I reached the library..I saw lots of pretty girls coming out from the lecture halls..Fewwwwit..

Until I saw my coursemate,Karen walked the opposing direction..I asked her why u came out from the hall..??

She said..”Go home-lah..class cancel liao..Lecturer got meeting..” What the @#$%^&* ..!!!

I’m there just in time..just to know that the class is cancelled..~sigh~..

Ooh..what to do..have to wait for the next class at’s a 3 hours class..and it’s in the lab..

So I thought I won’t be disappointed this time..We waited at Canteen 2 just to let the time pass-by..

Yey..!! 1.55pm..we went to Block C..located just beside the Canteen 2..

As we reached room C300..the lab assistant opened the lab-door for us..obviously the lecturer is still not arrived yet..

So we sit and waited in the lab..for about 3 minutes..the lecturer came..I think his name is Mr Tan Nee Lik..

He just told us..what we need to do this semester is Timer 555 and Op-Amp on the 1st 7 weeks..and PCB (dunno what Circuit Board) on the remaining 7 weeks..

That’s all..class ends..All of us was like..HUH.?!?!?!?! THAT’S ALL.?!?!?!

It took him for just less than 2 minutes..for a 3 hours class..

And there we go again..being conned by the went home..looked frustrated on the outside..happy on the inside..MUAHAHAHAHA..!!

Here I am got nothing to write this blog..hahaha..

Boring 1st Week Of New Semester…


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