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Thursday, 14 October, 2004

Milla Jovovich Rocks Resident Evil..!!

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Finally..I had watched Resident Evil 2 – The Apocalypse..!! Yeah.!!

Alright..this time I won’t talk about the movie contents..If u guys want to talk about the contents with me..Let’s talk about it in the comment section,k..

I’ll just have a brief talk on it..In case for those who can’t watch movies because of studying abroad or what..

Resident Evil 2 – The Apocalypse starts where it ends in the 1st Resident Evil..

The character remains..Lovely girl Milla Jovovich as Alice..who used to work for Umbrella Corporation..

Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine..the main character in the game Resident Evil..

Raccoon City is all messed up because of the T-Virus..all the people in Raccoon City become zombie..

The bad guy in the game Resident Evil..Nemesis appears in this sequel..

Ok..that’s all..Whoa..After all these movies i had watched..I’m kinda like addicted to movies..

Since my break started last month..I had watched 6 movies til now..

Now I’m a frequent movie-goer..hahahaha..Hmm..Let’s wait for Shark Tale..Exorcist – The Beginning..a prequel to the exorcist..The Incredibles..


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