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Friday, 22 October, 2004

TARC’s Co-Curricular Activity

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Alright..I’m back with another stupid blog about stupid TARC..In oder to graduate from Diploma in TARC..1 has to join a sports club..There are Football, Basketball, Netball, Swimming, Volleyball, and Dancing..

Well..I had to choose 1 of the games to earn a 2 hour credit to complete my Diploma..If I didn’t join any..I can’t graduate from TARC..SHIT.!!!

Let’s choose together in here,k..

Netball..Nah~~ For girls..Swimming..Nah~~ Not with my skinny body..The swimming pool just located beside the clubhouse (a cafeteria..lots of pretty chics from Business..Accounting..and Mass Comm eat there)..

Volleyball..My fren said..quite hard with assignments and tests..So..Never mind..Dancing..Full of pretty girls in that dancing room..

Everytime I passed-by the room..CHIO LA.!! Those girls ROCKS.!!

But..need to perform when there’s an event..something like TARC Carnival..Convocation..and other big events..

So..again..never mind bout it..although got lotsa girls..girls..and girls..hahahaha..

Then..there’s Basketball..Althought I’m quite good in 3-point shot =P …But..I really sucks in every other positions..and dribbling..all sucks..except for my 3-point shot..hehehe..

So..just left Football..Although I’m not so good in it..but..better than any other games I mentioned above..

And my coursemate Ben, wants to join Football..okla..had to accompany him..

So..we chose Thursday 8.30am..

Yesterday was our 1st class..I heard from Ah Kuai and Kelvin about their Monday class..quite tough with the trainings..and Song Feng in his Volleyball..quite tough too..

Ben and I were quite nervous and afraid about yesterday..not because of the training..but that day that we chose..

We are afraid if there’re not much people join on Thursday morning..We wait at the TARC field..well..just the 2 of us..WHAT DE HECK..?!?!?!!?

Until the time..8.30am..At last..A guy came out from no’re just 3 of us waiting for the coach to come..

There are a group of students from DQS (Quantity Survey) doing their project at the field..So..we get to look on chics while waiting for the coach..

About 8.45am..the coach showed up..He called us..wanted to talk something to us..

Here he goes..”Alright..We just have 4 students for today’s can’t continue our activity..I had to change u guys to other games..izzit ok.??”

Then we said..”Huh..?!?! We want football lah..”

Then he said..“How bout other days.? Are u all free on other days.??”

Then we said..“Nop..just today..that’s why we chose today..”

The he said back..“Hmm..okla..How bout Saturday morning..?? Is that ok for all of u.??”

Since Ben and I have class at 10am on do the other guy..

But the problem 7.30am..What The @#$%^&*..!!!! But he’ll call to confirm..

Just now Ben asked him..he said no activity for tomorrow..damn..So we need to change day or change to other games..

I’ll change to basketball if i’m changing..otherwise..Ben and I will join Tuesday’s activity for Football..

Stupid Co-Curricular thing..ARGH..!!!


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