The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Thursday, 28 October, 2004


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Alright guys..back here again with my blog about stupid TARC’s co-curricular activity..

Ben and I finally chose Tuesday morning for our football activity..needed to rush for our tutorial class at 11am..

The football session started at jogged around the field for the opener of all sorts of warm up..

Then..we need to do push-ups..jumpings..and even commando’s crawlings..made my shirt cannot be worn again because of the dirtiness..

Well..I felt like wanna die of exhaustion..and I’m not quite feeling well..with sore-throat..and lack of sleep..Plus the the tough training..

Pheew~~ All the pain and suffer had gone’s time to kick balls..

We were practising on how to pass ball and stop ball by chesting down the ball..

After all the trainings and pratices..We get to play a football match for the last 30 minutes..

The football should be ended at 11am..but we went off I still got class at another far end of the field..Block Q..

It’s like hell during the tutorial class..coz I’m very very tired..with a little pain on my back heel..

My skin peeled off a little on the back heel..for wearing Hikaru’s silver R9 replica boot..

But right after the class finished..WOW.!! My feeling was just like from zero-to-hero..

For TARC’s students..they knew it..Block Q and it’s neighbour Block R full of cun chics..really cun ones..

So..Ben and I..from a condition of a zombie..became like a super-human..damn cun la i tell u..

And we didn’t what happened that day..I mean Tuesday..TBR was packed with students..all the shops were fully seated..

So..I decided to buy a take away meal to Ben’s house..and slept after the lunch..hehehe..too tired..

Then we woke up at 1.30pm..bathe and get ready for class at 2pm..what a rush..

That’s all for the stupid day..I’m sooo tired..and now my whole body hurts..

My both arms are pain..My muscles..daaaaaamn pain man..

As you can see the time now..about 2am..the next day I’ll be taking part in another game..

Basketball..hahahaha..It’s a trend in TARC..that lots of chics like to watch guy or girls play basketball..

I’m joining the game on behalf of the Sports’ Carnival..there are other games like football..volleyball..chess..and of course basketball..

I’ll be in the selection session tomorrow..I mean Thursday afternoon at 4pm..

If I’m selected..I’ll be reprensenting my course, play against other courses in School Of Technology (SOT)..

Courses like Mechatronic (DMH)..Quantity Survey (DQS)..Material (DMT)..and other courses that I don’t know..hahaha..

Well..Wish me best of lucks for the selction..The game will be held through out the whole week..

Starting on next Monday..1st of’s been a year I didn’t try out my 3-point balls..hahahaha..

Okla..keep in touch about my games..chiaow…


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