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Sunday, 28 November, 2004

A Bad Week For Me~~

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This totally not my week..It sucks from Monday til Friday..

Well..My day was going fine on Monday..until I got accident when I’m travelling back from college..

So..My car is in the workshop for I think would be around 2 months..

Because I’m depending on insurance to fix my car..So..I need to wait for some time.. father’s car got a lil’ problem..It’ll suddenly stops in the middle of the road..

The danger don’t when it will stop..Imagine if you were on the highway or roundabout.!!

So..I need to travel by public transport..taking bus from my house here to Maluri’s LRT station..

Then taking LRT to Masjid Jamek..change to PUTRA LRT at Masjid Jamek..

And travelled to college..either going down at Wangsa Maju station or Taman Melati station..

But luckily I got some good frens..Song Feng came over to my house on Tuesday morning to give me a ride to college..

Then on Wednesday morning..Justin fetch me along to college too..

On other days..I’m taking public transport..including finishing classes at 7pm..

Damn tiring~~..But..It doesn’t matter..everyone from KL did the same thing everyday..

My coursemate, Ben actually offered me to stay over at his rented house..

There were only 3 person living in a house with 2 rooms..Ben offered me to stay over and sleep in his room..

His 2 other housemates sleeping in the other room..

Well..I think..It’s a good idea actually..but just a few days..

Maybe 3 or 4 days per week..Like..those days my classes end at 7pm..

So I don’t have to travel around..It’s dangerous..and very tiring..

Ben said never mind bout the rental..Well..It isn’t too good if i’m staying there for free..

So..If I’m staying there..of course I’ll pay back to him..

I used about RM 11 everyday just to travel..So..the rental is nothing compared to it..

On Thursday night..I’m rushing my English report to submit it the next day..

So I got not enough sleep that day..and ended up very sleepy at college on Friday..

To complete my things together with my group members works..

I need to print it at college..rather than printing using my printer at home..

I packed everything..I even took my own printing paper..

Wishing that they’ll charge me cheaper for using my own paper..

I went to Ben‘s house to complete the thing..Just to find out I brought the wrong diskette..

I’m staying up until around 4am to rush my report..And I brought the wrong diskette..

Then why am I staying up so late to rush my works..?!?! ~Sigh~~..

So..There it goes..While Ben finishing his report..I slept in his room for about 4 hours..

Just with 2 pieces of bread with eggs in the Friday morning..I ended up didn’t eat anything after that..

Until 5.30pm..I bought a ‘burger special’ at TBR..And being quite rude to eat in the class during discussion.. =P

My day was meaningless on Friday..

Hope my day will get better on the coming days and weeks..Chiaow..

A Bad Week For Me~~



Monday, 22 November, 2004

Car Accident.!!

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Alright..I’m very moody now..

I got an accident earlier just now when I’m on my way back from college..

My car sucks..but the car I hit..a van..just KEMEK A LIL’.!!! ARGH.!!!

Anyway..I think I won’t have a car to drive in a month or 2..

Ok..I don’t wanna talk about it..

See U guyz later..

Sunday, 21 November, 2004


Filed under: Movies — Yatz @ 2:54 am has been about 1 month and 2 weeks..I didn’t step into any cinema since the semester started..

So..I’m not going to review any movies here..but comment on previews..U know the difference, right..?

Alright..the 1st movie..since Finding Nemo..there are quite a lot of animations on the big screen..

There is Shark Tale..with the voices of Angelina Jolie..Will Smith..and Robert De Niro..

With Christina Aguilera‘s soundtrack..Car Wash..Featuring Missy Elliot..

Then there is this adventure cum comedy animation..The Incredibles..from the creator of Finding Nemo..

Like I said..I didn’t watch any movies lately..but I heard it’s a good movie..funny..

Another coming soon animation is The Polar Express..with the voice of Tom Hanks..

Umm..I have no idea what this movie is about..but of’s about a train..

That’s all for animations..Let’s go to horror flicks..

The 1st one would be..The u all’s totally, absolutely the American version of Ju-On : The Grudge..

Hollywood bought the rights from the original Ju-On maker to remake it in US version..

So..there’re no changes between US and Japanese version..absolutely..THE SAME.!! (and it’s in the Top 10 list of movies in US..duh~..)

With lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar starring as the lady whose hair touched by a hand during shower time..Woo Hoo.!!

Then..One Missed Call..If I’m not mistaken..It’s a Korean horror movie..

From the trailer..It’s something like a movie with the combination of Korea’s The Phone and┬áJapan’s Ju-On..

Let’s go to our neighbouring country, Thailand..YUP.!! They came out with a so-called “most horror movie ever in Thailand”..

The Shutter..Well..from the trailer..It’s something like a bunch of I don’t know who..

Having camera with them, taking ghosts pics..

If u owned or have played a Sony Playstation 2..u might have played Fatal Frame before..

It’s about a journalist or someone like that..walking around like RPG game..holding a camera snapping pictures of ghosts..

It’s very scary if u play it at night with the lights off..So..U can imagine a little about the Thai movie..brr~~*shivers down my spine*

Umm..that’s all I know for horror flicks..Now..Let’s go to action-adventure..

The long-awaited trilogy..Star Wars : Episode 3 : Revenge Of The Sith..

The 1st instalment was The Phantom Menace..The 2nd Episode..I forgot the title..

Anyway..I watched both 1st and 2nd on VCD..which the 2nd one..I didn’t finished it..

I just watched the 1st CD..which I’m alredy bored with it..

Not to mention all the people out there not satisfied with the more-to-love-story-movie between Anakin Skywalker and..what’s the character played by Natalie Portman..?!?!

The 3rd Episode..should be the final instalment of all Star Wars series..

From The Return Of The Jedi..The Empire Strikes Back..and..ARGH~!! I always forget one of it..

OK..from these 3 earlier trilogy..It’s about Luke Skywalker..who is Anakin Skywalker‘s son..

But in the prequel trilogy..It’s about Anakin Skywalker..who later become Darth Vader..

Yea..the guy with black suits and a black helmet..with the sound of HOO~..HOO~..HOO~..whenever he breathes (like he’s suffocating)..

So..Episode 3 : Revenge Of The Sith is where Anakin becoming Darth it out..

But too bad..the movie will only premier in May 2005..sigh~..

Then in mid-December..another long-waited movie has arrived..

Kung Fu Hustle by the hilarious Stephen Chow..YEAH.!! His 1st movie since Shaolin Soccer in 2001..

Stephen Chow will be coming to KL to promote this movie in attention to that..hehe..

Well..I think..that’s all for my movie previews..See u guyz again next time..

Friday, 19 November, 2004

Current Issues…

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It’s been quite a time I didn’t update my blog here..Umm..a week I think..

Well..there’s nothing special didn’t update it..but I’ll tell u guys what happened for the past week..

Where should I start from..?? bout..last Friday or Saturday..

Last Saturday..It’s the last weekend for those who is studying in local University in other states..

Bee Yan they all went clubbing on that day..and I heard something happened that night..

It’s about Chew shu..Hmm..I wonder what was that..? I don’t know..Let’s ask her someday..hehe.. Futsal Team, Atletico Gabrianz suffered the worst defeat last Saturday..Trailing 7-0 behind to end up with 8-4..

Don’t know what happened..well..I assumed that all of us were very tired..Which we really are..

To look on the details about our previous on this

Then..because it’s the celebration of’m having holiday until Tuesday..

On Tuesday night..8.40pm..those from East of Malaysia took their flight back to Sabah..

But..leaving Sena behind in KL..because he had an eye surgery..which I don’t know what happened..

What a short break for them..They came back on 28th of October midnight..and now they were back there after 2 weeks break..

On Wednesday night..I supposed to play futsal with my team..Suddenly..War Kei, Poh Hong, Pay Shuen, and Tai Chee appeared on my front door..

Asking me to go out yamcha..because it’s the last night War Kei will be in KL..

He went back to Johor on Thursday morning..sad sad..everyone is leaving once again..

And now..I’m left all alone in CIT..all of them went back home because of 6 hours break..And Raymond got some kinda skin for about a week..

Anyway..hope tomorrow can collect our brand new team jersey at Pertama Complex..

Tonight we’ll be having a friendly match against Deral’s colleague..and tomorrow against Hikaru‘s teammate in UTAR..KJ (Kah Joon)..

Alright..that’s all for now..hope to meet u guys again soon..bye..

Friday, 12 November, 2004

Happy Deepa-Raya..!!

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HAPPY DEEPA-RAYA to all the Indians and Malays in Malaysia..Today, the day where every Indian in Malaysia and the world celebrating Deepavali..Too bad..I don’t have holiday tomorrow..need to attend just 1 class at 5.30pm til 7pm..BORING~~..

Alright..I wanna wish all my malay frens a Happy Hari Raya..

They will be celebrating Hari Raya on Monday..after 1 month fasting..

My old buddies from primary school, SRK Jalan Pasar 2..Arif..Hafifi..and Nur Fathi..Happy Hari Raya..

To my secondary frens..from SMK St Gabriel to SMK Jalan Cochcrane..Syafiq..Budiman..Syed..

And many others that I forgot their names because they shifted to other schools during Form 4..

Anyway..I wish them a Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya..

Because of that..I don’t have to attend class on Thursday..stupid lab..

It’s a good news that the Mechanical and Structural Engineering lecture had cancel on Friday morning..

But I still have class at 5.30..sob sob..Going to college just for the 1 and a half hour class..

Most of the students have went back to their respective class will end early..~sigh~..

The best thing is..I don’t have class on Saturday..I got holiday on Saturday til Tuesday..

So..I don’t have to attend class for the C++ Pragramming lab tutorial..

I’ll be going to Pertama Complex with Hikaru, Petrol, and David instead..

We are looking for the suitable colour and design for our Futsal team jersey..hehehe..

I’m very happy that my team, Atletico Gabrianz..defeated War Kei‘s team last Saturday..hehe..

War Kei‘s team considered as a good team on the big field..but..we beat them..hahahaha..

Okla..Anyway..Once again..Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri..and Happy Deepavali..

Tuesday, 9 November, 2004

Homecoming For Local Uni Students..

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Hello everyone..I’m back with this new post..after I didn’t online for the past 4 days..

As usual..the weather is still as cool and wet..Raining since the past8 days or so..

And I need to walk out of college to get to TBR to get my car body wet..

Alright..that’s enough for raining..It’s good though..It keeps the air fresh and cool all the time..

Those Uni students from local U had come back from their respective University..

War Kei backed from Kolej U Tun Hussein Onn, Johor..Sena Niam backed from did Bee Yan..Sin Yin and Rachel..

Well..they don’t seemed to look different before they left last time..

Just heard from Song Feng said that Sena slim alredy..with dyed hair..

Poh Hong and Pay Shuen can always travel back from UPM by’s not a problem to meet them..

A few of them joined some activities organised by the University..

Chew Shu and Chuan Soon (Ah Ngau – Mr. Lembu) joined a camp prepared by UM..

Li Wei didn’t join’s quite free..I think..

They’ll be joining some other students from other Uni in the camp..

I heard Tai Chee Lim (Tai Chee) joined a chess club and need to take part in an event..

He’ll be a watchman for a competition or what, I don’t goes the holiday..

But unfortunately..Sena will be going back to Sabah on 16th of November..

The new semester starting on fast..

War Kei will be going back to Johor on 20th of does UKM..

So..for all of u out there..If u wanna meet them to have a gathering or reunion or what..

Be quick..they’ll be going back to their Uni very soon..don’t miss the chance..

So..that’s all about our frens from Form 6 Cochrane..chiao..

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