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Wednesday, 3 November, 2004

Blood Donation..

Filed under: Ramblings — Yatz @ 10:29 am usual..I’ll donate my blood whenever there’s any blood donation campaign..

Now..It’s in TARC..I had donated it 3 months ago..And I can continue donate after 3 months period of time..

But too bad for me this time..I can’t donate because i had a running nose and cough..

So..maybe I’ll have to wait for the next semester..According to the First Aid Unit..They are organising the campaign each 3 months period..

Now I’m in CIT..writing this blog..I just came from the college hall..without donating my blood..

Umm..when I donated my blood last semester..I asked them how many people donating blood..

This is a big the 3rd day..the number reached around 600 people..that’s from 9am – 5pm everyday..for 5 days..

The time I organised the blood donation campaign during my Form 6..the number was quite ok..compared to TARC..

We did it for just 1 day..from 9am – 2pm..and we got only bout 6 or 7 seats for people to donate blood..

We got nearly 100 people..compared to TARC..3 days..9am – 5pm..with about 40-50 seats..they got 600.. campaign was quite good..and the students welcomed it..even if the Form 5 students cheated on the parents approval to donate blood..

To donate blood..U need to be 18 years old (17 years old needs parents approval)..

For girls..U need to be at least 45kg..and 50kg for guys (I don’t remember if it’s 55kg)..

You have to have enough sleep for at least 5 hours..not taking any medicine for 1 or 2 weeks time..not having any surgery operation within 3 months time..

And of course..u need to be healthy..and because I’m not healthy..I can’t donate this time..

That’s all for now..see u guys around next time..

Blood Donation..


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