The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Saturday, 6 November, 2004

Raining Season..

Filed under: Shits — Yatz @ 3:23 am’s raining season now..kept raining almost everyday..7 days a week for this whole week..It makes me hard to get to my car which I parked at TBR’s Dewan..

It rained every evening..very heavily..But I still forgot to bring along my foldable umbrella..

I had to take the big umbrella in my car along with me into the college..

Ugh~..I looked sucks..and Raymond said it looks like a samurai sword..argh~~..

On Wednesday late evening..after my English language class at 7pm..I need to wait for Ah Kuai and Kelvin Liew to eat their dinner at Mali’s Corner..

While they were eating..suddenly the sky turned dark..and it started to rain heavily..

To finish up their meals..they need to stand up to finish it..Raymond queue-ing to buy the nasi lemak..

So..we all ran to my car..which I parked at TBR’s Dewan (again)..whole body wet up..

Off we go to fetch the guys home..I need to drop Raymond at the LRT station..

On the way to the LRT station..there’s an area had a little flood..but what to do..just get into the water..

After went through the water..I felt there’s something weird about my car..some weird sound coming out on the front part..

After dropping Raymond I went on to drop Jason at Alpha..and the sound was quite loud..

Anyway..I still head back to Cheras..fetching Ah Kuai, Kelvin, and a guy..I don’t know his name..

Dropped kelvin at Pandan Jaya..then the guy at Cheras Lama..and Ah Kuai at Sri Melaka..

Then I went home..told my father bout the car strange creepy sound..

The next mom brought the car to check..The bearings in the front right tyre spoilt..need to change..

Oklo..after changing it no more sound could be heard..

Today..I mean Friday..It rained again..~sigh~..

I was like..please..that place don’t get flooded again..Just got the tyre it rained again.. flood over there..After dropping Raymond and Ben at the Wangsa Maju’s LRT station..I headed to the highway..

Wanted to get home as fast as possible..I’m sooo damn hungry at that time..around 7.20pm..

By the time I reached Zoo Negara..It’s sooo damn jammed..

I stucked in the jam for 1 and a half hours..I reached home at 9pm..

Super-duper hungry..So I ate quite a lot..and later at 11pm I’ll meet Wah Kei..

My Form 6 buddy in Cochrane..after about half year didn’t seen him..

So we went out yamcha at Taman Midah..At about 12.30am..he fetched me home..and came up to my house to online..

Tomorrow night..I mean Saturday night..I invite Wah Kei to bring his team to play futsal against mine at Sri Petaling..

If it’s for futsal or football..Wah Kei sure no problem..So..We’ll be playing at Sri Petaling at 10pm tomorrow..

Ok..that’s all for now..Just to remind you careful when u wanna go out..

It’s raining season now..bring an umbrella..Good Luck..


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