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Tuesday, 9 November, 2004

Homecoming For Local Uni Students..

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Hello everyone..I’m back with this new post..after I didn’t online for the past 4 days..

As usual..the weather is still as cool and wet..Raining since the past8 days or so..

And I need to walk out of college to get to TBR to get my car body wet..

Alright..that’s enough for raining..It’s good though..It keeps the air fresh and cool all the time..

Those Uni students from local U had come back from their respective University..

War Kei backed from Kolej U Tun Hussein Onn, Johor..Sena Niam backed from did Bee Yan..Sin Yin and Rachel..

Well..they don’t seemed to look different before they left last time..

Just heard from Song Feng said that Sena slim alredy..with dyed hair..

Poh Hong and Pay Shuen can always travel back from UPM by’s not a problem to meet them..

A few of them joined some activities organised by the University..

Chew Shu and Chuan Soon (Ah Ngau – Mr. Lembu) joined a camp prepared by UM..

Li Wei didn’t join’s quite free..I think..

They’ll be joining some other students from other Uni in the camp..

I heard Tai Chee Lim (Tai Chee) joined a chess club and need to take part in an event..

He’ll be a watchman for a competition or what, I don’t goes the holiday..

But unfortunately..Sena will be going back to Sabah on 16th of November..

The new semester starting on fast..

War Kei will be going back to Johor on 20th of does UKM..

So..for all of u out there..If u wanna meet them to have a gathering or reunion or what..

Be quick..they’ll be going back to their Uni very soon..don’t miss the chance..

So..that’s all about our frens from Form 6 Cochrane..chiao..


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