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Friday, 19 November, 2004

Current Issues…

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It’s been quite a time I didn’t update my blog here..Umm..a week I think..

Well..there’s nothing special didn’t update it..but I’ll tell u guys what happened for the past week..

Where should I start from..?? bout..last Friday or Saturday..

Last Saturday..It’s the last weekend for those who is studying in local University in other states..

Bee Yan they all went clubbing on that day..and I heard something happened that night..

It’s about Chew shu..Hmm..I wonder what was that..? I don’t know..Let’s ask her someday..hehe.. Futsal Team, Atletico Gabrianz suffered the worst defeat last Saturday..Trailing 7-0 behind to end up with 8-4..

Don’t know what happened..well..I assumed that all of us were very tired..Which we really are..

To look on the details about our previous on this

Then..because it’s the celebration of’m having holiday until Tuesday..

On Tuesday night..8.40pm..those from East of Malaysia took their flight back to Sabah..

But..leaving Sena behind in KL..because he had an eye surgery..which I don’t know what happened..

What a short break for them..They came back on 28th of October midnight..and now they were back there after 2 weeks break..

On Wednesday night..I supposed to play futsal with my team..Suddenly..War Kei, Poh Hong, Pay Shuen, and Tai Chee appeared on my front door..

Asking me to go out yamcha..because it’s the last night War Kei will be in KL..

He went back to Johor on Thursday morning..sad sad..everyone is leaving once again..

And now..I’m left all alone in CIT..all of them went back home because of 6 hours break..And Raymond got some kinda skin for about a week..

Anyway..hope tomorrow can collect our brand new team jersey at Pertama Complex..

Tonight we’ll be having a friendly match against Deral’s colleague..and tomorrow against Hikaru‘s teammate in UTAR..KJ (Kah Joon)..

Alright..that’s all for now..hope to meet u guys again soon..bye..


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