The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Sunday, 21 November, 2004


Filed under: Movies — Yatz @ 2:54 am has been about 1 month and 2 weeks..I didn’t step into any cinema since the semester started..

So..I’m not going to review any movies here..but comment on previews..U know the difference, right..?

Alright..the 1st movie..since Finding Nemo..there are quite a lot of animations on the big screen..

There is Shark Tale..with the voices of Angelina Jolie..Will Smith..and Robert De Niro..

With Christina Aguilera‘s soundtrack..Car Wash..Featuring Missy Elliot..

Then there is this adventure cum comedy animation..The Incredibles..from the creator of Finding Nemo..

Like I said..I didn’t watch any movies lately..but I heard it’s a good movie..funny..

Another coming soon animation is The Polar Express..with the voice of Tom Hanks..

Umm..I have no idea what this movie is about..but of’s about a train..

That’s all for animations..Let’s go to horror flicks..

The 1st one would be..The u all’s totally, absolutely the American version of Ju-On : The Grudge..

Hollywood bought the rights from the original Ju-On maker to remake it in US version..

So..there’re no changes between US and Japanese version..absolutely..THE SAME.!! (and it’s in the Top 10 list of movies in US..duh~..)

With lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar starring as the lady whose hair touched by a hand during shower time..Woo Hoo.!!

Then..One Missed Call..If I’m not mistaken..It’s a Korean horror movie..

From the trailer..It’s something like a movie with the combination of Korea’s The Phone and Japan’s Ju-On..

Let’s go to our neighbouring country, Thailand..YUP.!! They came out with a so-called “most horror movie ever in Thailand”..

The Shutter..Well..from the trailer..It’s something like a bunch of I don’t know who..

Having camera with them, taking ghosts pics..

If u owned or have played a Sony Playstation 2..u might have played Fatal Frame before..

It’s about a journalist or someone like that..walking around like RPG game..holding a camera snapping pictures of ghosts..

It’s very scary if u play it at night with the lights off..So..U can imagine a little about the Thai movie..brr~~*shivers down my spine*

Umm..that’s all I know for horror flicks..Now..Let’s go to action-adventure..

The long-awaited trilogy..Star Wars : Episode 3 : Revenge Of The Sith..

The 1st instalment was The Phantom Menace..The 2nd Episode..I forgot the title..

Anyway..I watched both 1st and 2nd on VCD..which the 2nd one..I didn’t finished it..

I just watched the 1st CD..which I’m alredy bored with it..

Not to mention all the people out there not satisfied with the more-to-love-story-movie between Anakin Skywalker and..what’s the character played by Natalie Portman..?!?!

The 3rd Episode..should be the final instalment of all Star Wars series..

From The Return Of The Jedi..The Empire Strikes Back..and..ARGH~!! I always forget one of it..

OK..from these 3 earlier trilogy..It’s about Luke Skywalker..who is Anakin Skywalker‘s son..

But in the prequel trilogy..It’s about Anakin Skywalker..who later become Darth Vader..

Yea..the guy with black suits and a black helmet..with the sound of HOO~..HOO~..HOO~..whenever he breathes (like he’s suffocating)..

So..Episode 3 : Revenge Of The Sith is where Anakin becoming Darth it out..

But too bad..the movie will only premier in May 2005..sigh~..

Then in mid-December..another long-waited movie has arrived..

Kung Fu Hustle by the hilarious Stephen Chow..YEAH.!! His 1st movie since Shaolin Soccer in 2001..

Stephen Chow will be coming to KL to promote this movie in attention to that..hehe..

Well..I think..that’s all for my movie previews..See u guyz again next time..


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