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Sunday, 28 November, 2004

A Bad Week For Me~~

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This totally not my week..It sucks from Monday til Friday..

Well..My day was going fine on Monday..until I got accident when I’m travelling back from college..

So..My car is in the workshop for I think would be around 2 months..

Because I’m depending on insurance to fix my car..So..I need to wait for some time.. father’s car got a lil’ problem..It’ll suddenly stops in the middle of the road..

The danger don’t when it will stop..Imagine if you were on the highway or roundabout.!!

So..I need to travel by public transport..taking bus from my house here to Maluri’s LRT station..

Then taking LRT to Masjid Jamek..change to PUTRA LRT at Masjid Jamek..

And travelled to college..either going down at Wangsa Maju station or Taman Melati station..

But luckily I got some good frens..Song Feng came over to my house on Tuesday morning to give me a ride to college..

Then on Wednesday morning..Justin fetch me along to college too..

On other days..I’m taking public transport..including finishing classes at 7pm..

Damn tiring~~..But..It doesn’t matter..everyone from KL did the same thing everyday..

My coursemate, Ben actually offered me to stay over at his rented house..

There were only 3 person living in a house with 2 rooms..Ben offered me to stay over and sleep in his room..

His 2 other housemates sleeping in the other room..

Well..I think..It’s a good idea actually..but just a few days..

Maybe 3 or 4 days per week..Like..those days my classes end at 7pm..

So I don’t have to travel around..It’s dangerous..and very tiring..

Ben said never mind bout the rental..Well..It isn’t too good if i’m staying there for free..

So..If I’m staying there..of course I’ll pay back to him..

I used about RM 11 everyday just to travel..So..the rental is nothing compared to it..

On Thursday night..I’m rushing my English report to submit it the next day..

So I got not enough sleep that day..and ended up very sleepy at college on Friday..

To complete my things together with my group members works..

I need to print it at college..rather than printing using my printer at home..

I packed everything..I even took my own printing paper..

Wishing that they’ll charge me cheaper for using my own paper..

I went to Ben‘s house to complete the thing..Just to find out I brought the wrong diskette..

I’m staying up until around 4am to rush my report..And I brought the wrong diskette..

Then why am I staying up so late to rush my works..?!?! ~Sigh~~..

So..There it goes..While Ben finishing his report..I slept in his room for about 4 hours..

Just with 2 pieces of bread with eggs in the Friday morning..I ended up didn’t eat anything after that..

Until 5.30pm..I bought a ‘burger special’ at TBR..And being quite rude to eat in the class during discussion.. =P

My day was meaningless on Friday..

Hope my day will get better on the coming days and weeks..Chiaow..

A Bad Week For Me~~


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