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Wednesday, 29 December, 2004

Christmas Celebration & Coming 2005..

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Alright..There goes the Christmas celebration for non-Christians..

Christians are still celebrating it with lotsa fun and joy..Such as Boxing Day..

Let’s talk about what we had done last Friday for the Christmas’ Eve celebration..

As I mentioned before, I went to Chew Shu’s house for a BBQ party..

After the English class ended at 6.30pm, I rushed to Maluri’s Jusco to buy a Xmas present..

I reached there at about 8pm..Imagine how jam it was at that time..

I bought a 440ml FILA water bottle..And queue up for FREE wrapping..

Yup..FREE wrapping for any purchase with Jusco’s wrapping paper..Haha..

The queue was quite long, as it is FREE.!! Hehe..

After that..I rushed to Chew Shu’s at Kampung Baru Salak Selatan (if I’m not mistaken)..

I reached there at about 9.15pm..I knew lots of people alredy arrived..

From outside, I walked in the dark alley to Chew Shu’s house..

There were a bunch of guys and girls staring at me as I arrived..

Well, I think it’s not because I’m leng-chai or what..Because they don’t know who am I..So do I..

They were Chew Shu’s UM frens..about 15 of them..

Everyone was there..I mean those from our gang..

Justin, Weng Soon, Roy, Chew Shu, Yew Ming and Li Wei were BBQ-ing..

So I went into the house to wash my hands..With Wing Kit frying nuggets and fries in the kitchen..

After that..Straight away I sat in front of the fire place to get my BBQ chicken wing done..

Besides our usual gang..Believe it or not, Cheng Yi and King Tat were also there with us..

I didn’t sense any difference on Chew Shu..As fat as usual..Muahaha..

But frankly..Li Wei looked prettier with her new style..Haha..

I found that the gang from UM were not that frenly..

They don’t like to mix around with us..Instead, they just sat in their own group..

Just a few of them can really cope with the situation..

If I’m not mistaken..Their names were Ah Kuan, Lim Li Li, Eric, and Kang Kang (or Kan Kan..or whatsoever I also not very sure)..

So, Justin, Weng Soon and I made stupid jokes for them to laugh..

Yup..We were clown-asses for a moment or two..But we still can’t get them mix with us..

Talk about Kang Kang..He’s 1 funny guy..Why.? Because he is not embarressed of himself..

As it was getting bored and quite..He came out with a stupid lame old trick..

Which everyone knows this trick was actually from The Young & Dangerous 4..

You know..Doing magic with your fingers..Transferring 1 finger from 1 of your hands to the other hand..

Well..This is absolutely 1 big stupid lame trick..Which I would say ‘sudah lapuk’..

But..All of us were amused by his trick..We were laughing histerically..

Apparently, we were actually not laughing at his trick..But his stupid face expression..

But he thought everyone of us liked it very much..That he did it a few times repetitively..

And we kept laughing like hell about his stupid face expressions..

Then later on..Moon Yee came with Wei Kiang..Then Diana..Then Chuan Soon and Mabel..

Suddenly, Kang Kang came out with another stupid lame trick..

As he himself also bored of the same trick that he did..

I assume you all know that Chinese Operas have a trick on changing masks..

An actor used a fan to cover his face and change keeps changing the masks in a blink of an eye..

So did Kang Kang..He used a fan to cover his face..Then changed his face expressions..

And again..His trick did really amused us..Of course..We were laughing at his so-chai face again..Muahahaha..

Hey dumb-dumb..It’s your so-chai face amused us la..Not your tricks..

Then let’s talk about those quiet bunch of guys and girls..

They were making noise as Chuan Soon joined them..So big influence.??

Maybe it’s because they know Chuan Soon..Because, even Chew Shu, as the host, just know a few of them..

They played some games..For warm-up..They play The Killer..

They were so enjoyed with the game..Making lots of noises from it..Which a party should be..

They were soo excited with that so-called new game (which is not)..

I played that game since Primary 5 when I’m with my then bestfrens..

But it would be fun to play it once in a while and depends on who you play with..

If you are playing with shy-guys and shy-girls..It would be 1 of the most boring game on Earth..

Since about 20 person playing..I don’t feel like joining in to play..Too many people playing..

But if you can create a fun atmosphere from it and make them laugh in the whole process..It’s OK..

So, left Wing Kit, Yew Ming, Weng Soon, and I sitting beside them to play Cho Tai Di..

And we had our own fun..Making stupid jokes and stuffs..

Later on..The big group played ”Hah.? – Meh Ah.?” (Huh.? – What.?) game..

They played until about 2.45am..And they were having lotsa fun..

But suddenly..1 of them suggested to go home..What The Fcuk.?!?!

You are in the middle of fun-to-the-max and suddenly you wanna go home..?!?!

Never mind..It’s their choices..So, 3 cars sending them back to UM hostel..

Roy’s Iswara Aeroback carried 5 of them..Chew Shu’s Kenari carried another 5..

And my Wira carried another 5..I mean 5 girls on the back seat and a guy on the front seat..

I was soo worried if there were is any road-blocks on that night..

2 cars with 12 passengers plus another 7..Can you imagine if kena block.??

Luckily our journey of smuggling the illegal immigrants back to their place was safe..

And that marked my 1st step into Universiti Malaya..Quite big I would say..

But I know..UPM and some other Local Unis are much bigger..

After off-loading them in front of their hostel..We went back to Chew Shu’s house..

The continuation of our activity..haha..Exchanging gifts..

So we exchanged gifts..Just a few of us bought the present..

I got a Kukumalu mouse pad with a wrist pad for wrist comfort purposes..

Other gifts were a box of 100-piece Puzzle, 2 cans of Chocolate, a Santa figurine, a Ghostly-stick-on-mirror doll, and my FILA water bottle..

And also 2 other gifts same as mine..But with different images..1 is a Strawberry..and another is a Pig..

After exchanging gifts..We chit-chat around..With Chuan Soon alredy surrendered to dream..

Then Chew Shu also can’t tahan..But Diana still fresh awake..That the next day she needed to go to work at 10am..

Then it was Yew Ming’s turn to fall down to Earth..To meet Chow Gung in his dream..

So..we chit-chat and chat and chat until 7am..I’m the earliest to went back home..

They were still there chit-chatting and accompany Diana to go to work..

That’s all from my Christmas celebration..

I felt quite boring at 1st because of those people that I don’t know..

It’s not that I hate them..But their presence made the atmosphere a little dull..Maybe that’s the 1st time we met..

So..I just hope that if there is another chance for us to meet again in another party..Don’t be so shy,k..

But in the end..I’m very happy because I got to meet back my frens which I didn’t contacted for a few months..

I’m very happy to sit down with them partying and chit-chatting..Thanx all my frens..

On another Friday, 31st of December 2004..Another countdown to the new year 2005..

Well..I love year-end because we have lots of celebrations and with new hope ushering into a new year..

But I think this year no more steamboat-ing at Justin‘s house..Because he is going to Genting to work..

Triple pay for Genting First World’s Starbucks..

So..I might be helping out my futsal buddies at Bukit Bintang to sell sprays..

Anyway..Wish u all a Happy New Year again.!!!


Friday, 24 December, 2004

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year.!!

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HoHoHo~~ Merry Christmas.!! And Wish You All A Happy New Year..

Ooh well..It’s not a new year for us..The New Year is on the next Saturday..As a result..I’m free from Saturday’s boring C++ Programming class for 2 weeks..YEAH.!!

As you can see the calendar on the left hand side..Today is Friday, 24th of December 2004..

It‘s Christmas’ Eve celebration with frens..YEAH.!! again..

For those frequent readers of my blog..You’ll know that I have class until 7pm..

And today will be jam like hell in every corner of the Kuala Lumpur city center..

Umm..We’ll be having BBQ party at Chew Shu’s house..So..I need to rush there after my late class..

This time won’t be the same as last year celebration..

As most of our beloved frens went to other states to further their studies and few of them went abroad..

So..At first I thought it won’t be as happening as it used to be..

But then..I heard Chew Shu invited about 15 of her Uni frens to go..

Plus the remaining us that left ‘terperuk’ in KL..Hmm~ I think it will be around 30 people..

Ooh.!! It’s been quite some time we didn’t do any ‘makan makan’ since all of us going our own way of life..

So..All of us will be meeting new frens in a hectic house of Chew Shu’s..hahaha..

And this time around we’ll be exchanging Christmas presents..Hope I don’t get a pack of condom..Hahaha..

At 1st I thought of joining my coursemates..Who knows they will celebrate it like..having a party.?If I join them..Then I can get closer to them and I can get more frens in such way..

But too bad..They are heading to Melaka..To one of our coursemate’s home, and celebrate there..

Then..Thought of watching Kung Fu Hustle with Sook San..But she’s shifting to her new home..

So..Tak jadi la..Althought I really really wanna watch Kung Fu before my final exam..Hehe..

So, since I have frens having BBQ party in KL..Why not I just join them, right..?

My futsal buddies will be at Bukit Bintang – Lot 10 to sell those sprays we use for celebrations (any idea what it calls.?)..

And my best fren Hikaru will be having his Thanksgiving Night with his IDC’s colleagues at 1 of their house..

Since I don’t know any of his colleagues..Takkan lah wanna join him..??Although at 1st I said if I don’t have any plans I’ll follow him..hahaha..

And I heard he found himself a girlfren..After a trip to Penang on Monday..with some other futsal buddies..

Haih..Congrats to him if the news is real..No wonder la this few days didn’t contact me =P

Anyway..I myself will also gonna enjoy..It’s not that if I don’t join my buddies I’ll bored to death..

Even if I am..I still can join them at BB’s Lot 10 selling stuffs..hahahaha..

OK..That’s all for now..

Once again..I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..

Enjoy youself tonight..don’t let it stop..muahahaha..Oops..Ho~Ho~Ho~..

Monday, 20 December, 2004

The Twelve Days Of Christmas..

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On the first day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me:
A partridge in a pear tree.

On the second day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me:
Two turtle doves…etc.

On the third day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me:
Three french hens…etc.

On the forth day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me:
Four calling birds…etc.

On the fifth day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me:
Five golden rings…etc.

On the sixth day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me:
Six geese a-laying…etc.

On the seventh day of Christmas,

My true love gave to me:
Seven swans a-swimming…etc.

On the eight day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me:
Eight maids a-milking…etc.

On the ninth day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me:
Nine ladies dancing…etc.

On the tenth day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me:
Ten lords a-leaping…etc.

On the eleventh day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me:
‘Leven pipers piping…etc.

On the Twelveth day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me:
Twelve drummers drumming…etc.

Nice But Tiring Weekend At TARC..

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Well..again..It’s time for blogging and again it’s about the Saturday class.. =(You see..Sometimes, or maybe everytime..My frens and I dun seemed to understand what the lecturer was teaching..

I know to write a programme using C++ is not that hard actually..

But..We still need to know how to use those..I don’t know what’s that called..

I mean the programmes..ARGH~~!! There are hundreds and thousands of functions..

How would I know which 1 to use if I don’t know what’s the functions for..

So again..we went off early for the self-practice lab class..

I decided to write this after I read what Raymond wrote in his blog..hahaha..

Well..For my frens sake..Raymond..I’m writing it again in here..hehehe..

We went to Canteen 2 to look up some functions over there..

Upon reaching there only we know it’s not any functions for the coming Christmas or what..

It’s the final year project for the students in advertising course..I think it’s related to Mass Comm..

And of course..There were lots of things that we like to see..LENG LUI-S.!!

There were lots of booths and stuffs promoting their own products..

Something like Pepsi, Proton cars, 100 Plus, Nescafe, and so much more..I don’t even know what’s that..

Like anywhere else in this world..Organisers will hire pretty chics wearing sexy skimpy outfits to promote their products..

Of course..This method proved its effectiveness in winning customers and consumers attractions..

The same way happened in this final year project exhibition..

I’m not sure whether those so-called promoters were volunteers or really the students of the advertising course..

There were lots of pretty chics..wearing short skirts and nice tops..Hmm~~

Their dressings are like as if they were going to lepak at shopping malls or complexes like Sg Wang or Midvalley..

And YEAH.!! It attracts us..hahaha..

William even offered himself to help a girl to hang up a banner..That’s because the girl is pretty..hehehe..

And there were free-drinks like Nescafe, Pepsi-Ice and free make-ups..

As if there were also free chics to offer themselves..hahahaha..

The DJs..or the hosts..A guy and a girl..Organise the event quite well..

And I recognised the girl..She’s 1 of the contestants for the Nescafe Kickstart show..

The show is on every Friday night at 9.45pm on 8TV..The winner gets to win a whooping RM150,000 prize money.!!

She brought a bunch of TARC students to KLCC’s TGV to raise fund..

They are dancers..Some girls that I always saw at the Canteen 2..haha..

But in the end..The fund-raising thing happened to be a failure..

As the TGV’s authorities didn’t approve their activities on the site..

Anyway..Never mind bout it..It’s pretty chics that all that matters..hahahaha..

Then we went to TBR for cheap meals..hahahaha..

After that..Ben and I went to Setapak IFC (Indoor Futsal Centre) to play futsal with our coursemates..

We played 2-hours and it was very tiring..We left at 3pm..

By the time I’m going home..from Wangsa Maju going out to the MRR2 highway..

There was an accident..Involving a big truck, a taxi, a lorry, a Kenari, and I forgot what’s the other car..

Yep..It’s a 5 cars accident..

The big truck..Those used for construction purposes..It’s big tyre..Ran on the taxi’s trunk (boot)..

And I think the Kenari and the other car got a lil scratch from the big truck..

Resulting quite serious damages to both cars’ doors..

And the lorry (those loaded with chickens or furnitures kinda lorry) got hit by the truck..

The accident was just right before the traffic light..So all the cars were jammed just like that..

I think some good Samaritans tried to help out the accident and controlled the traffic..

As I went along the highway..WOOSH~!! No jam at all..

At home..I can sleep although I’m very tired..

At night..I got another futsal match with my frens at Sri Petaling’s Carrefour..

Well..After a few meetings with our opponents..We lose 2 of our previous meetings..

But we managed to won it yesterday night..YEAH.!!

It’s a successful victory before we go on for our festives break..Winning with 8-5..

Trailing from 5-0..5 goals down we managed to won it by 8-5..YEAH.!! Great job..

Check out my futsal team’s site at

So we’ll be resting until the year 2005 comes..As both the Christmas and New Year falls on Saturday..

And traditionally..My frens from Cohcrane’s Form 6 will have party on both days’ eve..

It’s BBQ and steamboat..each on either day..and we’ll be having BBQ on Christmas eve..YEAH.!!

I need to rush back from college on that day as my class ends at 7pm..ARGH.!! Damn It~~

Anyway..After the game at Carrefour..We went to yamcha..Watching Man Utd – Crystal Palace match..

It’s a great match between the hope for title challenge, Man Utd and struggler at the bottom table, Crystal Palace..

The result was 2-1 at half-time..Just after the break..within 4 minutes..4 goals were scored..

It was a fantastic match as we haven’t went for yamcha such a long time since I involved in the accident about 3 weeks ago..

And we thought of celebrating Ivan’s belated birthday..But we didn’t manage to because he went home early..

At 3.30am..There were big match in the Italia Serie A..Juventus – AC Milan..

Luckily we didn’t watch it as it ended with goalles draw..

And at 5.30am..Another big match in Spanish La Liga..Barcelona – Valencia..

It ended with 1-1 draw..

Okla..Need to sleep now..Talk next time..chiaow..

Friday, 17 December, 2004

Shitty Result..

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I promised u guyz about the tournament result…

It was actually a league-type final…with the top 3 teams from groups of A, B and C playing each other once..

And stupid stupid result is…Cat won the tournament.!! DAMN~~

The high profile Rush on 2nd place and Winning Eleven on 3rd…ARGH~~..!!

I couldn’t believe it..!!

Anyway..Since my team was not in the final’s none of my business..

It’s just that I dislike the team Cat because they entered the final, beating my team on fixed match..

Oh well..never mind bout that anymore…

I get my 2-credit hour..and that’s all..nothing much bout it..

I’m a freeman on Tuesday morning now..HAHAHAHA..Get to sleep a lil’ late…

Get to visit Q Block neatly dress..rather than wearing a dirty shorts with slippers..

Tuesday, 14 December, 2004

TARC’s Co-Curricular Day – Part 2..

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On Sunday..I continued with my Football tournament..

Reached TARC at about 8.20am..With my dad fetching me..

The Basketball and Volleyball alredy started their games earlier in the morning at about 7.30am..

Hey Raymond..I saw your girlfriend at the basketball court..hehe..

And there were Dancing competition for the Dancing Club members..

Oh man.!! There were lots of pretty chics in the Dancing competition..

All wearing nice, pretty and colourful outfits..some even skimpy..hehe..

I’m supposed there was also Swimming competition..Sluurp~ *saliva drooling down my chin*

But it is too far away from the field..So..We need to wait at the field for the fatty coach to come..

And there was he with his white Proton Iswara..

So..we were randomly drawn to 3 groups consist of 3 teams..

Which saw my team drew with Cat and Late King (what kinda name is that.?!)

Umm..My team Super FC played quite well against both opponents..

Ben..You’re the man..He played very well..dribbling the ball around the field..

With me missed a few chances of scoring goals ~sigh~

For the 2nd round..It consist of 3 groups of 3..So each team get to play 2 times..

My team drew with Cat by 0-0..and won against Late King 1-0..

So..We got 3 point for winning and 1 point for drawing..with the total of 4 point..

Cat with 1 point with 1 game in hand and Late King with none and 1 more game against Cat..

So..The Shit was out between them..They fixed the match between them..

Late King purposely lose to Cat because Late King alredy knocked-out of the racing..

Late King did it very obviously for the 9-a side tournament..

With 6 players charged forward half the field..Left 2 defenders and a goalkeeper behind..

This gave chances to Cat to attack with 4 or 5 players..Damn Late King.!!

Kelvin’s team, Ganas, also did the same thing..They lose 1 game to Darkstar..

Darkstar, a team with many rude and rough players..With 1 player being sent-off on Saturday..

The remaining 1 team..Winning Eleven..steal a point for drawing with Darkstar..

Need a win to qualify for the semi-finals..

Since Ganas alredy knocked-out..They purposely lose to Winning Eleven..

Without Winning Eleven knowing it..They scored lots of goals against Ganas..

Thus, Winning Eleven qualified for the semi-finals on goal-difference..

It’s very obvious..with Ganas‘ goalkeeper giving spaces for Winning Eleven to shoot the ball..

This thing happened because Darkstar is a rude team..They don’t deserve the semi-finals..

Winning Eleven is a well-organised team..which is deserves the semi-finals..Or maybe even the Finals..

But..Frankly speaking..The best team is Rush..Full of skillful players..

With that name..I can conclude that most of the members were frequent clubbers..hahaha..

They trashed their opponents almost in every of their games..

Ah Kuai’s team, Kickers, won a match a lose 1..So..They were out too..

Since Ah Kuai, Kelvin and I lose our games..We tumpang Wai Lik’s car to go home..

So..we missed the semi-finals and the Final..

Can’t really say we missed it..We don’t even want to watch it..Since we were not involved..

Before we went home..We still make use of the time being to go to the Volleyball court..hehe..

It’s prize giving time..So..We get to look at chics..hehehe..

After a while..Since there were not much pretty chics..So we went home..YEAH.!!

And I assume that Rush won the Football Tournament..

Umm..We’ll get to know it on the next blog which I’m going to publish next time..

We are supposed that all the games are done and we get our 2-credit hour..

But the fatty coach wants us to attend for the very last time this week..Damn him~..

So..I’m signing off here..need to wake up early the next morning for the training session..


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