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Thursday, 2 December, 2004

Newest Updates.!!

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Hello everyone..’s a little updated news around me..

U all will like it..No matter if you are a male or female..

For your information..Yahoo! Mail now has updated its storage size again.!!

From a highly preferred 100MB than the stupid 2MB hotmail..

Now it has update it to 250MB storage..YEAH.!!

I also couldn’t believe my eyes looking at the percentage of my stored mails in my inbox..HAHAHA.!!

So..for those who wants to send mails to me..please don’t send to my Hotmail account..

My Hotmail and Yahoo Mail using the same address..

For mails..send to

For chatting..I’m using MSN Messenger by using

Here’s a SUPER GOOD news for futsal lovers or even maybe amatures..

There’s a new Futsal Centre opened inside Sri Petaling’s Carrefour..5th floor..

From now til 15th of December 2004..There’ll be a promotion due to its newly open celebration..

The centre is giving away free play for everyone and anyone from morning til 2am..

YUP.!! Your eyes read the right thing here..IT’S FREE.!!!

So what are you guyz waiting for..?! Better be quick before it’s too late..

And umm..on 11th and 12th of December..It’s Saturday and Sunday..

There’ll be football tournament at TARC..

It’s a tournament between groups of different sessions in TARC‘s co-curricular activities..

It held every semester..It’s 9-a side game..I think the game will starts around noon..

After this tournament..I’m free from co-curricular activities and I get my 2-credit hour..

So..any fools out there..If you are interested in watching me playing foolish footballs..come and see me..HAHAHA.!!

For Jay Chou fans out there..If u are a Maxis subscriber..

Then you’ll know that he’s coming to Malaysia again.!!

Yup..He’s having a concert at Stadium Merdeka on 29th of January 2005..

“The Incomparable Jay World Tour”..That’s the title for his concert this time around..

The price of the tickets would be RM315..RM198..RM158..RM118..and RM58..

Which one to buy.? Better choose now.!!

I bet that Bee Yan will rush back from Sabah to attend this concert..

If she has no problem with her Uni’s schedule..She’s ready for it anytime..

Who knows..maybe she’ll have exam at that time..Then that will be too bad =(

Now back to the old days..My primary school..hahaha..

A fren of mine..David Liu Sai Kong..came back from New Zealand for his Uni break..

It’s been a long time didn’t hang out with him since I last met him at a snooker centre..

Hmm..really miss him and Darren Low..I mean..those days..not that we are gays..

Umm..Ok..I think that’s all for now..

See ya guyz again..Cheer dudez.!!

Newest Updates.!!


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