The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Monday, 6 December, 2004

Lone Ranger..

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Yesterday (Saturday) morning I was quite early to reach college..I had to attend the stupid damn boring C++ Programming tutorial class..

Thought of going home at 12pm..but attendance taken..So we went off at 11.30am..Usual routine..headed to TBR for cheap meals..

Then I thought of taking bus from college to Masjid Jamek and change from there to Sungei Wang..

Then met with Ah Kuai and Kelvin..They are going home too..

Since Ah Kuai going to Times Square..So I took a ride on his car..I think he got a date with someone there..hehe..So..I’m alone heading to Sungei Wang to find Ji-ann..

For the first time..I’m wandering around Sungei Wang without Hikaru‘s company..

Upon reaching Times Square’s main entrance..There are lots of people..

Again..there’s a basketball competition or something like that..

But..lots of lower secondary kiddos over there..

So..I’m heading to Sungei Wang to find Ji-ann without any hesitation..She was there promoting a new handphone by PanTech..quite expensive..

Then there was a comic exhibition and new talent competition on the Concourse Level..

Got a few Leng Chai-s and Leng Lui-s dressed as RO (Ragnarok Online) characters..I have doubt over the Leng Chai-s..But certainly no doubt about the Leng Lui-s..hehehe..

Then I headed to KL Plaza to find my ex-colleagues..

At the main entrance of Sungei Wang..I met with Zachary primary classmate..He’s studying in Australia..was on summer break now until February..

Then I headed to KL meet my ex-colleagues..

Just left a few old staffs working there..Jennifer..Lynn..Choon..Sonny..Yee..and Jean..

Lynn has resigned and will working in other place next month..

I hang-out at the place for I think about 2 hours..hahaha..

Wandering around disturbing Jennifer and the gang do their works..hehehe..

At about 4pm..I went back to Sungei Wang to find Ji-ann..but she’s on break..

And my fren Jia Wei still not working yet until 4.30pm..

So..I had to wander around the place and went to the arcade centre..ALL ALONE..

After looking at some chics everywhere the 4.30pm I went to find Ji-ann..

After talking for a while..I find Jia Wei..just a few steps from Ji-ann’s working place..hehe..

But she had to’m going home~~..

On my way going home..At the entrance of BB Plaza..

I think there were 2 akuas (sissy, pondan) doing some kinda stupid stunts and performance..

They do looked like female..with those skimpy outfits..which 1 of them..with very super short skirt..

You can see ‘her’ butt..and the flowered panties..EWWW~~

Luckily couldn’t saw the front part..Only to find out if there’s a ‘stick’ on it..

Hmm..*Thinking about it*..EWWWW~~~ YUCKS~~..!!!!

After watching those gross people..I straight away went home..ALL ALONE taking bus..

So..that’s my story of a Lone Ranger..

For the first time ever..I’m walking at Sungei Wang without any company..and buying nothing..

Like an idiot zombie walking around without knowing his ways.. least at night I went to play FREE Futsal with my teammates..

And the great news is..Arsenal will be back on track at no time..

But good work to Chelsea for having 4 goals in every matches since Arjen Robben back from injury..

And also congrats to Everton for holding on 3rd spot without teenage sensation..Wayne Rooney..

Man Utd and Liverpool both also back on track for the title challenge..

Okla..Signing off now..See ya..


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