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Tuesday, 14 December, 2004

TARC’s Co-Curricular Day – Part 2..

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On Sunday..I continued with my Football tournament..

Reached TARC at about 8.20am..With my dad fetching me..

The Basketball and Volleyball alredy started their games earlier in the morning at about 7.30am..

Hey Raymond..I saw your girlfriend at the basketball court..hehe..

And there were Dancing competition for the Dancing Club members..

Oh man.!! There were lots of pretty chics in the Dancing competition..

All wearing nice, pretty and colourful outfits..some even skimpy..hehe..

I’m supposed there was also Swimming competition..Sluurp~ *saliva drooling down my chin*

But it is too far away from the field..So..We need to wait at the field for the fatty coach to come..

And there was he with his white Proton Iswara..

So..we were randomly drawn to 3 groups consist of 3 teams..

Which saw my team drew with Cat and Late King (what kinda name is that.?!)

Umm..My team Super FC played quite well against both opponents..

Ben..You’re the man..He played very well..dribbling the ball around the field..

With me missed a few chances of scoring goals ~sigh~

For the 2nd round..It consist of 3 groups of 3..So each team get to play 2 times..

My team drew with Cat by 0-0..and won against Late King 1-0..

So..We got 3 point for winning and 1 point for drawing..with the total of 4 point..

Cat with 1 point with 1 game in hand and Late King with none and 1 more game against Cat..

So..The Shit was out between them..They fixed the match between them..

Late King purposely lose to Cat because Late King alredy knocked-out of the racing..

Late King did it very obviously for the 9-a side tournament..

With 6 players charged forward half the field..Left 2 defenders and a goalkeeper behind..

This gave chances to Cat to attack with 4 or 5 players..Damn Late King.!!

Kelvin’s team, Ganas, also did the same thing..They lose 1 game to Darkstar..

Darkstar, a team with many rude and rough players..With 1 player being sent-off on Saturday..

The remaining 1 team..Winning Eleven..steal a point for drawing with Darkstar..

Need a win to qualify for the semi-finals..

Since Ganas alredy knocked-out..They purposely lose to Winning Eleven..

Without Winning Eleven knowing it..They scored lots of goals against Ganas..

Thus, Winning Eleven qualified for the semi-finals on goal-difference..

It’s very obvious..with Ganas‘ goalkeeper giving spaces for Winning Eleven to shoot the ball..

This thing happened because Darkstar is a rude team..They don’t deserve the semi-finals..

Winning Eleven is a well-organised team..which is deserves the semi-finals..Or maybe even the Finals..

But..Frankly speaking..The best team is Rush..Full of skillful players..

With that name..I can conclude that most of the members were frequent clubbers..hahaha..

They trashed their opponents almost in every of their games..

Ah Kuai’s team, Kickers, won a match a lose 1..So..They were out too..

Since Ah Kuai, Kelvin and I lose our games..We tumpang Wai Lik’s car to go home..

So..we missed the semi-finals and the Final..

Can’t really say we missed it..We don’t even want to watch it..Since we were not involved..

Before we went home..We still make use of the time being to go to the Volleyball court..hehe..

It’s prize giving time..So..We get to look at chics..hehehe..

After a while..Since there were not much pretty chics..So we went home..YEAH.!!

And I assume that Rush won the Football Tournament..

Umm..We’ll get to know it on the next blog which I’m going to publish next time..

We are supposed that all the games are done and we get our 2-credit hour..

But the fatty coach wants us to attend for the very last time this week..Damn him~..

So..I’m signing off here..need to wake up early the next morning for the training session..



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