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Monday, 20 December, 2004

Nice But Tiring Weekend At TARC..

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Well..again..It’s time for blogging and again it’s about the Saturday class.. =(You see..Sometimes, or maybe everytime..My frens and I dun seemed to understand what the lecturer was teaching..

I know to write a programme using C++ is not that hard actually..

But..We still need to know how to use those..I don’t know what’s that called..

I mean the programmes..ARGH~~!! There are hundreds and thousands of functions..

How would I know which 1 to use if I don’t know what’s the functions for..

So again..we went off early for the self-practice lab class..

I decided to write this after I read what Raymond wrote in his blog..hahaha..

Well..For my frens sake..Raymond..I’m writing it again in here..hehehe..

We went to Canteen 2 to look up some functions over there..

Upon reaching there only we know it’s not any functions for the coming Christmas or what..

It’s the final year project for the students in advertising course..I think it’s related to Mass Comm..

And of course..There were lots of things that we like to see..LENG LUI-S.!!

There were lots of booths and stuffs promoting their own products..

Something like Pepsi, Proton cars, 100 Plus, Nescafe, and so much more..I don’t even know what’s that..

Like anywhere else in this world..Organisers will hire pretty chics wearing sexy skimpy outfits to promote their products..

Of course..This method proved its effectiveness in winning customers and consumers attractions..

The same way happened in this final year project exhibition..

I’m not sure whether those so-called promoters were volunteers or really the students of the advertising course..

There were lots of pretty chics..wearing short skirts and nice tops..Hmm~~

Their dressings are like as if they were going to lepak at shopping malls or complexes like Sg Wang or Midvalley..

And YEAH.!! It attracts us..hahaha..

William even offered himself to help a girl to hang up a banner..That’s because the girl is pretty..hehehe..

And there were free-drinks like Nescafe, Pepsi-Ice and free make-ups..

As if there were also free chics to offer themselves..hahahaha..

The DJs..or the hosts..A guy and a girl..Organise the event quite well..

And I recognised the girl..She’s 1 of the contestants for the Nescafe Kickstart show..

The show is on every Friday night at 9.45pm on 8TV..The winner gets to win a whooping RM150,000 prize money.!!

She brought a bunch of TARC students to KLCC’s TGV to raise fund..

They are dancers..Some girls that I always saw at the Canteen 2..haha..

But in the end..The fund-raising thing happened to be a failure..

As the TGV’s authorities didn’t approve their activities on the site..

Anyway..Never mind bout it..It’s pretty chics that all that matters..hahahaha..

Then we went to TBR for cheap meals..hahahaha..

After that..Ben and I went to Setapak IFC (Indoor Futsal Centre) to play futsal with our coursemates..

We played 2-hours and it was very tiring..We left at 3pm..

By the time I’m going home..from Wangsa Maju going out to the MRR2 highway..

There was an accident..Involving a big truck, a taxi, a lorry, a Kenari, and I forgot what’s the other car..

Yep..It’s a 5 cars accident..

The big truck..Those used for construction purposes..It’s big tyre..Ran on the taxi’s trunk (boot)..

And I think the Kenari and the other car got a lil scratch from the big truck..

Resulting quite serious damages to both cars’ doors..

And the lorry (those loaded with chickens or furnitures kinda lorry) got hit by the truck..

The accident was just right before the traffic light..So all the cars were jammed just like that..

I think some good Samaritans tried to help out the accident and controlled the traffic..

As I went along the highway..WOOSH~!! No jam at all..

At home..I can sleep although I’m very tired..

At night..I got another futsal match with my frens at Sri Petaling’s Carrefour..

Well..After a few meetings with our opponents..We lose 2 of our previous meetings..

But we managed to won it yesterday night..YEAH.!!

It’s a successful victory before we go on for our festives break..Winning with 8-5..

Trailing from 5-0..5 goals down we managed to won it by 8-5..YEAH.!! Great job..

Check out my futsal team’s site at

So we’ll be resting until the year 2005 comes..As both the Christmas and New Year falls on Saturday..

And traditionally..My frens from Cohcrane’s Form 6 will have party on both days’ eve..

It’s BBQ and steamboat..each on either day..and we’ll be having BBQ on Christmas eve..YEAH.!!

I need to rush back from college on that day as my class ends at 7pm..ARGH.!! Damn It~~

Anyway..After the game at Carrefour..We went to yamcha..Watching Man Utd – Crystal Palace match..

It’s a great match between the hope for title challenge, Man Utd and struggler at the bottom table, Crystal Palace..

The result was 2-1 at half-time..Just after the break..within 4 minutes..4 goals were scored..

It was a fantastic match as we haven’t went for yamcha such a long time since I involved in the accident about 3 weeks ago..

And we thought of celebrating Ivan’s belated birthday..But we didn’t manage to because he went home early..

At 3.30am..There were big match in the Italia Serie A..Juventus – AC Milan..

Luckily we didn’t watch it as it ended with goalles draw..

And at 5.30am..Another big match in Spanish La Liga..Barcelona – Valencia..

It ended with 1-1 draw..

Okla..Need to sleep now..Talk next time..chiaow..



  1. u r boring person why did u steal my name.
    i hate you for that.. and because u r so damn boring.
    i am bored in class right now and you made it even worse… thanks =[
    well i hope your life gets more intresting because i am concern for your health of living such a boring life. may god bless you because i sure as hell wouldnt.

    thanks again,

    Comment by crystal valencia from that funkytown 817 — Wednesday, 8 November, 2006 @ 4:50 am

  2. crystal valencia from that funkytown 817 >> err..i don’t really get it..anyway..may god bless u too 🙂

    Comment by Yatz — Friday, 10 November, 2006 @ 12:34 am

  3. A few questions from a blog idiot

    How do you keep the spammers from eating you alive? i\’ve seen blogs with nothing but spam postings.

    How do you keep some left wing extremist from posting racist or defamatory rhetoric? and if you cant stop them, what are you legally liabel when they do?

    can viruses be posted to blogs?

    Comment by Fundraiser — Friday, 19 January, 2007 @ 5:07 am

  4. Fundraiser >> in using WordPress, i’ve got auto spammers filter..

    i can just block their IP address or remove the comments..

    not quite sure bout viruses..but pop-up ads and adwares do appear in blogs..

    Comment by Yatz — Friday, 19 January, 2007 @ 4:09 pm

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