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Friday, 24 December, 2004

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year.!!

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HoHoHo~~ Merry Christmas.!! And Wish You All A Happy New Year..

Ooh well..It’s not a new year for us..The New Year is on the next Saturday..As a result..I’m free from Saturday’s boring C++ Programming class for 2 weeks..YEAH.!!

As you can see the calendar on the left hand side..Today is Friday, 24th of December 2004..

It‘s Christmas’ Eve celebration with frens..YEAH.!! again..

For those frequent readers of my blog..You’ll know that I have class until 7pm..

And today will be jam like hell in every corner of the Kuala Lumpur city center..

Umm..We’ll be having BBQ party at Chew Shu’s house..So..I need to rush there after my late class..

This time won’t be the same as last year celebration..

As most of our beloved frens went to other states to further their studies and few of them went abroad..

So..At first I thought it won’t be as happening as it used to be..

But then..I heard Chew Shu invited about 15 of her Uni frens to go..

Plus the remaining us that left ‘terperuk’ in KL..Hmm~ I think it will be around 30 people..

Ooh.!! It’s been quite some time we didn’t do any ‘makan makan’ since all of us going our own way of life..

So..All of us will be meeting new frens in a hectic house of Chew Shu’s..hahaha..

And this time around we’ll be exchanging Christmas presents..Hope I don’t get a pack of condom..Hahaha..

At 1st I thought of joining my coursemates..Who knows they will celebrate it like..having a party.?If I join them..Then I can get closer to them and I can get more frens in such way..

But too bad..They are heading to Melaka..To one of our coursemate’s home, and celebrate there..

Then..Thought of watching Kung Fu Hustle with Sook San..But she’s shifting to her new home..

So..Tak jadi la..Althought I really really wanna watch Kung Fu before my final exam..Hehe..

So, since I have frens having BBQ party in KL..Why not I just join them, right..?

My futsal buddies will be at Bukit Bintang – Lot 10 to sell those sprays we use for celebrations (any idea what it calls.?)..

And my best fren Hikaru will be having his Thanksgiving Night with his IDC’s colleagues at 1 of their house..

Since I don’t know any of his colleagues..Takkan lah wanna join him..??Although at 1st I said if I don’t have any plans I’ll follow him..hahaha..

And I heard he found himself a girlfren..After a trip to Penang on Monday..with some other futsal buddies..

Haih..Congrats to him if the news is real..No wonder la this few days didn’t contact me =P

Anyway..I myself will also gonna enjoy..It’s not that if I don’t join my buddies I’ll bored to death..

Even if I am..I still can join them at BB’s Lot 10 selling stuffs..hahahaha..

OK..That’s all for now..

Once again..I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..

Enjoy youself tonight..don’t let it stop..muahahaha..Oops..Ho~Ho~Ho~..


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