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Saturday, 1 January, 2005

New Year 2005..

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005.!!!Well..Supposed all celebrations or parties should be cancel off due to the tsunami tragedy..

But..The usual year-end celebration still went on as happening as it was..

Major functions at Bukit Bintang, KLCC, and Merdeka Square had been cancel..

But KL residents still hang-out at Bukit Bintang to countdown to the year 2005..

Maybe the same thing happened to other places but I’m not very sure of it..

Coz I’m celebrating at Bukit Bintang with my futsal buddies..

Neil with Yee Wan, Deral with Li Pau, Lan Doo with Suki, Bowling with Jen, Hiew, Hikaru, and I, Yatz..

No traffic jam, no road-blocks, no stage performances, and no fireworks..

But, it didn’t stop the people to create their own fun and joy..

Lots of people crowded Bukit Bintang..Be it Malaysians, or foreigners..

Lots of skateboarders and breakdancers did some dances in front of Maybank..

It attracted lots of people to watch them show off their performances..

I mentioned in my previous blogs that my futsal buddies were selling sprays at Bukit Bintang..

Lots of people trying to make profit from selling those sprays..

The business was very competitive as the price alredy reach RM10 for 6 bottles in the early night..

The usual price for previous years would be RM10 for 3 bottles..

But might reach RM10 for 4 or 5 bottles when the clock about to tick to 12 at midnight..

Yesterday at about 10pm..Sellers were raising it to 5 or 6 bottles for RM10..

Some even came out with 7 bottles.!!

But the business ran quite slow for us as there were lots of spray-sellers..

The fun for the crowd is spraying those spray of strings or snows to anyone on the road..

Of course there were lots of ‘battle of the sexes’ last night..

Mostly the guys attack the girls and the girls attack the guys..

There were ‘wars’ in front of Sg Wang’s main entrance, both Lot 10 entrances, in front of Maybank, under the KL Monorail, in front of Giordano’s bus stop, Jalan Bukit Bintang’s Secret Recipe, and Metrojaya’s main entrance..

Maybe there were also wars at KL Plaza and Starhill..But we didn’t went there so I dunno anything about it..

I met with lots of frens there..Poh Hong with Pay Shuen..Choon Wing with his girlfren and irritated Kam Weng Kai..

Some ex-Gabrians also making some business there..And we also met Mr Raja..

And also not to forget the Teh Brothers..Teh Poh and Teh Chai..

There were lots of polices patrolling around Bukit Bintang..I assume they were there to prevent any fights or crimes..

But later on, hundreds of boxes of sprays were being confiscated by th polices..

There were also a few civilians were being handcuffed by the policemen because they sprayed on the them..

Lots of Myanmese were so bad that they on target at girls..

And the worst was they sprayed into their ears and eyes..It’s like nothing serious in this kinda celebration..

But they paid for it as they ter-disturbed us..4 of my futsal buddies brought their girlfrens along..

So..With all the stocks that we have..We counter-attacked the Myanmese by spraying paint spray on them..

Too let them know the effects of spraying on people face and other parts of the body that will harm us..

We sprayed the paint sprays at their eyes and faces..After a while, they were from hero to zero..

No sign of the Myanmese walking along our area..Muahahaha..COUNTER-TERRORIST WINS.!!

The time about to reach 12 midnight..Policemen tried to seize other sprays sold by other small sellers, like us..

But we packed those sprays into plastic bags..We managed to flee off Jalan Bukit Bintang’s Secret Recipe..

Felt that the business are ruined, we went to Neil’s car to put down our sprays..

Felt disappointed with the sales..We armed ourselves with sprays and headed back to Secret Recipe to party hardy..

We were alredy lossing the profit..So why not loss it in a happy ending..Muahaha..

We were fully armed with snow sprays, string sprays, and paint sprays..

Altogether there were 13 of us..And our target was to teach the Burmese a lesson..

And it proved that our amounts of playaz and weapons lead us to victorious and invincibility..

Anyone who attacked us paid the price..They suffered loses as we attacked in numbers..VICTORIOUS.!!

There was also a lady got molested by a guy and as a result..The guy get caught by polieman..

The guy grabbed on the lady’s breast..Mm Hmm~~

When our bullets alredy dried up..I went to find SuSan..Hehehe..

Well..She also had fun with her frens..Sprays all over her head and body..

And then I met with Danny and Yvonne (Wai Ling)..

Song Feng was at TARC attending the Electronic Engineering Society Night..Poor him..Damn boring he said..Haha..

We left Bukit Bintang at about 1.15am..We went to Connaught Maideen ABC to yamcha..hahaha..

There I met Sharon (Hui Shan)..Whoa..Lots of old frens to meet back during festive season..

We chit chat, joked around talking bullshits and rubbish until about 4am..

That’s the end of our happy, fun, joy, and revengeful new year celebration..Haha..

Well..I always said it in my blogs..It’s happy to be with your frens..Having fun and stuffs..

And it will be the best if you get to spend times with your loved ones..

Before I close this blog..I wanna wish Momo happy birthday in advance, on 3rd of January..HAPPY BIRTHDAY.!!

And also Darren on 4th of January..HAPPY BIRTHDAY.!!

You know..In case I didn’t online for the next few days..So I decided to wish both of you in advance,k..

Until here..Yatz signing off..HAPPY NEW YEAR once again..!!


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