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Saturday, 1 January, 2005

Tsunami Tragedy – No New Year Celebration..

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Well..Looks like there’s no more New Year celebration this year end..This happens is to pay respect to those suffered from the Tsunami Tragedy..The government hope those people who are safe and not involved in the tragedy pray for those who were involve..

The same thing happen to other countries that hit by the tsunami’s tidal wave..

The countries are Maldives, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Somalia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and 1 or 2 other countries..

Thailand Prime Minister, Thaksin Sinawatra cancel off a dinner with Maria Sharapova and some other guests..

In India, too will cancel off their traditional celebration some sort of dance or something like that..

A happy year-end festive season turned into a mourning season because of the tragedy..

1 of the worst earthquake in history that created tsunami across the ocean..

The worst of them all was in Chile..The magnitude of the quake was 9.5.!!

From South America, it created tsunami all the way to Japan.!!

But there’s 1 big thing I felt kinda weird.?!?!

Why Singapore, which is so near to Indonesia wasn’t affected by the tsunami..?!?!?

But it affected our Pearl Island, Penang..

Anyway..Til now..The death toll alredy reach more than 125,000 people in 9 countires..

It’s so sad to know that the 125,000 victims can’t celebrate the new year, 2005..

It happened a fortnight ago..Which they still managed to celebrate the Christmas..

But, it’s too bad that so many people killed to the cause of mother nature..

So..Let us all join together to donate whatever it is..

Be it financial, energy, food, or morale supports..for the victims and the killed ones..


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