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Monday, 17 January, 2005

Pathetic TARC Exam..

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Well..The 1st blog since my exam started on last Saturday..

I’ve updated the Profile Section and Side Section (Links)..Check it out..

Anyway..Before that..I wanna wish everyone of my frens, that their birthdays is in January..

In my previous blog..I forgot to wish Syafiq his 21st birthday..on 11th of January..

Then..unexpectedly, Pei Fen, my course rep..Shares the same birth date as mine..

Yup..Happy Belated Birthday to us on 16th of January..Mine is the 21st and hers is 20th..

Thought of having a big celebration as I reach the ‘legal age’ to be an adult..I mean..Young adult..

But because of my final exam..So..I decided to call it off..

I can enter casino..YEAH.!!

Umm..Yup..Today is 17th..And it’s Yee Tat and Alex Martin’s birthday..Happy 21st Birthday.!!

I think that’s all for birthdays..I’ll update it if there are some others..

Back to my main pathetic exam..

I’ll be having my Maths V paper tomorrow..It shouldn’t be a big problem actually..

But after looking after the past years questions..Damn..Quite hard to understand it..

Anyway..I’ll do my best to get to my old-time achievement..To get an A in Maths..

Then there’s the stupid C++ Programming paper on Wednesday afternoon..

My resit paper Communication Engineering paper on Thursday morning..YEAH.!!

Digital System & Design paper on Saturday morning..

Then there’s the remaining 2 most difficult papers..

On Tuesday morning..Electrical & Electronic Engineering..

And the LAST paper for this sem..Mechanical & Structural Engineering on Thursday morning..

After that..I’m free as a bird..Watch movies.! Shopping for Chinese New Year.!

Hang-out with frens as usual.! And futsal.!! YEAH.!

Okla..That’s all for today..Will update again if there’s any chance for me..

All The Best and Good Luck to all TARC students..

Bye..Yatz signing off..


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