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Monday, 28 February, 2005

English Carling Cup – Damn Mourinho..

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The Carling Cup Final between the Reds, Liverpool and the Blues, Chelsea played at the Millenium Stadium, Cardiff..

For those who read my previous blog..You alredy know that I’m totally dun give a F**K about Chelsea..

For every Liverpool fans, Arsenal fans, Man Utd fans, Everton fans, Barca fans, Man City fans, and even Charlton fans (that’s me), are hoping Chelsea to lose their 3rd consecutive match after losing out to Newcastle and Barca..

The match started with fireworks and soft-core dance music..With FIFA President, Sepp Blater as Guest Of Honour, being introduced to both sides players..

The match was treated like the US’ Superbowl match..

As the game got underway..Riise opened the scoring for Liverpool from a Morientes crossing..At just 45 seconds..

John Arne Riise celebrates with his teammates after the early goal..

Liverpool almost went through the whole game with the formation of 4-5-1..

As I’m looking at the LIVE Commentary from’m totally in an unbelievable state of mind when I only looked at the result at half-time..

I missed the whole 1st half..But never mind..The commentary stays there..Hehe..

I kept changing MSN Messenger nickname to cheer up for Liverpool as they still leading until the 70th minutes..

I thought Chelsea will go down again..From a quadraple trophy to just 1..or maybe 2..

Unfortunately..In the 78th minutes..Chelsea levelled through a Steven Gerrard own goal..

He headed a Paulo Ferreira’s free kick into his own net..STUPID.!!

The Liverpool captain let away a precious early goal to give a 1-1 draw in the last 10 minutes..Haih~~

Equaliser captain Steven Gerrard walk-off after a dramatic own-goal..

Most hated Mourinho made his own way of celebration by putting his finger to his mouth to tell the Liverpool fans to shut their mouth up..

Bcoz of that..He is sent-off from the pitch to lead the Blues to his 1st ever trophy with Chelsea..

Absolutely the game was very high-tensed with 6 minutes of injury-time added to the 45 minutes 2nd half..

The score remained 1-1 at full-time..Thanks to a superb equaliser from Steven Gerrard..@*#&$^%!..

The game continued into the extra-time with the silver-goal rule applied..

Which means..The game played in 2 halves with 15 minutes each..

The game continues until the end of 30 minutes..No matter how many goals score during that period of time..

If still level after 30-minutes play..Penalty shoot-out will take place..

Anyway..The result still remained 1-1 after 1st-half on extra-time..

Until the 106th minute..Drogba scored from a Glen Johnson throw-in after an inability of Hyppia to clear off the ball..

Serbian Mateja Kezman made it 3-1 in the 111th minute thanks to a Lampard free-kick to give Chelsea much hope of winning the trophy..

Kezman slotted in the ball from close-range to make sure the trophy is belongs to Mourinho’s side..

Just after the kick-off..Spaniard Antonio Nunez managed to head home a free-kick from Gerrard to make it 3-2 in the dying 112 minutes..

Well..The score remain unchanged until the end of the game..Chelsea won the FA Carling Cup with the score 3-2, after extra-time..

Mourinho lifted his 1st trophy in England with the Blues..And he is still in the running to claim a treble..

In-hand FA Carling Cup trophy, with virtually-secured English Premiership title, and threatened Champions’ League trophy..

A stupid own goal equaliser took the silverware away from Liverpool fans..Such as David Goh..

It eqaualised in the dying last 10-minutes to go..ARGH.!!!

Anyway..Just hope that Chelsea will slump in the Premiership as Man Utd chasing from behind with just 6 points adrift from the leader..

Unwillingly, I have to cheer up for Man Utd to take the title away from Chelsea as I don’t want to see the arrogant-lansi-cacatz face of Jose Mourinho to lift another title..

Earlier on Charlton gave away a 0-1 lead away to Midboro to end the game with 2-2 draw..

Arsenal also virtually threw away the title-chase after a disappointing 1-1 draw away to Southampton..

That’s all for today..Hope bad lucks will get into Chelsea’s way..MUAHAHAHAHA..!!!


Friday, 25 February, 2005

UEFA Champions’ League

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This week the UEFA Champions’ League is continuing its journey with the 1st leg of the knock-out stage of the last 16 teams..

This season’s draw makes a great impact in Europe bcoz of the matches between big teams..

Matches such as slumping Spanish champion, Real Madrid against slumping Italian campion, Juventus..

High-flying Barcelona against high-flying-team-with-cocky-cum-arrogant-cum-lansi-manager, Chelsea..Improving Man Utd against Italian champion, AC Milan..

Slumping English champion, Arsenal against improving German side, Bayern Munich..

Defending Champions’ League champion, Porto against ‘King Of Draw”, Inter Milan (Internazionale)..

Unsettle English side, Liverpool against unsettle German side, Bayer Leverkusen..

Defending Bundesliga champ, Werder Bremen against French side, Olympique Lyonnais..

And lastly Dutch champ, PSV Eindhoven against last seaon’s Champs’ Leg runners-up, Monaco..

So, the 1st leg had settle-down on Wednesday morning and Thursday morning..

Stupid Real Madrid just settled 1-0 at Santiago Bernabeu against Juve..A disappointing score, if to march on to the quater-final..

I think Juve will ease to the next round after the 2nd leg in 2 weeks time..

Unbelievably Liverpool earn a 3-1 win at homeground, Anfield against Leverkusen..Thanx to 2 free-kicks from Riise and Hamann..

Arsenal lost 1-3 away to Bayern at Olympic Stadium..

A match that arguably will decide which goalkeeper will be use in next year’s World Cup 2006, with Germany as the host..

It’s almost a match between Lehmann and Kahn, more than a Bayern Munich – Arsenal game..

PSV won at home against Monaco in a low-profile match..

The biggest match went to Barcelona – Chelsea..A cocky English side against arguably the most powerful team in Europe this season, Barcelona..

Chelsea’s goalkeeper, Petr Cech, hadn’t let in any goal in the EPL for about 900 minutes, which marked the great record of all time of a GK hadn’t let in any goal..

It’s in a very high-tensed atmosphere..No matter at the Nou Camp itself or viewers in front of the picture box..

Barca fielded a full-strength side with Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Deco, Xavi, Albertini, Giuly, van Bronckhost, Puyol, Belleti, Marquez, and Valdes..

Chelsea fielded an almost full-strength side with Drogba, Duff, Joe Cole, Lampard, Tiago, Makelele, Paulo Ferreira, Carvalho, Gallas, Terry, and Cech..

Dutch wizard winger, Arjen Robben suffers long-term injuryand that makes a big impact on Chelsea’s every game..

Although Chelsea gain a lead through Belleti’s own goal in the 1st half..But their super-magnificient-strong defence couldn’t prevent them from losing 2-1..

In the both half, Barca got most of the possesion and fully-attacked on Chelsea’s defence..

In my view, and in fact, I got no doubt..In everyone’s view..Chelsea suffered their biggest humiliation with about 8 or 9 man defending around their own penalty-box area..

Didier Drogba received his 2nd yellow card and that gave Barca a great advantage, with just Damien Duff on the up-front alone..

The Chelsea defence could only stand still to see all the ball fly through their own quarter (YEAH.!! Make that clear.!! Not HALF BUT QUARTER.!!)

Bcoz of that, it couldn’t prevent super-sub, Argentinian Maxi Lopez to score a goal for the Catalan side and created another for Samuel Eto’o to make it 2-1 at fulltime..

Muahahaha..I’m SOOOO HAPPY to criticise Jose Mourinho’s side after their 2nd succesive loss..Hahahaha..

Mourinho is too arrogant to say his side is the greatest of ’em all..Now he is going to experience what Arsene Wenger had experience before..

Now only that he knows to win the Champions’ League and EPL in the same season is not that easy bcoz of the packed schedule for English clubs..

Compare la with Rijkaard..Takde medal la..Itu la..Ini la..BODOH.!!! Padan muka Mourinho..Muahahahahaha..!!!

Aaah..Feels SOOOO GOOD.!!! Hahahaha..

Jose Mourinho looked dejected after losing that great match..He is now branded as PATHETIC BAD LOSERS.!!! Muahahahaha..!!!

Then..Let’s switch to Man Utd – AC Milan..It’s their 1st encounter in a major competition in history..

Milan won 0-1 away at Old Trafford despite the absence of injured marksman, Andriy Shevchenko..

Thanks to a goal from Crespo..van Nistelrooy started on the bench bcoz he just came back from a long-term injury..

Whoever playing..I’m pretty sure Man Utd is not good enough to play against Milan..

Even with the so-called teenage sensations of Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney..

Werder Bremen lost 0-3 at home to Olympique Lyonnais..

King Of Draws, Internazionale draw away to Porto, 1-1..On the weekend there will be the Milan derby in Seria A.. Inter Milan – AC Milan..

Umm..I think that’s all for the UEFA Champions’ League..The return 2nd Leg will in the next 2 weeks time..

Hopefully Gunners, Barca, Juve, and Milan will get through without any problem..

Until then..Arsenal keep up with your chase in the EPL while Chelsea is slumping bcoz of injury woes..Hahaha.!!

Tuesday, 22 February, 2005

Chinese New Year..

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Well..The Chinese New Year is coming to an end tomorrow..Which is the 15th day of CNY..

I did nothing special this year as usual..Just gambling around and lose out some money..I’m ‘Choi San’ (God of Wealth)..

Went out with Chew Shu, Li Wei, Yew Ming, Mei Lin, and Fui San on ‘Cho 2″..To watch movie..

Thought of watching Himalaya Singh..But end up watching Seoul Raiders..Because the Singh was sold out on that time being..

Umm..Seoul Raiders is quite nice..About the same storyline as Tokyo Raiders..

Just different movie background and different actors..Most hated Richie Jen and hated act-cutie Shu Qi..

Then went on gambling and gambling and gambling and losing and losing and losing..

Then all of us went to Justin’s house and gamble (again..)..

Maybe he got the host’s luck..He won a massive RM 300 ++ from all of us..

And he get to use the money on the next day’s Valentine’s Day..Damn him..ARGH.!!

Then I went to Genting with some frens..Justin, Yew Ming, Weng Soon, Wing Kit, Yew Hon, and Diana..

Just hanging around because of the hot weather in KL..But it’s ot as cold as usual too at Genting..

All of us 7 people..Stayed in a normal First World Hotel room..Yup.! Just 1 room..6 guys and a girl..

It’s still ok because the matress can be remove..So..5 of us slept on the beds, left Justin and Wing Kit slept on the floor..

Yew Hon left in the early morning alone because of some problem that need to be done in KL..

Before he left..He walked around the First World Plaza’s Times Square with Wing Kit..I think that’s around 5.30am..

Crazy one ah still dun wanna sleep..Nop..Actually..Yew Hon want to steal Joey Yung’s poster that hanging at the Times Square..

Earlier on got a floor cleaner just cleaning around the poster area..So Yew Hon can’t steal it that time..

That’s why had to wait til 5am..Ofcoz..He managed to steal it..Hahahaha..

Frankly..I salute him la..There’s security guard walking around and I assumed CCTVs are everywhere..He still can stole it..Hahaha..

Nothing special either in Genting..Just an additional new roller coaster..Called the Flying Coaster..

Yup..It get its name by the way it looks..U are no longer sitting on it..But you are lying down..Just like Superman..’s not included in the Outdoor Theme Park..So..Quite expensive for a ride..RM 10 per ride..

And it’s not as fun as the Cork Screw and Cyclone..So..Think twice if u wanna play..

You’ll suffer minor pain on your chest after playing it..So girls..Think thrice..

This a pic of Yew Ming, Diana and Justin having fun with the Flying Coaster..

Believe it or not..We spent our night playing Monopoly in the hotel room..Crazy fellas..Muahahaha..

And we got free plays on certain game and free coupons from the Amusement Park in Genting Resort..

Plus cheap meals from the staff canteen and the First World Hotel’s Kopitiam Food Court..

So..We saved quite a lot for this trip to Genting..Those things sold in Genting are quite expensive..

Exception for movie..The same price as in KL..So..We watched Himalaya Singh..

I dunno what to say about this movie..Far way below expectation..Just damn funny in the 1st 15-20 minutes of the movie..

The rest are all lame jokes..With the worst performance from Mr Bean wannabe, Lau Ching Wan..

Big round of applauds for Ronald Cheng Chung Kei..Damn funny la this guy..

So for those who still haven’t watch it yet..Watch it on VCD or Wednesday’s half price offer..

But it’s still ok if u didn’t watch it on any materials..Bcoz it’s not worth it..Muahahaha..

So here we are in the Skyway Cable going down hill..

Then I watched Constantine..It was a great movie..And for me, it’s better than Matrix..

Apart from it’s action..It’s very funny too..And indirectly campaigning to tell the public not to smoke..Hahaha..

This is a cannot be missed movie..Very good storyline..And umm..A little religious..

For a second thought..It might had been banned from entering Malaysia’s cinema..Hahaha..

Anyway..Catch it before Malaysian Government’s 2nd thought arise..Hehehe..

And that’s all for my CNY programme..Until the next boring minute..See ya..

TARC New Semester – Final Sem

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Hello everyone..

Today is the 22nd of February..Tomorrow, will mark the end of Chinese New Year..

And the 1st day of my new sem started..With Maths VI tutorial and lecture..

Damn boring..And also I get to online again..But still my old-fashioned PC can’t get the config for streamyx done..

Now I’m using a router modem to replace the stupid China product, ZTE DSL modem..

So I’m 24/7 online whenever I switch on my PC..Anyway..Now I can continue to blog again..It’s been since 31st of January i posted my very last entry..

Well..I got a lot to talk here now..muahahahaha…

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