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Tuesday, 22 February, 2005

Chinese New Year..

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Well..The Chinese New Year is coming to an end tomorrow..Which is the 15th day of CNY..

I did nothing special this year as usual..Just gambling around and lose out some money..I’m ‘Choi San’ (God of Wealth)..

Went out with Chew Shu, Li Wei, Yew Ming, Mei Lin, and Fui San on ‘Cho 2″..To watch movie..

Thought of watching Himalaya Singh..But end up watching Seoul Raiders..Because the Singh was sold out on that time being..

Umm..Seoul Raiders is quite nice..About the same storyline as Tokyo Raiders..

Just different movie background and different actors..Most hated Richie Jen and hated act-cutie Shu Qi..

Then went on gambling and gambling and gambling and losing and losing and losing..

Then all of us went to Justin’s house and gamble (again..)..

Maybe he got the host’s luck..He won a massive RM 300 ++ from all of us..

And he get to use the money on the next day’s Valentine’s Day..Damn him..ARGH.!!

Then I went to Genting with some frens..Justin, Yew Ming, Weng Soon, Wing Kit, Yew Hon, and Diana..

Just hanging around because of the hot weather in KL..But it’s ot as cold as usual too at Genting..

All of us 7 people..Stayed in a normal First World Hotel room..Yup.! Just 1 room..6 guys and a girl..

It’s still ok because the matress can be remove..So..5 of us slept on the beds, left Justin and Wing Kit slept on the floor..

Yew Hon left in the early morning alone because of some problem that need to be done in KL..

Before he left..He walked around the First World Plaza’s Times Square with Wing Kit..I think that’s around 5.30am..

Crazy one ah still dun wanna sleep..Nop..Actually..Yew Hon want to steal Joey Yung’s poster that hanging at the Times Square..

Earlier on got a floor cleaner just cleaning around the poster area..So Yew Hon can’t steal it that time..

That’s why had to wait til 5am..Ofcoz..He managed to steal it..Hahahaha..

Frankly..I salute him la..There’s security guard walking around and I assumed CCTVs are everywhere..He still can stole it..Hahaha..

Nothing special either in Genting..Just an additional new roller coaster..Called the Flying Coaster..

Yup..It get its name by the way it looks..U are no longer sitting on it..But you are lying down..Just like Superman..’s not included in the Outdoor Theme Park..So..Quite expensive for a ride..RM 10 per ride..

And it’s not as fun as the Cork Screw and Cyclone..So..Think twice if u wanna play..

You’ll suffer minor pain on your chest after playing it..So girls..Think thrice..

This a pic of Yew Ming, Diana and Justin having fun with the Flying Coaster..

Believe it or not..We spent our night playing Monopoly in the hotel room..Crazy fellas..Muahahaha..

And we got free plays on certain game and free coupons from the Amusement Park in Genting Resort..

Plus cheap meals from the staff canteen and the First World Hotel’s Kopitiam Food Court..

So..We saved quite a lot for this trip to Genting..Those things sold in Genting are quite expensive..

Exception for movie..The same price as in KL..So..We watched Himalaya Singh..

I dunno what to say about this movie..Far way below expectation..Just damn funny in the 1st 15-20 minutes of the movie..

The rest are all lame jokes..With the worst performance from Mr Bean wannabe, Lau Ching Wan..

Big round of applauds for Ronald Cheng Chung Kei..Damn funny la this guy..

So for those who still haven’t watch it yet..Watch it on VCD or Wednesday’s half price offer..

But it’s still ok if u didn’t watch it on any materials..Bcoz it’s not worth it..Muahahaha..

So here we are in the Skyway Cable going down hill..

Then I watched Constantine..It was a great movie..And for me, it’s better than Matrix..

Apart from it’s action..It’s very funny too..And indirectly campaigning to tell the public not to smoke..Hahaha..

This is a cannot be missed movie..Very good storyline..And umm..A little religious..

For a second thought..It might had been banned from entering Malaysia’s cinema..Hahaha..

Anyway..Catch it before Malaysian Government’s 2nd thought arise..Hehehe..

And that’s all for my CNY programme..Until the next boring minute..See ya..


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