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Wednesday, 30 March, 2005


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Well..This is for real and no joke about it.!!!

All written here are truth and nothing but the truth..Heck..I’m late for this blog..

So..Everyone alredy knows about it..So..Never mind..I’ll keep on my main purpose for this blog..

As everyone knows it now that yesterday slighty after midnight..Which is around 12.10am..

What so-called a tremor, a quake, or a shake happened to rock our very safety land, Malaysia..

Well HELL YEAH.!! It’s very scary, but a nice experience though..

I wouldn’t like to talk so much if I didn’t experienced it myself..And indeed..I felt it.!!

Here’s how the goes on me, my family, and absolutely my neighbourhood..

As I rushing like HELL with the Ms Sim’s assignment..I thought I could finished it before, mayb 2am.? =P

But HELL YEAH.!! As I was doing my thing and compiling files and this and that..

I felt hungry..Hahahaha..I always get hungry late at night recently..*Gruuuu~~*

And it’s usual thing for me that I get hungry til my hands and finger shake..

But what happened last night was..I felt very dizzy..My sight became quite blur..*knocking on my head with my right hand*

From dizziness became a quite serious headache..I thought, “WAH.!! Am I that seriously hungry .?!”

Then I noticed 1 thing..Things around me shaking like there’s a T-Rex walking around..

My PC table shaked..The plastic drawers shaked..Hence things in it making noises..

Hmm..Something fishy..And my lil’ sis to feel her bed shaking..Which she thought my legs was shaking it..

From those things..I could prove 1 thing at that time..IT’S EARTHQUAKE.!! *mata terbeliak..mulut ternganga*

But my dad couldn’t feel it..Until my sis and I tell him..As he stood on the balcony..DAMN.!! IT’S REALLY EARTHQUAKE.!!

Window blinds were shaking like hell..All the light things and those that hanging around shaked..

And I just stood in the middle of the living room not knowing what to do..Is the building gonna fall.?!?!

I don’t want to know..I didn’t even thought of running out of the house..

After about 3-5 minutes..The milkshake is done..Ahh~~Leganya Rasanya~~(the scare has over)

And as I changed my MSN nickname to Yatzao Says “My House Is Shaking..Izzit An EarthQuake.?!?!”

I got numerous replies from my frens..Petrol..Rachel..Momo..And umm..A few others..

Petrol stays in Taman Kencana (around Taman Muda area) felt it..

Rachel stays in Kuchai Lama felt it..Hikaru in Connaught felt it..David Goh in Ampang felt it..

Students of MMU in Cyberjaya felt it..Gilbert in Taman Tenaga felt it..

But not to Wong and Wai Min in Pandan Perdana..Lan Doo and Ji-ann in Pandan Indah..

Sook San in Taman Megah also didn’t feel it..Even Ivan in Taman Pertama (nearby my house in Taman Kobena) also didn’t feel it..

Weng Soon in Len Sen and Bee Yan in Angsana also couldn’t feel it..

Anyway..I CAN FEEL IT.!! That’s all that matter..

So many areas in KL can feel it..Conclusion..My house is not gonna collapse..YAY.!! *jumping with joy*

Like many other housing areas..Lots of residents ran downstair..Scared if the building might fall..

And I could see lots of pretty chicks which I didn’t get to see in my 10 years of living in Taman Kobena..*joy with disappointment*

Hahaha..But I couldn’t see any of them half naked or what..Just busy-bodying around..

I came back upstairs just after a while..Continue the RED HOT topic in MSN..

After that..I SMS-ed Mich in Cyberjaya..Well..She felt it and obviously the shake over there are stronger than mine over here..

All the residents evacuated the houses..Mich living on the 10th floor..

Could you imagine running down from the 10th floor with all sort of people panic-king..

And there were even fire brigade appeared at the scene to help the evacuation..

Ofcoz u could see lots of people just wearing their pyjamas..sleeping garments..and also half-naked people running around..

And according to Ben who was hanging around at Genting Kelang yamcha last night..

He couldn’t feel any tremor..But the residents of Prima (a condo) ran downstair in panic..

Hence..Could see lots of pretty chicks that can hardly be seen on normal days..

I wonder was there any couple making love at that time..*thinking hard with devil smile*

Penang can feel it..Kedah can feel it..Selangor can feel it..

KL area..Pudu..Hang Tuah..Brickfields..Bandar Permaisuri..all feel it..

And what caused such a big quake in super-natural-disaster-free-land, Malaysia.??

Yeap..Everyone knows it now..A massive 8.2 quake at Sumatra, causes the tremor in Malaysia..

It happened at Sumatra, 1 hour before the quake arrived Malaysia..

Here’s a site that I got 1 hour after the tremor in Malaysia..Check it out..

Well..8.2 magnitude..Just a mere 0.8 short of December 26’s tsunami tragedy..A massive 9.0 magnitude quake..

Oh well..My Redang plan ruined..All ruined..But it saves my money..YAY.!!

Ok then..That’s all for my blog about the quake in Malaysia..




Sunday, 27 March, 2005

Third Eye Blind – Deep Inside Of You

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I know this song is quite out-of-date.. Still,I rank it on top of my all time favourite song..Try to download it or buy the album and enjoy every words of it..

Third Eye Blind – Deep Inside Of You

When we met light was shed
Thoughts free flow you said you’ve got something
Deep inside of you

A wind chime voice sound, sway of your hips round rings true
Echo’s deep inside of you
These secret garden beams changed my life so it seems

Fall breeze blows outside, i don’t bring stride
My thoughts are warm, and they go deep inside of you

Oh yeah
And I never felt alone
Alright, alone…alone
Till I met you

Friends say I’ve changed
I don’t listen cause I live to be
Deep inside of you

Slide of her dress, shouts in darkness
I’m so alive I’m
Deep inside of you

You said boy make girl feel good
But still…deep inside…STILL!

I’ve never felt alone
Till I met you
I’m alright on my own
Till I met you
And I’d know what to do if I just knew what’s coming

I would change myself if I could
I’d walk with my own people if I could find them,
And I would say that I’m sorry to you,
I’m sorry to you, but I don’t want to call you,
But then I want to call you cause I don’t want to crush you,
But I feel like crushing you and it’s true
I took for granted you were with me,
I breath by your looks and you look right through me

But we were broken and didn’t know it
But we were broken and didn’t know it
But we were broken and didn’t know it
But we were broken and didn’t know it

Right…oh, what’s right?
Something’s gone you withdraw and I’m not strong like before I was
Deep inside of you

I can go nowhere I burn candles and stare at a ghost
Deep inside of you

And some great need in me, starts to bled
I’ve lost my self there’s nothing left, it’s all gone
Deep inside of you
Deep inside of you

Taken from Third Eye Blind’s 2nd album – Blue (1999)

Wednesday, 23 March, 2005

Petronas F1 Grand Prix – Sepang F1 Circuit

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The F1 race had passed the past 2 days..And now only I’ll talk about it coz I’m quite busy the previous days.. I’m present at the Sepang F1 circuit to watch the race with few of my frens..

They are Ben, Tony, Song Feng, and Bee Yan..We got this tickets worth RM100..The cheapest of them all..

And ofcoz..With that price we were just sitting under the hot sun, which is the Hillstand..

The Grandstands tickets cost like between RM500-RM2000.!! But ofcoz you are covered from the sunlight..

I went there before, 2 times..And that 2 times were suck bcoz of the location and not to mention..BORING~~ race..

But this time..We were seated at the Gate E..And the location is quite good coz we could see 2 views of the track..

For my previous 2 times..I can just see the car sped off and there goes the car..

We waited at the KL Sentral to take the KTM commuter to get to Nilai..

From Nilai we took bus to get to the Sepang F1 Circuit’s Main Gate..

Unfortunate for Tony..Hr took KTM at Bandar Tasik Selatan all alone and reached Nilai way too early..

By the time he reached Nilai..That’s the time I just reached KL Sentral..Poor him..

So..He waited for more than 1 hour at the Nilai Station..

We left KL Sentral at about 12.10pm and reached Nilai at about 12.55pm..

I’m just dressed in a T-shirt with bermuda shorts and my red Aqua Sock..

As we reached Sepang..We walked to the Main Gate to visit the exhibition over there..

Ofcoz..Car show means ‘girl show’..Hahahaha..Lots of pretty chicks wear super short skirts and short-dress..Sluuurp.!!

Ofcoz I won’t miss the chance to take some picture of them..Hehehe..

After that we went to the Gate E by bus..

For 1st timer to step on Sepang F1 Circuit..Mind You.!!

The distance between the Main Gate and other Gates (such as Gate E)..It’s about the distance from Cheras Roundabout to Pudu..

We were able to conned the guards at the entrance as we are not allowed to bring in any drinks of food..

So we walked in confidently with our drinks in our bags..Muahaha..

Well..We were late for some strategic spots but yet, still early for the race..

After we positioned ourselves at the lower part of the hill slope, the warm-up session began..

Very hot man..Luckily each 1 of us brought our own umbrella..

Then the race started with Alonso leading the way..with Trulli on 2nd and Fishicella on 3rd..I’m not mistaken..

Anyway..Sitting in the circuit and watch it LIVE in front of you is totally different from what u can see on tv..

I might not know who’s leading..Who’s 2nd..Who’s the 3rd, 4th, 5th until the last 1..That’s I said it’s BORING~~!

Anyway..I had some great time this year..Coz couples of accidents happened in front of us..

1st, 1 of the car from Lucky Strike team got burned in the engine i think..

Then the Sauber’s Jacques Villeneuve drove off the track on to the side ways..Hence disqualified..

And also the collision of Jay-Z and Linkin Park =P Nola..Just kidding..

The collision between 3rd placed Giancarlo Fishicella of Renault team and Mark Webber of BMW Williams..

The fact is..Everyone will cheer with applause if there is any accidents..Hahaha..

I sms-ed David Goh to ask him what’s the position in the race at about 4.15pm..

Well..With just 11 laps left..Alonso lead the race far up-front..Jarno Trulli of Toyota team on 2nd spot..

Nick Heidfeld of BMW Williams on 3rd and Juan Pablo Montoya of Mclaren Mercedes on 4th..

After 2 bad experience of reaching home late bcoz of traffic jam and taking public transport, I urged them to ‘blah’ (leave the place) early..

After so many laps..I’m pretty sure the race will be in that position until the end..

Unless unlucky for either the front 4 cars collapsed and out of the race..But I don’t think it will happen..

After all..Ferrari team deserves it this time..Hahahaha..With Michael Schumacher hell out of pole position..

And just managed to get 2 points from the 2nd race..In which he didn’t finished the 1st race in Melbourne, Australia..

I’m rooting up for Sauber Petronas and Renault ofcoz..Coz Alonso is damn super-talented..

Maybe he’s the chosen 1 to beat off Schumacher..Hahahaha..

Yup..We were early to go out of the gate and we managed to catch an empty bus to go back to the Main Gate..

Remember the distance that I told you guys just now.? Don’t ever think of walking back..Unless you got lotsa times and great foot strength..

On the 1st time on my visit to Sepang..In 2001 when I was in Form 5..

I walked all the way from Gate G back to the Main Gate with my cousin and frens..

It was damn tiring and wasting of time..I think we spent about half an hour to walk that distance..

Anyway..This time around we got back real early..No jam at all around the Sepang area..I wonder why..

Ooh.!! It’s bcoz there’s a Astro F1 Concert featuring Thai’s Tata Young and some few other dunno-who-are-they artists..

My 2 expereince of reaching home late at about 8 something to 9pm..Didn’t happened this time around..

At about 7pm, just left Me, Ben and Song Feng..Reached Kl Sentral..

Tony and Bee Yan left us earlier on at the Bandar Tasik Selatan station..

So the 3 of us went to Brickfields to have our dinner..And it sucks..Nothing much to eat..

We ended up in a mamak shop..Called Restoran An-Nur..

Well..We were having fun chats during our makan time..

And later on 2 girls..Just back from the F1 too..Wearing not so sexy but quite arousing..

1 of them..A Malay girl..Wears a low-cut spaghetti straps top and a short skirt..

The 1 damn thing is..She sits cross legs like any other guys..

Ofcoz from a certain angle..You sure can look into her skirt way to the panties and find some hairs if you are lucky..Boo Hoo..

But too bad for us..We can’t see anything from our angle coz she was sitting next to our table..Sheesh~..

And her low-cut top exposed half of her boobs..Not to mention she hanged her sunglasses on it hence made it lower..

Exposing much of her ‘valley’..She has nice boobs..Muahahaha..

At 8pm..We left the shop and headed back home on LRT..

Ben rode his motorcycle all the way from Wangsa Maju to KL Sentral..

So..There’s another trip of the F1 race and will be heading to another country for the next race..

Friday, 18 March, 2005

Nothing Much To Say..

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Well..Nothing happened these few days..That’s why I didn’t update my blog..

Anyway..For the 1st time..I skipped class at TARC..Yup..The stupid-est Ms Rani’s lecture class..

I skipped the class yesterday..Instead I picked my sis off from work and sent another to tuition..

Then had to rush the drawing assignment been given to us by Ms Sim..Damn BORING~~..

And the new topic she’s teaching now..ACCOUNTING..Damn BORING~~ too..Quite complicated for me..

So I don’t think I’m going to choose a question of Accounting in my final exam..

Now I’m waiting for Sunday..Going to Sepang to watch F1 Race.!!

Well..No big deal for me though..I’d been there before..Twice..It’s absolutely BORING~~..

Just for the sake of my frens who haven’t been there before..So..We’ll be taking pics..Hahaha..

So joining me will be Ben, Tony (Yupz..Chee Tony), and mayb Ah Yau..and Song Feng..

Went to KLCC last Sunday with Ben to see the F1 Sauber Petronas demo at Jalan Ampang..

Anywayz..Til then..Keep on update yourself with my blog about the BORING~~ F1 Race..

Monday, 14 March, 2005

Know Your Fave Bazillian Footballers Names / Create Your Own Brazillian Name

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Those who remember ?Pulp Fiction? may recall Bruce Willis? boxer telling his Colombian cab driver ?I?m American. Our names don?t mean shit, honey?. Here in Brazil it?s exactly the opposite; names strain under the weight of meaning. This little guide will give you all the tools to decipher the majority of repetitive names in Brazilian football.To pseudo-intellectualise things I?ve pigeonholed the common names into the following categories;

1. Prefixes & Suffixes

? Prefixes
? Suffixes
? Size suffixes
? Other suffixes

2. Regions

3. Nicknames & Abbreviations

4. Assorted Curiosities

? Anglo-Saxonisms
? The Lord & Epics
? V or W?
? Creative Spelling
? Fauna
? Foodstuffs

5. A league of their own

1. Prefixes & Suffixes

These allow for a taste-free bolt-on of maternal and paternal first names, resulting in names of mirror-shattering ugliness.


? Ev- Evanilson, Evandro, Evair (Mother?s name = Eva)

? Ed- Edmilson, Edmar, (Mother?s name = Edna)

? Od- Odair, Odvan (Mother?s name = Odette)

? Ro- Romario, Rosinei (Mother?s name = Rosa)

? El- Elber, Elder, Elano (Mother?s name = Elba)


Size suffixes

It really does matter. With a two letter suffix plain old Ronaldo can swell up to Ronald㯠(Big Ron) ? as Madrid fans have seen ? or with four letters can shrink to Ronaldinho (Little Ron)

? -㯠Felip㯠(Big Phil), Bet㯠(Big Bob ? ?Beto? being short for Roberto), Luis(z)㯠(Big Lou).

? -inho Ricardinho (Little Richard ? no kidding), Marcinho (Little Marcio), Marcelinho (Little Marcel), Juninho (Little Junior ? about as diminutive as it gets) and Agostinho (Little August)

Other suffixes

? -son Adoption of the Anglo-Saxon-Scandinavian form; largely reflecting the British who first brought the game to Brazil. Vary from the traditional Anderson, Jef(f)erson and Robson to the more Brazilian Jobson, Athirson, Gerson, Liedson and Jadson – including the frankly eye-watering Nadson.

? -(v)aldo Rivaldo, Nivaldo, Vivaldo, Everaldo, Edivaldo Clodoaldo, Reinaldo (Father?s name = Valdo / Waldo)

? – mar Gilmar, Nilmar, Lucimar (Lucio ? Bayern Munich), Jucilmar, Josimar, Itamar, Kalmar (Mother?s name = Maria)

? -ton Another Anglicism that ranges from the conventional Wellington, Washington and Clay(i)ton to the ludicrous Jefton, Adailton, Welton, Antonieliton (Marmo, Portugal), Eliv鬴on (Bahia, Brazil)

? -ey The same as above; Wesley and Sidney from the old school and Warley, Ederley and Jomarley from the special needs school.

? -ei The phonetical spelling gives that milk-curdling finish to Wanderlei, Derlei, Ueslei, Rosinei and Valnei with the pointlessly unpronounceable Danrlei worthy of special mention.

? -andro Evandro and Leandro show the father was Sandro.

? -val Dorival and Sinval use ?val instead of ?valdo (see above)

? -air Aldair, Odair (Father?s name = Jair)

? -gol A gem of pure tackiness, this self-appointed moniker shows you?re a Really Good Striker, Thiagol and Robgol wandering shamelessly into cheeseball territory.

2. Regions

Given the vast territorial spread, the popularity of certain names and regional pride it?s common practice to differentiate players by adding their state of origin to their first name.

? Carioca The player is from Rio de Janeiro e.g. Marcelinho Carioca (Brasiliense, Brazil)

? Paulista The player is from S㯠Paulo e.g. Juninho Paulista (Celtic, Scotland)

? Mineiro The player is from Minas Gerais e.g. Mineiro (S㯠Paulo, Brazil)

? Ga?The player is from Rio Grande do Sul e.g. Ronaldinho Ga?(FCBarcelona, Spain)

? Pernambucano The player is from Pernambuco e.g. Juninho Pernambucano (O. Lyon, France)

? Cearense The player is from Ceara e.g. Dudu Cearense (Rennes, France)

3. Nicknames & Abbreviations

These often find their way onto the back of shirts, mercifully replacing lumbering full birth names

? Kakᠯ Cac᠓hort for Carlos or Caio. Don?t sniggeringly think this is scatological; there?s no link to faeces at all, but; Tip for the top; if you visit Brazil you can make this slip when ordering a thirst-quenching coconut water. This is a Coco (emphasis on the first syllable), whilst putting the stress on the end literally turns it to shit; Coc?mportant for those who prefer their water unrusty.

? Deco Short for Andre.

? T(h)iago Short for Santiago, which in turn is St. James in English. (The Spanish use ?Santi? e.g. Santi Ca񩺡res, Valencia?s very own bottle blond)

? Z頓hort for Jose e.g. Z頍aria (Inter, Italy), Z頒oberto (Bayern, Germ.)

? Man頓hort for Manoel

? Z頍an頃ombines the two innocuous names above to come up with a synonym for ?jerk?. As would be expected, very few Jose Manoels use the full abbreviated form in Brazil.

? Dudu, Didi, Dada, Dede, Dodo Dudu = Eduardo, Dede = Andre (like Deco), Dada (Daniel), Didi (Dirceu), Dodo (Doriva, Dorival)

? Guga Short for Gustavo

? Juca Short for Jo㯠Carlos or Joaquim

? Nenꠍeans ?baby? or ?babe?.

4. Assorted Curiosities


Apart from the British railway workers that brought the game over (formalised by a certain Charles Miller), many Americans fled the civil war to establish themselves in rural S㯠Paulo. Although the Yanks lacked the enthusiasm for soccer shown by the Limeys, they did provide names; strangely ?W? based:

? Washington, Wellington, Walker, Williams, Wilson

The golden age of Liverpool?s arch-rival resulted in the common use of:

? Ev(w)erton e.g. Ewerton, Borrussia Dortmund, Ger.)

Thankfully this doesn?t extend to other teams or we?d be dealing with Dunfermline da Silva, Portsmouth Oliveira or even Queens Park Rangers Nazario and Preston North End Ferreira. Phew.

The Lord & Epics

With the kneeling circle of clasped hands after the 2002 World Cup victory the outside world was given a glimpse of Brazil?s devotion or obsession ? depending on your point of view. Milan games frequently see Kakᠷith an ?I belong to Jesus? t-shirt, a practice also in vogue with other religious players. Some already show their beliefs in their names:

? Moises, Gabriel, Gideon, Jesus, Santos (The latter could also be a homage to Pel鬠the living God as easily as to the Saints)

The secular side exhibits clear Greco-Romano influences:

? Hermes, Socrates, Adonis, Julio Cesar, Marco Aurelio, Cicero, Laerte

V or W?

The German pronunciation is something reflected in the spelling, the ?W? being replaced by ?V?s.

? Valter, Vagner, Vanderley

Creative Spelling

To add more variety to William (first name), there are wild fluctuations in the use of a single or double ?L?, ?N? or ?M? dallying, final ?S? confusion as well as the V or W debate:

? William, Williams, Wiliam, Wiliams, Villiam, Villiams, Willian, Willians

Dennis suffers fewer mutations:

? Denis, Dennis, Dennys, Denys


Metaphors usually side with more aggressive creatures, although the ?almost-Pel钠Man頇arrincha showed greater sensitivity:

? Falc㯠(hawk) and the self-explanatory Pitbull e.g. Claudio Pitbull (PSG, France), Garrincha (songbird)


Brazilians show their culinary respect by adopting various ingredients as nicknames:

? Feijao (Beans), Dill (Dill weed), Batata (Spud ? very ?Trainspotting?)

5. A league of their own

A select few names dodge classification:

? Tost㯠(Red Cent), Roberto Dinamite (Bob Dynamite) and Careca (Baldy) are randomly odd, while Escurinho (Little Dark One), Meia Noite (Midnight) and Petr󬥯 (Gasoline) are all bordering on racism but slightly balanced by Branco (Honky).

You should now be able to understand those weird names that most Brazilian footballers have and even invent credible names for non-existent players. If you wish to take it a stage further and pronounce real players? names to the jealous astonishment of your friends, here?s a couple of hints on Brazilian pronunciation.

A Couple Of Hints On Brazilian Pronunciation

? -㯠Pronounced ?Ow!?, e.g. Sow Pow Low = S㯠Paulo. The more nasal the better. Try it with a heavy cold, sinusitis or deviated septum.

? R / rr Pronounced like an ?H? at the start of the word, so the correct sound should be; Homario, Honaldo, Honaldjinho, Hivaldo. The double ?R? in the middle of a word receives the same treatment; Brazil?s coach is Pah ? hair-ah (Parreira)

Good luck with your translating and domestic commentary, or simply have a laugh at some of the names and T.V. commentators appalling mistakes. Oh, and don?t forget that coconut pronunciation.

Adapted from

Sunday, 13 March, 2005

Mario – Let Me Love You

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Mmmm… MMMM….. Yeah Verse 1:Baby I just don’t get it
Do you enjoy being hurt?
I know you smelled the perfume the make-up on his shirt
You don’t believe his stories You know that they’re all lies
Bad as you are you stick around and I just don’t know why

If I was yo man (baby you)
Never worry bout (what I do)
I’ll be coming home (back to you)
Every night doin’ you right
You’re the type of woman (deserves good thangs)
Wish for the diamonds (I have the ring)
Baby you’re a star ( I just want to show you, you are)


You should let me love you
Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need
Baby good love and protection
Make me your selection
Show you the way love’s supposed to be
Baby you should let me love you, love you, love you

Verse 2:

Your true beauty’s description looks so good that it hurts
You’re a dime plus ninety – nine and it’s a shame don’t even know what you’re worth
Everywhere you go they stop and stare
Cause you’re bad and it shows from your head to your toes
Out of control baby you know

If I was yo man (baby you)
Never worry bout (what I do)
I’ll be coming home (back to you)
Every night doin’ you right
You’re the type of woman (deserves good thangs)
Wish for the diamonds (I have the ring)
Baby you’re a star ( I just want to show you, you are)


You should let me love you
Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need
Baby good love and protection
Make me your selection
Show you the way love’s supposed to be
Baby you should let me love you, love you, love you


You deserve better girl (you know you deserve better)
We should be together girl (baby)
With me and you it’s whatever girl
So can we make this thing ours?


You should let me love you
Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need
Baby good love and protection
Make me your selection
Show you the way love’s supposed to be
Baby you should let me love you, love you, love you

repeat til it ends (about 3 times)

Mario talks: Let me love you that’s all you need baby

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