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Thursday, 3 March, 2005

One Free Day

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Today my class started at 2pm..and supposed to end at 4pm..Which was a 2-hours lecture..Electrical Technology And Machines is what the subject called..

Before the lecture started..The lecturer, Ms Rani, told us that she might use another 2-hours to replace last Saturday’s class..

But if she managed to finish up 2 chapters before 4pm..She’ll let us go..

So..The boring lecture went on..Just directly read from the notes given to us..

Until she finished the 1st chapter, just as she started to intro the 2nd chapter..She felt the notes is insufficient for us to use..

Or maybe she just doesn’t like to use it..So..She ended our 4-hours supposed-to-be lecture just 1 hour into the class..

Meaning..I waste my car petrol and time for the 1 hour lecture..But it was a good news to most of the students..

Bcoz the sky has turned dark and it’s a sign of heavy rain..

So all the students who took public transports or riding on motorcycles could go home early before the rain come..

And bcoz of the weather, I offered myself to fetch my coursemate, Cathrane back home at Genting Kelang..

The weather was so tricky, that it didn’t rain at all after that..

An alert to me and my coursemates that the result of last sem will be out tomorrow..ARGH.!!

Hope I dun have to re-sit any of last sem’s subjects..Although a re-sit might bring me a higher grade..

But I’m not in the mood of taking it again..I need to spend some time to score well..

I didn’t mean that I didn’t put any effort during last sem’s finals..But I mean that I need to spend extra time on my re-sit subs if I’m taking it again.!!

I dun have much time for so many subs this sem..I only have 5 weeks left to the remaining classes..

Anyway..Let us all hope that our results will be just fine.. =)

Thinking back the stupid Digital System & Design..ARGH.!! The lecturer is back with us again this sem in another sub..

Just like what Raymond said in his blog..He doesn’t even know how to use the programme and that wasted our 1 hour to get our project done..

ARGH.!! I’m signing off here..Can’t think of anything bout the results anymore..


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