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Monday, 7 March, 2005

TARC classes..

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Yesterday, which was a stupid day for stupid classes in TARC..Among all of the groups of my Electronic Engineering course..My group is the only group to be spared a day of any class..

I don’t have any class on Mondays..And that’s a great news for Group D bcoz you would like to rest more after a lazy Sunday..

Then the rest days continue with a late class on Tuesdays..Maths VI tutorial class at 12pm..

Wednesdays are not exception from late class, that my class starts at 10am..

1 of the stupidest days of them all is Thursdays..A splendid late class at 2pm ends at 4pm conducted by Ms Rani..

A 2 hours class but alredy ended 1 hour earlier for the previous 2 classes since this new sem started..

Miserable Fridays, bcoz the class starts at 8pm..Goes on with a 4 hours break until 4pm for a 2 hours tutorial class..

Then on Saturdays, which yesterday was 1 of the days..2 lecture classes, which starts at 8pm too..

I couldn’t believe I’m waking up at 6.50am on every Saturdays..

Talking bout yesterday..I’m quite satisfied with Ms Sim’s lecture bcoz she has a great body to look on..Muahaha..

Nah..That’s crap although it’s true that Ms Sim has a good body figure..

Actually I’m satisfy with her full-used of the 2-hours lecture and not wasting my time travelling 20 minutes from Cheras to college..

Then we had a 1-hour break at 10am til 11am..Another lecture class of Ms Rani’s..

I said in my previous blog that on last Thursday..She stopped the class bcoz of the insufficient notes..

So she’s trying to get us some new notes of hers..Which she started to teach using the new notes yesterday..

But we were still empty-handed bcoz the notes were still in the process of photocopy for about 170 students..

So, the class continued as she used her slides of transparency to explain to us..

With her talkings of the speed of express-train..I couldn’t understand much of her talkings except for the figure that she drew to explain to us..

Plus the hall, DKA was very hot and humid without the presence of cool air from the air-conds..

So most of the students felt bored and can’t calm down bcoz of the heat..

It was not that hot actually..But bcoz it is crowded so the air turned hot..

And for me..I was almost fell asleep that my eye lids were getting heavier due to lack of understanding of what the lecturer says..

By the moment I almost fell into some white clouds and meet with Mr Chow and maybe play a game of chess with him..

All of a sudden..I was awakened by Ms Rani’s voice..I heard her saying, “Do you want me to continue or you want to stop now?”

Such question would absolutely wakes me up bcoz it’s sooo exhilarating..HAHAHA.!!

I look at the time..It was just 11.35..just 35 minutes into the lecture and she alredy called off the class..Woo Hoo.!!

But I’m very disappointed with the lecturer’s attitude..Yes..I’m happy with the class ended early..

But it will leaves lots of question marks circling around my head about what the subject is all about..

1 conclusion about this subject..Bad lecturers..Bcoz another lecturer, who just freshly graduated from UKM teaches us in tutorial classes..

He seems to be very excited about this job and I know that he is trying very hard to make us concentrate in his class..

He himself also a student not long before..So he knows what is in a student’s mind and how to make students easier to study..

Anyway..I hope that I can understand what he teaches..


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  1. hmm….. stupid day for stupid classes, then stupid classes usually for stupid student, so u attend all the stupid classes right? then u know what i mean… if u not a stupid…

    Comment by Davve — Tuesday, 13 March, 2007 @ 9:05 pm

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