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Thursday, 10 March, 2005

Chelsea – Barcelona

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Well..Yesterday, I mean..late midnight last night..The 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions’ League has played its few matches..

The much highly-rated Chelsea – Barcelona at Stamford Bridge, AC Milan – Man Utd at San Siro (Stadio Giuseppe Meazza), and Lyon – Werder Bremen at Stade de Gerland..

There should be another match..Between Inter Milan – Porto..But Inter Milan and AC Milan shares the same stadium..

So the Inter – Porto match postponed to next week, will be played on 15th of March..

AC won 1-0 against Man Utd at San Siro and through to quater-final on 2-0 aggregate..

Crespo scored in both home and away 1-0 win against Man Utd..

Lyon alredy won the 1st leg 0-3 at Bremen..Thrashed Werder Bremen 7-2 at home..

Former Arsenal forward, Sylvain Wiltord hit a hat-trick and Mickael Essien, interested by Arsenal and Man Utd, scored 2 goals..

Lyon players celebrate their win over Werder Bremen..

Bcoz of the 1st leg’s controversial match between Barca – Chelsea..Pierluigi Collina, dubbed the world’s best referee nowadays, refereed the 2nd leg match..

I missed the 1st leg match goals..Which I fell asleep during the 2nd half..So I missed the Barca glory..~Sigh~..

So last night I slept quite early to be sure I’m fresh to watch the whole game..

Ok..Let the game begin..

Chelsea started the game with full-pace and looking for early goals..

I have to say that Chelsea did look good in the game last night..

Barca were being pressed by Chelsea’s attacking style..With Gudjohnsen, Duff and Kezman up-front..Joe Cole as the supporting for the front 3..

And yes..Barca paid the price for playing their off-side trap with Chelsea attacked in such a large numbers of players..

It was totally different from the 1st leg match where Chelsea being pressed by Barca’s patience form of play..

On the 7th minute..A successful pass-through from Kezman on the right-flank led to an early goal by Gudjohnsen from about 15 yards..

Here..I would like to blame on the Barca defenders for letting such ball just passed by in front of their legs without doing anything to stop the ball from reaching Gudjohnsen..

After that..Chelsea attacked most of the time although Barca gained possession as much as 40-60..

On the 17th minute..Joe Cole released a left-foot strike on the right-side just outside of the penalty-box line..

The ball deflected by 1 of Barca defenders and Barca’s goalkeeper, Victor Valdes misjudged the direction of the ball..

Just stopping the ball with 1 hand..The ball let loose and without any Barca defenders in front of the ball or chasing the ball..

Valdes can only parry the ball and Lampard rushed to the loose ball and scored from close-range..

Lampard celebrates with teammates after scoring Chelsea’s 2nd goal to lead 2-0..

Again I would like to say..It was another mistake by the Barca defenders..Bcoz they didn’t chase the ball with 2 Chelsea players in the 6-yard box..

So I watched the game alone in anger and kept foul-mouthing towards Barca defenders..

Another kick-off from Barca and ofcoz it led to an unhappy feelings to Barca fans and someone like me who wanted to see Mourinho’s face of losing such big match..

As soon as on the 19th minute..Great foot-work by Chelsea attacking trio..

A back-flick by Kezman, if I’m not mistaken, to avoid another off-side trap by Barca..

Joe Cole produced an excellent pass-through for the running-forward Irish, Damien Duff..

As I said..It was an off-side trap..So there would be no other defenders to stop Duff from running towards the goal..

Duff kept running with a Barca defender chasing from behind..

When it came to 1 on 1 with Victor Valdes..Duff’s left-footer gave Chelsea a great 3-0 lead after just 19 minutes..

When I looked at Duff face during his celebration..From the side view..He looks like 1 of my fren, Ah Seng (Saint)..

Anyway..Triple blow to Barca who threw away a 2-1 lead on aggregate from the 1st leg..

And again..I would like to express my dissatisfaction towards Barca’s defence..

Barca kick-start to another strategy of play..They looked clumsy for the 3 goals..

Then only they played clamly as ever..Doing lots of passings on the right-flank patiently..

Belletti, Deco and Ronaldinho played some major role in Barca’s attack..

On the 27th minute..Paulo Ferreira handled the ball in the penalty-boxright in front of Collina’s eyes..

Hence..A penalty-kick is awarded as Collina whistled and pointed to the spot..

Being pressed by 3 goals surely affects ones mind no matter in attacking, defending, or taking penalty-kicks..

Ronaldinho took the role as penalty-kicker..And for those who watched it live or replay..You can see the nervous-ness of Ronaldinho..

Thinking that how bad the outcome would be if he misses the penalty..

I also watching in excitement of how great the match is and how bad it would be if he really misses that spot-kick..

Ronaldinho unleashed a right-footer to the left corner of the goal and Petr Cech dived the same way..

Luckily that the ball just passed-through by just a few inches away from Cech’s hand..

After the goal..Barca played on steadily and calmly..They gained possessions through-out the game but hardly to produce any goals..

Eto’o, Deco and Belletti did give Chelsea fans some nail-biting moments..Just to be saved by towering Cech..

On the 39th minute..Players crowded in front of the penalty-box area..The ball bobbles around..

Deco gave Ronaldinho a very short pass..With 3 Chelsea defenders blocking his way, he can’t dribbles the ball through..

He moved his right leg to the left..To the right..To the left..To the right..To the left..To the right..

Before another Chelsea player could block his ball..He unleashed the ball right to the left corner..And Cech didn’t saw it..

That’s some kinda what we called ‘Tonjol” kick and ‘bucu-bucu’ ball..Hahaha..

The game went on with some fine saves from both sides goalkeeper and well-strike from both sides players..

1st-half ended Chelsea leading 3-2 to Barca..On aggregate wise, Barca is through to quater-final with this result..

Into the 2nd-half..Barca attacked most of the times..

Belletti porduced a fine long-range from about 30 yards..Just to be saved by Cech again..

Captain Carlos Puyol headed a close-range header which seemed to be a certain..But Cech handed Chelsea the lifeline again..

Frank Lampard cracked a long-range free-kick and it looked to be a certain goal to me..Luckily it wasn’t..

Unfortunately..On the 77th minute..John Terry headed a corner-kick into Barca’s net..

And that sealed off Chelsea’s win over high-profile Barcelona..

Mourinho celebrates in ecstacy with Chelsea players..

Well..Although it’s true but I still cannot accept that Barcelona lose to Chelsea..

Anyway..I stay with my comment about the game..Barca’s defence is quite loose and I think that played a major in role in Barca’s lose..

And undeniable that Chelsea goalkeeper is a great keeper keeping goals at bay..

Now just hope that Arsenal can get through to quater-finals and Chelsea slip on the EPL..Muahahaha..


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