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Friday, 11 March, 2005

Boring Lecture In TARC..

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Yesterday Ms Sim asked us from DEL2 and DTE2 to attend a talk at 1 of those DKs (Dewan Kuliah)..She said it is compulsory and the order is from the Head of Electronic Division..Mr Leong Koon Kam (sounds like Pak Leong Kam..Hahaha)..Sharp 11am at DKY..A talk by representative from Sheffield Hallam University (SHU)..

Without knowing what it was..I had to attend it this morning..Waking up from my bed unwillingly..

I reached DKY at sharp 11am..Walking to the front seats..Not much students attended the talk..

Standing next to the projector was an Englishman..Yup..U get that right..Englishman is from England..

Prof. Ian Robinson..He is a representative from the SHU to promote the courses offered in the Uni..

So he started his talks about the courses offered and some general infos about the Uni..

He got a strong UK accent, which I thought most of the students wouldn’t understand what he says..

Fortunately..Most of the students laughed at his jokes..I’m glad that they understood..No offence.!!

The courses offered are actually degree courses..Which we have another option to pursue our studies..

Like UTAR..SHU gives exemption to TARC Diploma students to skip the 1st year of the degree course..

Which the 1st year is some sort of foundation and things we studied in TARC Diploma..That means we’ll start our study in 2nd year..

Then the talk went bla bla bla..

Until the moment he said about the fees..Everyone looked at the projector screen..*with raised eyebrows and wide opened eyes*

Yup..The course is ?6,000 per year.!! And bcoz TARC has a twinning programme with SHU, so the fee is alredy reduced by a massive ?3,000 per year..

Means the original price for the course is ?9,000 per year.!! And he says all the people in UK need to pay that sum of price..

I know la that sum quite ok for those in UK..But now the exchange rate between Malaysia and UK is 7.4 le.!! Can get heart-attack ge leh..

That’s not all *stabilizing my specs to see the screen clearer*..

The accomodation fees are between ?2,500 – ?3,500 per year I’m supposed.!!

And also..Plus some other expenses that we would like to spend like eating somewhere else instead of the food provided..

And some other things that we want to buy o whatsoever it is..Let us call it Other Expenses..Maybe will cost us about ?1700 per year.!!

So..To study in SHU cost us about ?11,000 per year.!! And multiply that with 7.4..That will cost us RM 81,400 per year.!!

We have 2 years to complete our degree course..That will sum up to about RM 165,000 in 2 years.!!

With the completion of the degree course in SHU..We can get an offer to pursue the Masters with a special price..

Everyone alredy playing with Maths in their minds and perhaps..Some might took out their calculators to calculate the sum..

The Masters costs us about ?5,500 for a year shall one complete the whole thing..

And if you are not good enough..You may still re-sit for your failed papers..And that adds to the sum again..

2 years of degree course, ?22,000..1 year of Masters, ?5,500..and some extra expenses during the studies in Masters, another ?1,500..

All that add up to about ?29,000 in 3 years, shall one complete Masters without any fail papers..

Let’s multiply that with 7.4..Hahaha..So fun with this number game..RM 214,600 in 3 years..With that sum one can get a Masters in Engineering..

At 11.30am..the talk ended..So those who had enquiries walked front to ask stuffs and making appointments for further details..

After that William, Ben, Ah Yau, Kian Siong and I were freemen..No where to go until the only class at 2pm..

So we went for lunch looking on cheap meals offered at TBR..Muahaha..

After eating and resting at the shop..We walked back to college at about 12.30pm..

William and I went to CIT while Ben, Ah Yau and Kian Siong went to study-room (which being used as sleep-room for some students =P)..

Bcoz of the slow connection..I was there quite long..At 1.30pm I went to study-room to meet up with the others while William still in CIT online..

I only know that the class postponed to 2.30pm after I meet up with them..So we sit in study-room studying while ‘blowing-water’ (chui sui)..

At 2.20pm we walked off to DKY again..for our lecture class with Ms Rani..

If you follow up with my blogs..You’ll know how we greatly dislike this lecturer..

Try to scroll back a few blogs away with the title “TARC Classes” and “1 Free Day”..

The lecture started a lil’ late bcoz of another talk held in the very same DK..The class start at about 2.40pm..

As usual..Reading from notes, explanations as fast as express-train, and skipping here and there..

Much to amusement than weirdness..The lecture stopped at about 3.20pm..1 whole chapter finished..With the notes about 50 pages front and back..

I really don’t know whether she is teaching us or not..She did explain from the notes..But into no avail, most of us didn’t understand at all..

We are allowed to leave bcoz the lecture had eventually ended.. O_o

So..That’s all about our Electrical Technology and Machines lecture..

What a boring Thursday for us Group D..The only class turned out to be such a pathetic lecture class..~SIGH~

I’m not sure why I’m in college today..Attending class with don’t looked like one..

Now I need to think twice on whether wanna go for this Thursday class anymore..Ms Rani SUX-TO-THE-MAX.!!!


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