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Saturday, 12 March, 2005

Stupid Ms Rani Lecture – Again..

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Today..Another boring Saturday has come and ofcoz not to miss..Boring classes..The morning class, conducted by Ms Sim Siew Siew..Was quite ok..

All about accounting..Ofcoz it’s just basic works if compare to those major in accounting..

After that William, Ben and I spent the 1 hour break in CIT..

Then..Again..The boring lecture of Ms Rani..

As expected..The class ended as earlier as it was last week..

The class started at about 11.03am..Ended at 11.35am..Exactly half an hour..

But the good news is..The chapter she taught today – Non-Sinusoidal dunno-whatsoever-it-is..Not gonna appear in the finals..YEY.!!

Just a simple assignment to prove an equation in the chapter’s notes..And to be submitted the next 3 weeks..

And she told us that she will help us in our finals by giving our favourite thingy..TIPS.!!!

After that..We went to TBR for cheap lunch..

After eating..I went back to college to meet my Dad and sis at the college hall..

Yup..It’s the TARC Open Day..You can ecpect lots of SPM graduates walking in and out from the college hall..

The SPM result just came out 2 days ago..So lots of students go to colleges to enquire about the courses available..

And ofcoz..I didn’t miss any part of the Open Day..Muahahahaha.!!

I went there yesterday..DAMN.!! No pretty chicks a.k.a lenglui-s..

But I’m sooo happy to be there today coz lots of pretty chicks.. ^^

And they don’t looked like they are SPM graduates..Much like those in 2nd year..

Anyway..I’ll be back to the college hall on Tuesday again..Muahaha.!!

Who wanna miss to look at lenglui-s that are just right in front of you, right.?

At least there’s some thing that I’m not bored of going to college today..HAHAHA.!!


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