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Friday, 18 March, 2005

Nothing Much To Say..

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Well..Nothing happened these few days..That’s why I didn’t update my blog..

Anyway..For the 1st time..I skipped class at TARC..Yup..The stupid-est Ms Rani’s lecture class..

I skipped the class yesterday..Instead I picked my sis off from work and sent another to tuition..

Then had to rush the drawing assignment been given to us by Ms Sim..Damn BORING~~..

And the new topic she’s teaching now..ACCOUNTING..Damn BORING~~ too..Quite complicated for me..

So I don’t think I’m going to choose a question of Accounting in my final exam..

Now I’m waiting for Sunday..Going to Sepang to watch F1 Race.!!

Well..No big deal for me though..I’d been there before..Twice..It’s absolutely BORING~~..

Just for the sake of my frens who haven’t been there before..So..We’ll be taking pics..Hahaha..

So joining me will be Ben, Tony (Yupz..Chee Tony), and mayb Ah Yau..and Song Feng..

Went to KLCC last Sunday with Ben to see the F1 Sauber Petronas demo at Jalan Ampang..

Anywayz..Til then..Keep on update yourself with my blog about the BORING~~ F1 Race..


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