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Wednesday, 23 March, 2005

Petronas F1 Grand Prix – Sepang F1 Circuit

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The F1 race had passed the past 2 days..And now only I’ll talk about it coz I’m quite busy the previous days.. I’m present at the Sepang F1 circuit to watch the race with few of my frens..

They are Ben, Tony, Song Feng, and Bee Yan..We got this tickets worth RM100..The cheapest of them all..

And ofcoz..With that price we were just sitting under the hot sun, which is the Hillstand..

The Grandstands tickets cost like between RM500-RM2000.!! But ofcoz you are covered from the sunlight..

I went there before, 2 times..And that 2 times were suck bcoz of the location and not to mention..BORING~~ race..

But this time..We were seated at the Gate E..And the location is quite good coz we could see 2 views of the track..

For my previous 2 times..I can just see the car sped off and there goes the car..

We waited at the KL Sentral to take the KTM commuter to get to Nilai..

From Nilai we took bus to get to the Sepang F1 Circuit’s Main Gate..

Unfortunate for Tony..Hr took KTM at Bandar Tasik Selatan all alone and reached Nilai way too early..

By the time he reached Nilai..That’s the time I just reached KL Sentral..Poor him..

So..He waited for more than 1 hour at the Nilai Station..

We left KL Sentral at about 12.10pm and reached Nilai at about 12.55pm..

I’m just dressed in a T-shirt with bermuda shorts and my red Aqua Sock..

As we reached Sepang..We walked to the Main Gate to visit the exhibition over there..

Ofcoz..Car show means ‘girl show’..Hahahaha..Lots of pretty chicks wear super short skirts and short-dress..Sluuurp.!!

Ofcoz I won’t miss the chance to take some picture of them..Hehehe..

After that we went to the Gate E by bus..

For 1st timer to step on Sepang F1 Circuit..Mind You.!!

The distance between the Main Gate and other Gates (such as Gate E)..It’s about the distance from Cheras Roundabout to Pudu..

We were able to conned the guards at the entrance as we are not allowed to bring in any drinks of food..

So we walked in confidently with our drinks in our bags..Muahaha..

Well..We were late for some strategic spots but yet, still early for the race..

After we positioned ourselves at the lower part of the hill slope, the warm-up session began..

Very hot man..Luckily each 1 of us brought our own umbrella..

Then the race started with Alonso leading the way..with Trulli on 2nd and Fishicella on 3rd..I’m not mistaken..

Anyway..Sitting in the circuit and watch it LIVE in front of you is totally different from what u can see on tv..

I might not know who’s leading..Who’s 2nd..Who’s the 3rd, 4th, 5th until the last 1..That’s I said it’s BORING~~!

Anyway..I had some great time this year..Coz couples of accidents happened in front of us..

1st, 1 of the car from Lucky Strike team got burned in the engine i think..

Then the Sauber’s Jacques Villeneuve drove off the track on to the side ways..Hence disqualified..

And also the collision of Jay-Z and Linkin Park =P Nola..Just kidding..

The collision between 3rd placed Giancarlo Fishicella of Renault team and Mark Webber of BMW Williams..

The fact is..Everyone will cheer with applause if there is any accidents..Hahaha..

I sms-ed David Goh to ask him what’s the position in the race at about 4.15pm..

Well..With just 11 laps left..Alonso lead the race far up-front..Jarno Trulli of Toyota team on 2nd spot..

Nick Heidfeld of BMW Williams on 3rd and Juan Pablo Montoya of Mclaren Mercedes on 4th..

After 2 bad experience of reaching home late bcoz of traffic jam and taking public transport, I urged them to ‘blah’ (leave the place) early..

After so many laps..I’m pretty sure the race will be in that position until the end..

Unless unlucky for either the front 4 cars collapsed and out of the race..But I don’t think it will happen..

After all..Ferrari team deserves it this time..Hahahaha..With Michael Schumacher hell out of pole position..

And just managed to get 2 points from the 2nd race..In which he didn’t finished the 1st race in Melbourne, Australia..

I’m rooting up for Sauber Petronas and Renault ofcoz..Coz Alonso is damn super-talented..

Maybe he’s the chosen 1 to beat off Schumacher..Hahahaha..

Yup..We were early to go out of the gate and we managed to catch an empty bus to go back to the Main Gate..

Remember the distance that I told you guys just now.? Don’t ever think of walking back..Unless you got lotsa times and great foot strength..

On the 1st time on my visit to Sepang..In 2001 when I was in Form 5..

I walked all the way from Gate G back to the Main Gate with my cousin and frens..

It was damn tiring and wasting of time..I think we spent about half an hour to walk that distance..

Anyway..This time around we got back real early..No jam at all around the Sepang area..I wonder why..

Ooh.!! It’s bcoz there’s a Astro F1 Concert featuring Thai’s Tata Young and some few other dunno-who-are-they artists..

My 2 expereince of reaching home late at about 8 something to 9pm..Didn’t happened this time around..

At about 7pm, just left Me, Ben and Song Feng..Reached Kl Sentral..

Tony and Bee Yan left us earlier on at the Bandar Tasik Selatan station..

So the 3 of us went to Brickfields to have our dinner..And it sucks..Nothing much to eat..

We ended up in a mamak shop..Called Restoran An-Nur..

Well..We were having fun chats during our makan time..

And later on 2 girls..Just back from the F1 too..Wearing not so sexy but quite arousing..

1 of them..A Malay girl..Wears a low-cut spaghetti straps top and a short skirt..

The 1 damn thing is..She sits cross legs like any other guys..

Ofcoz from a certain angle..You sure can look into her skirt way to the panties and find some hairs if you are lucky..Boo Hoo..

But too bad for us..We can’t see anything from our angle coz she was sitting next to our table..Sheesh~..

And her low-cut top exposed half of her boobs..Not to mention she hanged her sunglasses on it hence made it lower..

Exposing much of her ‘valley’..She has nice boobs..Muahahaha..

At 8pm..We left the shop and headed back home on LRT..

Ben rode his motorcycle all the way from Wangsa Maju to KL Sentral..

So..There’s another trip of the F1 race and will be heading to another country for the next race..


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