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Wednesday, 30 March, 2005


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Well..This is for real and no joke about it.!!!

All written here are truth and nothing but the truth..Heck..I’m late for this blog..

So..Everyone alredy knows about it..So..Never mind..I’ll keep on my main purpose for this blog..

As everyone knows it now that yesterday slighty after midnight..Which is around 12.10am..

What so-called a tremor, a quake, or a shake happened to rock our very safety land, Malaysia..

Well HELL YEAH.!! It’s very scary, but a nice experience though..

I wouldn’t like to talk so much if I didn’t experienced it myself..And indeed..I felt it.!!

Here’s how the goes on me, my family, and absolutely my neighbourhood..

As I rushing like HELL with the Ms Sim’s assignment..I thought I could finished it before, mayb 2am.? =P

But HELL YEAH.!! As I was doing my thing and compiling files and this and that..

I felt hungry..Hahahaha..I always get hungry late at night recently..*Gruuuu~~*

And it’s usual thing for me that I get hungry til my hands and finger shake..

But what happened last night was..I felt very dizzy..My sight became quite blur..*knocking on my head with my right hand*

From dizziness became a quite serious headache..I thought, “WAH.!! Am I that seriously hungry .?!”

Then I noticed 1 thing..Things around me shaking like there’s a T-Rex walking around..

My PC table shaked..The plastic drawers shaked..Hence things in it making noises..

Hmm..Something fishy..And my lil’ sis to feel her bed shaking..Which she thought my legs was shaking it..

From those things..I could prove 1 thing at that time..IT’S EARTHQUAKE.!! *mata terbeliak..mulut ternganga*

But my dad couldn’t feel it..Until my sis and I tell him..As he stood on the balcony..DAMN.!! IT’S REALLY EARTHQUAKE.!!

Window blinds were shaking like hell..All the light things and those that hanging around shaked..

And I just stood in the middle of the living room not knowing what to do..Is the building gonna fall.?!?!

I don’t want to know..I didn’t even thought of running out of the house..

After about 3-5 minutes..The milkshake is done..Ahh~~Leganya Rasanya~~(the scare has over)

And as I changed my MSN nickname to Yatzao Says “My House Is Shaking..Izzit An EarthQuake.?!?!”

I got numerous replies from my frens..Petrol..Rachel..Momo..And umm..A few others..

Petrol stays in Taman Kencana (around Taman Muda area) felt it..

Rachel stays in Kuchai Lama felt it..Hikaru in Connaught felt it..David Goh in Ampang felt it..

Students of MMU in Cyberjaya felt it..Gilbert in Taman Tenaga felt it..

But not to Wong and Wai Min in Pandan Perdana..Lan Doo and Ji-ann in Pandan Indah..

Sook San in Taman Megah also didn’t feel it..Even Ivan in Taman Pertama (nearby my house in Taman Kobena) also didn’t feel it..

Weng Soon in Len Sen and Bee Yan in Angsana also couldn’t feel it..

Anyway..I CAN FEEL IT.!! That’s all that matter..

So many areas in KL can feel it..Conclusion..My house is not gonna collapse..YAY.!! *jumping with joy*

Like many other housing areas..Lots of residents ran downstair..Scared if the building might fall..

And I could see lots of pretty chicks which I didn’t get to see in my 10 years of living in Taman Kobena..*joy with disappointment*

Hahaha..But I couldn’t see any of them half naked or what..Just busy-bodying around..

I came back upstairs just after a while..Continue the RED HOT topic in MSN..

After that..I SMS-ed Mich in Cyberjaya..Well..She felt it and obviously the shake over there are stronger than mine over here..

All the residents evacuated the houses..Mich living on the 10th floor..

Could you imagine running down from the 10th floor with all sort of people panic-king..

And there were even fire brigade appeared at the scene to help the evacuation..

Ofcoz u could see lots of people just wearing their pyjamas..sleeping garments..and also half-naked people running around..

And according to Ben who was hanging around at Genting Kelang yamcha last night..

He couldn’t feel any tremor..But the residents of Prima (a condo) ran downstair in panic..

Hence..Could see lots of pretty chicks that can hardly be seen on normal days..

I wonder was there any couple making love at that time..*thinking hard with devil smile*

Penang can feel it..Kedah can feel it..Selangor can feel it..

KL area..Pudu..Hang Tuah..Brickfields..Bandar Permaisuri..all feel it..

And what caused such a big quake in super-natural-disaster-free-land, Malaysia.??

Yeap..Everyone knows it now..A massive 8.2 quake at Sumatra, causes the tremor in Malaysia..

It happened at Sumatra, 1 hour before the quake arrived Malaysia..

Here’s a site that I got 1 hour after the tremor in Malaysia..Check it out..

Well..8.2 magnitude..Just a mere 0.8 short of December 26’s tsunami tragedy..A massive 9.0 magnitude quake..

Oh well..My Redang plan ruined..All ruined..But it saves my money..YAY.!!

Ok then..That’s all for my blog about the quake in Malaysia..



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