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Saturday, 30 April, 2005

What To Do? List..

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Ways to know you are damn-well-fucking boring during the semester break..

1. Online..
– You online til the wee hours doing nothing bcoz you are using broadband service..
– Reading on other people’s blogs but you can’t find any blog up to the standard of The Hustler Diaries..And you are still finding..
– Checking up on
Friendster‘s users, then you found your long-lost primary-school frens..After checking on a few users with numerous accounts (i.e Yatz 1, Yatz 2, Yatz 3,Yatz 4, and so on..)
– You are playing online games non-stop for several days, bcoz you are using broadband service (i.e Ragnarok Online, DOTA aka Warcraft, O2Jam, Gunbound, Lineage, etc..)
– You download lots of dramas, MTVs, MP3s, cartoons, animes, porns, etc, and you can finish all 10 seasons of Friends in less than 5 days..
– You joked with your frens that a futsal match supposed to be played at 12 midnight had alredy cancelled..
– You’ll download whatever from US tv, that you know who’s Triumph The Insult Dog, even when you live in Malaysia..
– When you are thinking what to post in your blog, like what I’m doing now..

2. Stay At Home..
– Since you sleep late in the wee hours, hence you’ll wake up late in the afternoon..You’ll save up your breakfast meal..
– You’ll wake up around 2-4pm in the afternoon..After having your lunch..You go online again..
– If you don’t online after having your lunch..You’ll go sleep again..So-called nap..
– You’ll wake up at 7pm and it’s time to have your dinner and watch tv for chinese dramas..
– You used up all your savings during your college days..So you have no money to go out with your frens..
– You got no money but still don’t want to find a part-time job..You’ll end up staying at home more..
– You wanted to go for a new movie with some frens..But you think it’s too tiring and you prefer to stay at home watch tv..

3. Night Outing..
– You went out every night with your frens hang-out at some mamak stalls (Indian cafes) til the wee hours ‘blowing water’ (self-boasting)..
– The staffs of that particular shop(s)/stall(s) could recognised you and know what’s your usual orders..
– Hang-out at fren’s house til wee hours to play PlayStation 2 bcoz you don’t have one..
– Watch football matches at mamak stalls/fren’s house til wee hours no matter the match is good or not..
– Some of your best frens are working..You got no1 to call to go out ‘yamcha’..
– You went clubbing 5 days a week that the bouncer also recognised you as a regular customer (this only happens if you got lots of money)
– You don’t have to pay for entrance fee for clubbing, even if you bring a bunch of your frens, bcoz the bouncer knows you as a regular customer..

4. PC Games..
– You can play up to 5 or 6 seasons in Championship Manager 4 (CM4) or Fantasy Manager (FM) in less than 1 week..
– You are a full-time online-gamer..
– You are so damn bored with RO, DOTA, Lineage, etc..You switched back to Utopia..
– You can finish off all of the Final Fantasy series before your new semester starts with the help of Game FAQs or Cheat Codes..

5. TV..
– You watched all of the sitcoms, dramas, movies, National Geographic, Animal Planet repetitively (only if you are a ASTRO subscriber)
– You watched all of the TV series of Mahligai Gading, Misteri Nusantara, Pearl Drama, Samarinda, and latin dramas (only if you are not a ASTRO subscriber)
– You download Golden Faith and other popular TV series and watch it AGAIN after you had alredy watched it on ASTRO and TV3’s Pearl Drama..
– You know when is the Anugerah Industri Muzik 2005 (AIM 2005) will be aired on NTV7..

6. Shopping/Window Shopping..
– You are so damn bored with Suria KLCC, Midvalley Megamall, Berjaya Times Square, Sungei Wang, Lot 10, etc (if you stay in KL area)
– You are so damn bored with Sunway Piramid, 1 Utama, The Curve, Ikano Powerstation, IKEA, etc (if u stay in Subang, Damansara, PJ area)
– You’ll travel to places stated above vice-versa, KL to PJ and Pj to KL..
– You are so embarassed to enter any of the shops located in any of the malls stated above bcoz you had been there so many times without buying a thing..
– You finish up all the albums available for free listening in any TOWER RECORDS outlet..

7. Works..
– You need to rush your assignments/office works when you are supposed to be on a 2 weeks holiday..
– You need to work to earn extra-cash for yourself to enjoy, when you are actually enjoying yourself when you are on holiday/semester break..
– You don’t get enough sleep bcoz of rushing assignments..

Yeap..That’s what you’ll do if you are a Malaysian..No offence about it..It’s the truth..

So..If you find any of your lifestyle equivalent to the above..You are categorized as damn-well-fucking-bored..

Which means..I am damn-well-fucking-bored now..Get it.??


American Idol 4..

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Well..I watched the American Idol Season 4 earlier just now..

It’s now down to final 5..Who are they.?? They are Vonzell, Bo, Carrie, Anthony, and Scott..

Who you were saying.?? Yeap..You are right..Constantine had been voted out of the final 5..

And also another great finalist, Anwar being voted out last week..

I like Constantine very much..His vocal, performance, and also the look..Handsome look..Ok..I’m gay, alright.?!!

But I noticed 1 thing about him..He’s not camera-shy, AT ALL.! He kept looking at the camera all the time..

Constantine is 1 rocker fella..Same as Bo..Both like rock songs..Rock song ROCKS.!!

I don’t like Carrie, Anthony, and Scott..Scott looked snobbish to me..And Carrie doesn’t seem a tough competitor compare to the others..

Anthony is also another non-competitive finalist..But still survive til now..I wonder..

Too bad for Anwar and Constantine..I thought they will survive til the last 3, if not win the competition..

Anyway..That’s all for my review for the American Idol 4 Final 5..

Now I hope that Bo will emerge as the new American Idol..

Before I talk about anything else..I prefer Simon Cowell than Randy Jackson..

I hate to listen to him saying, “Yo man.!”, “Hey/Yo wassup wassup..”, and many other rappers quotes..

And also not forget about his hands..Who do you think you are.?! Rapper.?? Holding onto that peace sign 24/7..I hate him la..

Now it’s time to wait for Malaysian Idol Season 2..Alright..That’s all..

American Idol 4..


Friday, 29 April, 2005

Boring Holiday..

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Hmm..What a boring holiday..And it’s still a long to for me..I paid for it for not doing well in my exams..

Now have to face the consequences..Retain for another semester to clear-off my failed papers..

Now it’s only late April..Need to wait til September for the re-sit exam..

What else to do.? Find a job ofcoz..But before that..Enjoy 1st..Hahaha..

2 days ago..Ah Kuai came to KL to find me and Kelvin (Liew)..Just to meet us..Since all of us also boring..

After we had our late lunch meal..Ah Kuai drove us to his new house at Sri Kembangan, Serdang..

He took the short-cuts and damn it man..The road is so confusing..Maybe after a few rounds, I’ll get to recognise the way to his house..

Umm..Quite a nice house to live..Still, it’s quite far away from the KL city center..

Then..I watched both Champions’ League semi-final matches..AC Milan – PSV and Chelsea – Liverpool..

The favourite for the title..AC Milan ofcoz..But the contenders.? Mighty Chelsea, hardworking Liverpool and darkhorse PSV..

Now..Chelsea is a very good team indeed..It’s almost 99.99% flawless..

Superb goalkeeping from Petr Cech, the ‘Great Wall Of Stamford Bridge’ – John Terry, Ricardo Carvalho, William Gallas, Paulo Ferreira, Glen Johnson, and Roberth Huth..

Superb performances in the midfield – Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, and Claude Makelele..

Superb attacking on the front – Damien Duff, Arjen Robben, Eidur Gudjohnsen, and Didier Drogba..

There are few more players in the full squad but they didn’t contribute much this season – goal-machine Mateja Kezman, Tiago Cardoso, Wayne Bridge, Alexei Smertin, and former Charlton player, Scott Parker..

And also super tactician, fucking-arrogant-manager, Jose Mourinho..

Ofcoz I agree that Chelsea is a very very strong team..But I hate Jose Mourinho..

Therefore..I would like Liverpool to kick their asses out of Champions’ League on the return leg at Anfield next Tuesday, 3rd of May..

Yes..I’m very surprised to see PSV’s performance against AC Milan in the 1st leg..

Their players..Not high-profile players with the likes of Milan’s Shevchenko, Maldini, Seedorf, Pirlo, Kaka, Dida, or Cafu..

They are just Park Ji-Sung, Lee Yong-Pyo, Alex, Gomes, Cocu, Vennegoor of Hesselink, van Bommel, and some others with I can’t remember their names..

But they showed a good performance against the Milan side..Espeically South Koreans Park Ji-Sung and Lee Yong-Pyo..

They played a major role in the PSV 1st-eleven..Mind you about Asians..They created many chances but just to be saved by Dida..

Who knows they might beat-off Milan with a high goal-scoring..

Anyway..Here comes another weekend..And my coursemates are coming back from Redang today..

Ooh~~ I missed Redang so much..If not bcoz of the quake..I would not blogging here right not..

Instead..I’ll be taking pics of the seaside and underwater to be post in here when I’m back..

SIGH~~ It’s my choice not to go..So..Can’t blame anyone..Like my fren said, ‘Better safe than sorry’..

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Sri Petaling for a futsal match against old-rival at 12 midnight..Hahaha..

Til the next post..See ya guys..

Wednesday, 27 April, 2005

Stupid Conversation..

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Alright..Since I got nothing to do..I’ll post this stupid conversation between me and a guy from New York..

I dunno him..And I dunno how he got to know me..

Anyway..Here goes..kazmi_tashfain is the New York guy.. says: hello how are u
Yatzão Says “FINAL-Ly.!! ALL OVER.!! Now Ready To Yamcha Anytime..I Mean AT Night..” says: hello..?? i’m fine..
Yatzão Says “FINAL-Ly.!! ALL OVER.!! Now Ready To Yamcha Anytime..I Mean AT Night..” says: how r u..? says: fine says: so whats going on howz everything says: u remember me?

Yatzão says: err..i dun remember u.. says: okay says: we chat before i think
Yatzão says: hmm..i’m not so sure bout it..heh..

Yatzão says: where r u from..? says: newyork, usa
Yatzão says: ooh..i really dun remember a thing.. says: i think u told me that u gona send me pic
Yatzão says: izzit..? says: yeh says: its two month before we chat like a 1 hour
Yatzão says: huh..??? says: i remember some
Yatzão says: i didnt online 2 months ago due to my pc problem..
Yatzão says: i mean i didnt online much.. says: think about it

Yatzão says: but i really dun remember talking to u for about an hour.. says: okay any way i still remember some thing
Yatzão says: ooh..ok..hehehe.. says: so when u gona send me pic u promise me 😉
Yatzão says: did i promise u..?? says: yeh honey 😉
Yatzão says: hmm..i think u make a mistake here..i’m not chick.. says: oh hhhhhhhhhhh says: no stop kidding.. i know who u are

Yatzão says: yeap..that’s a big mistake u made.. says: ohhh really
Yatzão says: yup..i’m a guy.. says: okay says: ohh u are the 1 who add with me from last 2 year we chat so many time okay! now stop kidding
Yatzão says: last 2 year..?? sorry..i’m still using icq for the last 2 years..i just started using msn last year.. says: ohhhhhhhhhhh my GOD says: now tell me that i am laying

Yatzão says: yea..u r lying..hahahaha.. says: lolZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Yatzão says: yeap..believe it or not..i really dunno u..
Yatzão says: and to tell u the truth..i’m a guy..not a chick..
Yatzão says: u still dun believe me..? says: yeh one time send me a pic but i lost my laptop other wise i gona show u says: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my GOD U cheat me
Yatzão says: but i’m really a guy.. says: okay
Yatzão says: and i’m not the 1 who add u in my list 2 years ago..
Yatzão says: and i didnt cheat on’s ur mistake and a misunderstanding.. says: okay anyway i dont forget any thing

Yatzão says: what we chat about during that 1 hour long conversation..? I mean u and the 1 who supposed to.. says: okay anyway i dont give a fuck leave it
Yatzão says:well sure..why do i give a fuck too..?? says: lolZZZZZZZZZZZ

Yatzão says: u thought i’m a chick bcoz of this pic..?? says: yeh
Yatzão says: well..i’m a guy..wanna see the front..??

Yatzão says: i’m just a guy with long hair..stupid bozzo.. says: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh says: okay its mean bysexul

Yatzão says: duh..i’m not..i’m totally straight..
Yatzão says: so dun think those trick will work on other chicks man.. says: liston man in newyork s full of bitch okay says: and dont try to smart what do u mean by tricks

Yatzão says: arh..what the’s just a misunderstanding and a fucking mistake..i dun give a damn man.. says: so what do u mean by tricks i told u leave it says: so why the fuck u dont leave this topic

Yatzão says: coz i havent came across to chat with a fucker like u..hahahaha.. says: u mean im a fucker
Yatzão says : YEAH.!! u r totally 1 stupid asshole-motherfucker..


Alright..The conversation stopped there after i blasted him like hell..

No replies from him..And what the heck..I just blocked him..Who cares..

And if you really read through it..This guy seems like really turned on when I used the word “I dun give a fuck/damn”

But that’s only when he still thinks I’m a pretty chick out of nowhere

When he realized I’m really a guy..The word “FUCK” turns him off..

MUAHAHAHAHA..Such a foolish and childish guy in New York..

Come to think of it..Is he a gay or what.?? Damn..

Kept telling me to stop kidding on him..yada yada yada..

Even if I am playing a fool on him last time..WHAT THE HECK.?! I dun give a fuck la..

That’s all a stupid conversation between me and an alien from NY..

Friday, 22 April, 2005

Keane – Somewhere Only We Know

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Well..This is another great score from another Brit-Rock band, Keane..

It’s something about memories with the 1 you loved..

Though they are no longer together..The person still hoping to be with the 1 he/she loves..

Going to places they had been together during their happy moments..

And I too hope the time will come to me..

Keane – Somewhere Only We Know

I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete

Oh simple thing where have you gone
I’m getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you’re gonna let me in
I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

I came across a fallen tree
I felt the branches of it looking at me
Is this the place we used to love?
Is this the place that I’ve been dreaming of?

Oh simple thing where have you gone
I’m getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you’re gonna let me in
I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

So, if you have a minute why don’t we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This can be the end of everything
So why don’t we go
Somewhere only we know?
Somewhere only we know?

Oh simple thing where have you gone
I’m getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you’re gonna let me in
I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

And, if you have a minute why don’t we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don’t we go
So why don’t we go

This could be the end of everything
So why don’t we go
Somewhere only we know?
Somewhere only we know?
Somewhere only we know?

The End..

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Well..This post I supposed to post it yesterday night..But due to my tired-ness..I fell asleep when I’m writing it half-way..

So..Here’s the post of yesterday and today..

Yes..It’s the end of all..I’m talking bout my exam..Not closing down this blog..

Had 6 papers in just 1 week..Damn tired..

And I just finished my papers today..2 papers in 1 day..Meaning.?? Double work in 1 night..

Resulting didn’t sleep for the whole night 2 days ago (Tuesday)..

But feel very happy that I can blog again..YAY.!!

Talking about blog..I’m sure many of you read my previous post..

I recommended the “The Hustler Diaries”..A widely-known blog-site written by a Malaysian..

All that he wrote are nothing but sex..peeping tom stories..sexual affairs of well-known people..etc..

He won the Asia Blog a runner-up in the year 2004 i think..

Most of his readers..Based in Malaysia, Singapore, and USA..

And the number of visitors each days..U can’t even count it using ur hair..Nah..craps..

But I’m sure there are..At least 150 visitors per day..

But recently..Something happened..Someone criticised his blog..

So..The site has now shut down..For his own good..We’ll miss your stories, Mr Hustler..

About a month ago..Another blog-site had also shut down..

The site is called Quenius or something like that..

The site was created by a group of frens (about 2-4 person)..They are still students..

The whole thing about the blog are mostly about sarcarsm, critism, and racism..

Yup..They were quite racist..But it’s fun to read their blog..

It’s not that I’m having fun to be a racist..But fun to read their stories with the words they used up..

This happened a month ago..1 of his visitors..Spammed his chatterbox and commentboard..

Quenius had to shut down the site..Following a row of threats they received from the visitor..

Let’s call the guy who spammed Quenius’ site, the Hacker..

So, Hacker told Quenius that he affiliates with the authority..Someone that has the power to do something on Quenius..

Not knowing who are these Quenius people..Hacker spammed on other bloggers that Quenius lonked..

1 of the victim of spam..Tell the story to his fren, Metalrage..

You can read the whole thing in his site..I’ll summarize it here..

Hacker kept spamming into the victim, CK’s site..Asking him who is Quenius..

Apparently..CK doesn’t who is this Quenius group..It’s just that Quenius linked to CK’s site..

But..Denies couldn’t stop it all..Hacker kept asking non-stop..

Then Metalrage criticised Hacker in his site..

After a while..Dunno what happened..Metalrage apologized to Hacker..

Hmm..This Hacker is really something..Other bloggers..Be careful.!!

Let’s move to football..Damn you Chelsea.!!

Leading the table with 11 points ahead of 2nd-placed Arsenal..

And I think Everton deserves the fourth place for the Champions’ League qualifying spot..

Not to forget..Norwich deserves the surviving place too..I’m rooting up for Proton here..Hahahaha..

Ya..I had added some links to my blog :

1. You can look on my Photo Album that I linked from Friendster just below my ‘The Author’ pic..

2. I linked to a site that has lots of Nike Sneakers pics..From Nike Air Force 1 to Classics (Dunk Low/Mid/High, Cortez, Ace ’83) on the side section..

3. My favourite football club..Charlton Athletic Football Club Official Site on the side section..

Will add some others football clubs’ official sites later..

Umm..That’s all for now..See you all again soon..

Have A Nice Day.!!

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