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Saturday, 2 April, 2005

Controversial HITZ.FM’s Management..

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Well..As a true loyal listener..I listen to it everyday as I woke up..Coz I set it as my alarm to wake me up.. For non-Malaysian is dubbed as the No.1 radio station in Malaysia..Click here to visit its website

It have lots of top music charts and some sort of chart-topping hits..Something like Rick Dees from the US..

And ofcoz we Malaysians get to listen to Rick Dees Top 40 on

Every morning on weekdays..That’s Monday to Friday..There’s a programme called “The Morning Crew”..

The 1st ever DJs to talk on-air on “ Morning Crew” behalf..Were Lil’ Kev & The Fly Guy..

But I’m not sure what happened to them that suddenly they disappeared from the radio station..

And now the All New – New Morning Crew..Comprising Rudy & JJ..

Before there’s J Lo with umm..It’s either Rudy or JJ..I forgot about it..

Anyway..Back to Rudy & JJ..2 days ago, which was 31st of March..Something happened to them

They were late for the morning show for 1 hour..

1 of the DJs..Mesh..I’m not sure what’s his post in the radio station..But I’m pretty sure it’s quite high..

He throwed a tantrum towards them..Bcoz of their late-ness..

Apparently..They were sort of suspended from their job as the morning show DJ..

Lots of loyal listeners called in to enquire about it..

Most of them wished them back as the DJs of the Morning Crew show..

Anyway..Yesterday..Ean and Pietro replaced Rudy & JJ’s post in the show..

Again..Lots of callers enquire about Rudy & JJ’s whereabout..

At about 7.45am..I’m driving to college for an early Maths lecture..After a song played on-air..

The DJs mumbled on the mic and I’m pretty sure something happened coz won’t make such technical problems..

Suddenly..2 voice can be heard saying, “Hi! We are Rudy & JJ back for the Morning Crew..”

Rudy & JJ say :
“Now..We have a cable worth about RM 500,000 in our hands (or is it RM 5 mil..I can’t remember)..Once we cut-off this cable, this radio station will lose a huge amount in profit..
We would like to apologise to our listeners out there bcoz we were late to work..
We are doing this is not that we hate u listeners or the sponsor (Hotlink), but is the management..
(Mumbling sound)
Rudy & JJ : Will you 2 please shut up.?! (referring to Ean and Pietro)

Yep..They hijack the studio and take the studio together with 2 other DJs hostaged..

Rudy & JJ kept firing and scolding the bosses of the radio station and the management (specifically they were talking bout Mesh)..

They said they are not satisfied with the management bcoz, of just 1, and the very 1st wrong-doing..They get fired..

JJ kept saying how hard he worked from the lowest level to the post where he is now..

Just bcoz of 1 wrong-doing..The many years of hardwork is not appreciated..And was fired instead..

So..The studio was theirs..They can do what they want..Blocking ads to be aired..

They kept f**king the management and urged loyal listeners to call-in to support them for their attempt to get back their job..

Then they said, “We gonna play some songs that you won’t get to hear in all this while..”

The 1st song they played..Shut Up by Simple Plan..To tell the management to shut up..

They sang to the tune as if they were singing karaoke..Especially the word SHUT UP..

Honestly..For a morning starts at 6am-10am..They had to wake up at 5am every weekdays..

In the midst of a nice sleep they had to wake up with a good smile and big laugh to cheer the listeners..

I myself think it’s quite acceptable if they are late for once or twice..

After that..They kept playing songs..As a loyal listener..I admit the songs were really never heard before in the 92.9 frequency..

Be it oldies, chinese songs or whatever..They were some thing totally new to

But I had to attend Maths lecture..So..I didn’t know what happened after that..

As soon as i reached the lecture hall..I kept asking frens whoever’s mobile-phone has the radio feature..

None of them have it..And Jason who has it still haven’t come yet..So..Don’t know anything bout it later..

So there I was listening to the sissy-looking Maths lecturer, Mr Henry Hwang talking bout Fourier Series (calculus) and a few theorems that I forgot about it..

At 9am..As usual..A short break in the middle of the 2 hours lecture..

Suddenly Jason appeared sitting beside me on the bench..

I quickly asked for the Nokia 6610 to listen to the radio..

As soon as i tuned to 92.9..They were alredy talking bout seeking legal help..

Hopefully some loyal listeners who work as lawyers would help them out..

Even the hourly news reported about the incident..Damn serious man..

Then another DJ..Jakeman aka Jake Abdullah, Senior Programme Manager kept persuading them to stop their stupid act..

Since that’s what they want..Jakeman told them,“Today you guys can have the studio..Do whatever you guys like..You can monkey whatever songs you want..Talk whatever you want..But you are not allowed to come again starting from tomorrow onwards..”

Then I continued with my lecture..Not knowing what happened..

After the lecture..The activity still went on..But I’m not so sure what happened..

Both of the DJs, Rudy & JJ seemed like they had an argument that Rudy blame on JJ for involving him..

Then suddenly a brawl broke out..And I’m not sure who with who..

Coz I just heard it from Song Feng..Apparently Jason went home after the lecture..

That was about 11am when the brawl occured..Then suddenly..


Yep.!! Indeed it’s a superb April Fools’ Day prank on Malaysians..

And it proved to be a success..Lots of callers called-in to support their action..

I should have known..But it’s too real..

I even SMS-ed Rachel..Mich..Lohman..Billy..Boss..Yew Mun..Song Feng..Jia Wei..and some others..

Few of them get tricked too..And some knew it would be just a stupid April Fools’ Day prank..

Anyway..Congrats to for their successful job..

The end of the story..Happy Belated April Fools’ Day everyone..



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