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Thursday, 7 April, 2005

Golden Faith

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Yesterday..I mean, Tuesday..Popular TVB Drama Series, Golden Faith showed on TV3 has ended..

Well..I’m not an ASTRO subscriber..So..I’m a little bit of slow to watch this highly-rated HK drama..

The drama has finally came to an end yesterday..wraps up the 43-episodes drama series..

A great drama about relationships between family..Friendship..Love..Revenge..War of business..

Sacrifices..Conflict..Stupidity..and all wonderful sorts of virtues and elements in ones life..

I’m a true fan of Gallen Law (Lo)..The leading actor in this drama..Better known as Ivan Teng Sin Poon for those who don’t know who is Gallen Law..

Watched his “At The Threshold Of An Era”..Also another superb drama about the same theme as “Golden Faith”..

Well..1 thing I like about “Golden Faith”, is bcoz the relationship between Ivan (Gallen Law) and Rachel (Jessica Hester Hsuan)..

And also the brotherly love between Ivan and his siblings..

Some might say,”All the sacrifices he made are just bullshits..That’s only happens in movies..”

Yes..I also agree to that point that yes indeed, he’s totally too kind and superbly Mr Nice Guy in this drama..

But what the heck..Hero RULEZ.!! Hero takes it all.!!

At the beginning..Gallen Law and Jessica Hester were in love, in some sort of love at first sight thing..

But family problems restrained Gallen Law to continue to be with Jessica Hester (I’ll call them Ivan and Rachel la..DAMN long la their names)..

Ivan’s adopted father is a well-known gold-investor-cum-businessman..But also the head of some kinda triad gang..

On the other hand..Rachel is a lawyer..

1 against the law..And the other 1 is the law..

Such a dillema for them to be together..

It could worked out actually..But too bad Ivan puts love aside..FAMILY FIRST..

Bcoz of that..Rachel couldn’t accept Ivan’s policy of Family First..And why not love first.??

Apparently..Ivan feels that he owed to this adopted family..Bcoz if not bcoz of his adopted father..He might drowned to death..

So there story goes on until he found his long lost younger brother..

And again..Ivan against the law..His long lost brother is also the law..A policeman..

Bcoz of that gap between them..It restrains Ivan to reunite with his brother..

The story goes..The adopted father died..Then the uncle of adopted family, is a bad guy..

Trying to own his dead brother’s wealth..With the help of Ivan’s step-brother..Oscar..

Then the stupidity of Oscar being found out by his bad-uncle..Hence, problems coming 1 by 1..

Oscar thought he is fooled by Ivan all this while, bcoz of his stupidity..

So Oscar is being conned by his bad-uncle to do all the crime activities..

When Oscar revealed Ivan is not his biological brother..Oscar tells Ah Hong aka Ivan’s biological brother, the policeman..

Then the 2 renuite after some quarrel..And Oscar still being fooled by his bad-uncle..

Matters get worst when the bad-uncle instigates Oscar turn his back on Ivan..

Then both of them would become enemy and there’s no more hope for Teng Gold Company or something like that (known as Teng Fong in Cantonese)..

Then bla bla bla..Bla bla bla..Bla bla bla..

Until the climax..Where Oscar tries to murder Ivan and at the same time robs Teng Fong’s $100 million worth of gold bars..

Right before he could kill Ivan..Stupendous Oscar found out that his bad-uncle is BAD..

Then Ah Hong rushed to the scene and suddenly BANG.!!

A shot was fired from dunno whose gun..Either Oscar’s, or Ah Hong’s..

The shot hit Ivan’s chest and Ivan is in critical condition near to death..

Then ofcoz..Rachel help him out to fight for the will to survive..

Then ofcoz Ivan couldn’t give up Rachel bcoz they were sooo in love..

Then he wakes up..Tells the truth about what had happened..

So..The bad-uncle is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and Oscar 7 years imprisonment..

Then Ivan and Rachel migrate to Australia..The place where they met and where they fell in love to each other..

That’s the end of the story..I hope u get the picture of what the drama is all about..

Try to download or buy it from stores..

It’s a worth-to-watch drama..For emotional people..You will cry like hell..And the theme songs are damn nice..

Whatever..Watch it if you still haven’t..Love it if u had..


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