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Friday, 22 April, 2005

The End..

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Well..This post I supposed to post it yesterday night..But due to my tired-ness..I fell asleep when I’m writing it half-way..

So..Here’s the post of yesterday and today..

Yes..It’s the end of all..I’m talking bout my exam..Not closing down this blog..

Had 6 papers in just 1 week..Damn tired..

And I just finished my papers today..2 papers in 1 day..Meaning.?? Double work in 1 night..

Resulting didn’t sleep for the whole night 2 days ago (Tuesday)..

But feel very happy that I can blog again..YAY.!!

Talking about blog..I’m sure many of you read my previous post..

I recommended the “The Hustler Diaries”..A widely-known blog-site written by a Malaysian..

All that he wrote are nothing but sex..peeping tom stories..sexual affairs of well-known people..etc..

He won the Asia Blog a runner-up in the year 2004 i think..

Most of his readers..Based in Malaysia, Singapore, and USA..

And the number of visitors each days..U can’t even count it using ur hair..Nah..craps..

But I’m sure there are..At least 150 visitors per day..

But recently..Something happened..Someone criticised his blog..

So..The site has now shut down..For his own good..We’ll miss your stories, Mr Hustler..

About a month ago..Another blog-site had also shut down..

The site is called Quenius or something like that..

The site was created by a group of frens (about 2-4 person)..They are still students..

The whole thing about the blog are mostly about sarcarsm, critism, and racism..

Yup..They were quite racist..But it’s fun to read their blog..

It’s not that I’m having fun to be a racist..But fun to read their stories with the words they used up..

This happened a month ago..1 of his visitors..Spammed his chatterbox and commentboard..

Quenius had to shut down the site..Following a row of threats they received from the visitor..

Let’s call the guy who spammed Quenius’ site, the Hacker..

So, Hacker told Quenius that he affiliates with the authority..Someone that has the power to do something on Quenius..

Not knowing who are these Quenius people..Hacker spammed on other bloggers that Quenius lonked..

1 of the victim of spam..Tell the story to his fren, Metalrage..

You can read the whole thing in his site..I’ll summarize it here..

Hacker kept spamming into the victim, CK’s site..Asking him who is Quenius..

Apparently..CK doesn’t who is this Quenius group..It’s just that Quenius linked to CK’s site..

But..Denies couldn’t stop it all..Hacker kept asking non-stop..

Then Metalrage criticised Hacker in his site..

After a while..Dunno what happened..Metalrage apologized to Hacker..

Hmm..This Hacker is really something..Other bloggers..Be careful.!!

Let’s move to football..Damn you Chelsea.!!

Leading the table with 11 points ahead of 2nd-placed Arsenal..

And I think Everton deserves the fourth place for the Champions’ League qualifying spot..

Not to forget..Norwich deserves the surviving place too..I’m rooting up for Proton here..Hahahaha..

Ya..I had added some links to my blog :

1. You can look on my Photo Album that I linked from Friendster just below my ‘The Author’ pic..

2. I linked to a site that has lots of Nike Sneakers pics..From Nike Air Force 1 to Classics (Dunk Low/Mid/High, Cortez, Ace ’83) on the side section..

3. My favourite football club..Charlton Athletic Football Club Official Site on the side section..

Will add some others football clubs’ official sites later..

Umm..That’s all for now..See you all again soon..

Have A Nice Day.!!


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