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Wednesday, 27 April, 2005

Stupid Conversation..

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Alright..Since I got nothing to do..I’ll post this stupid conversation between me and a guy from New York..

I dunno him..And I dunno how he got to know me..

Anyway..Here goes..kazmi_tashfain is the New York guy.. says: hello how are u
Yatzão Says “FINAL-Ly.!! ALL OVER.!! Now Ready To Yamcha Anytime..I Mean AT Night..” says: hello..?? i’m fine..
Yatzão Says “FINAL-Ly.!! ALL OVER.!! Now Ready To Yamcha Anytime..I Mean AT Night..” says: how r u..? says: fine says: so whats going on howz everything says: u remember me?

Yatzão says: err..i dun remember u.. says: okay says: we chat before i think
Yatzão says: hmm..i’m not so sure bout it..heh..

Yatzão says: where r u from..? says: newyork, usa
Yatzão says: ooh..i really dun remember a thing.. says: i think u told me that u gona send me pic
Yatzão says: izzit..? says: yeh says: its two month before we chat like a 1 hour
Yatzão says: huh..??? says: i remember some
Yatzão says: i didnt online 2 months ago due to my pc problem..
Yatzão says: i mean i didnt online much.. says: think about it

Yatzão says: but i really dun remember talking to u for about an hour.. says: okay any way i still remember some thing
Yatzão says: ooh..ok..hehehe.. says: so when u gona send me pic u promise me 😉
Yatzão says: did i promise u..?? says: yeh honey 😉
Yatzão says: hmm..i think u make a mistake here..i’m not chick.. says: oh hhhhhhhhhhh says: no stop kidding.. i know who u are

Yatzão says: yeap..that’s a big mistake u made.. says: ohhh really
Yatzão says: yup..i’m a guy.. says: okay says: ohh u are the 1 who add with me from last 2 year we chat so many time okay! now stop kidding
Yatzão says: last 2 year..?? sorry..i’m still using icq for the last 2 years..i just started using msn last year.. says: ohhhhhhhhhhh my GOD says: now tell me that i am laying

Yatzão says: yea..u r lying..hahahaha.. says: lolZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Yatzão says: yeap..believe it or not..i really dunno u..
Yatzão says: and to tell u the truth..i’m a guy..not a chick..
Yatzão says: u still dun believe me..? says: yeh one time send me a pic but i lost my laptop other wise i gona show u says: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my GOD U cheat me
Yatzão says: but i’m really a guy.. says: okay
Yatzão says: and i’m not the 1 who add u in my list 2 years ago..
Yatzão says: and i didnt cheat on’s ur mistake and a misunderstanding.. says: okay anyway i dont forget any thing

Yatzão says: what we chat about during that 1 hour long conversation..? I mean u and the 1 who supposed to.. says: okay anyway i dont give a fuck leave it
Yatzão says:well sure..why do i give a fuck too..?? says: lolZZZZZZZZZZZ

Yatzão says: u thought i’m a chick bcoz of this pic..?? says: yeh
Yatzão says: well..i’m a guy..wanna see the front..??

Yatzão says: i’m just a guy with long hair..stupid bozzo.. says: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh says: okay its mean bysexul

Yatzão says: duh..i’m not..i’m totally straight..
Yatzão says: so dun think those trick will work on other chicks man.. says: liston man in newyork s full of bitch okay says: and dont try to smart what do u mean by tricks

Yatzão says: arh..what the’s just a misunderstanding and a fucking mistake..i dun give a damn man.. says: so what do u mean by tricks i told u leave it says: so why the fuck u dont leave this topic

Yatzão says: coz i havent came across to chat with a fucker like u..hahahaha.. says: u mean im a fucker
Yatzão says : YEAH.!! u r totally 1 stupid asshole-motherfucker..


Alright..The conversation stopped there after i blasted him like hell..

No replies from him..And what the heck..I just blocked him..Who cares..

And if you really read through it..This guy seems like really turned on when I used the word “I dun give a fuck/damn”

But that’s only when he still thinks I’m a pretty chick out of nowhere

When he realized I’m really a guy..The word “FUCK” turns him off..

MUAHAHAHAHA..Such a foolish and childish guy in New York..

Come to think of it..Is he a gay or what.?? Damn..

Kept telling me to stop kidding on him..yada yada yada..

Even if I am playing a fool on him last time..WHAT THE HECK.?! I dun give a fuck la..

That’s all a stupid conversation between me and an alien from NY..



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