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Saturday, 30 April, 2005

American Idol 4..

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Well..I watched the American Idol Season 4 earlier just now..

It’s now down to final 5..Who are they.?? They are Vonzell, Bo, Carrie, Anthony, and Scott..

Who you were saying.?? Yeap..You are right..Constantine had been voted out of the final 5..

And also another great finalist, Anwar being voted out last week..

I like Constantine very much..His vocal, performance, and also the look..Handsome look..Ok..I’m gay, alright.?!!

But I noticed 1 thing about him..He’s not camera-shy, AT ALL.! He kept looking at the camera all the time..

Constantine is 1 rocker fella..Same as Bo..Both like rock songs..Rock song ROCKS.!!

I don’t like Carrie, Anthony, and Scott..Scott looked snobbish to me..And Carrie doesn’t seem a tough competitor compare to the others..

Anthony is also another non-competitive finalist..But still survive til now..I wonder..

Too bad for Anwar and Constantine..I thought they will survive til the last 3, if not win the competition..

Anyway..That’s all for my review for the American Idol 4 Final 5..

Now I hope that Bo will emerge as the new American Idol..

Before I talk about anything else..I prefer Simon Cowell than Randy Jackson..

I hate to listen to him saying, “Yo man.!”, “Hey/Yo wassup wassup..”, and many other rappers quotes..

And also not forget about his hands..Who do you think you are.?! Rapper.?? Holding onto that peace sign 24/7..I hate him la..

Now it’s time to wait for Malaysian Idol Season 2..Alright..That’s all..

American Idol 4..


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