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Saturday, 30 April, 2005

What To Do? List..

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Ways to know you are damn-well-fucking boring during the semester break..

1. Online..
– You online til the wee hours doing nothing bcoz you are using broadband service..
– Reading on other people’s blogs but you can’t find any blog up to the standard of The Hustler Diaries..And you are still finding..
– Checking up on
Friendster‘s users, then you found your long-lost primary-school frens..After checking on a few users with numerous accounts (i.e Yatz 1, Yatz 2, Yatz 3,Yatz 4, and so on..)
– You are playing online games non-stop for several days, bcoz you are using broadband service (i.e Ragnarok Online, DOTA aka Warcraft, O2Jam, Gunbound, Lineage, etc..)
– You download lots of dramas, MTVs, MP3s, cartoons, animes, porns, etc, and you can finish all 10 seasons of Friends in less than 5 days..
– You joked with your frens that a futsal match supposed to be played at 12 midnight had alredy cancelled..
– You’ll download whatever from US tv, that you know who’s Triumph The Insult Dog, even when you live in Malaysia..
– When you are thinking what to post in your blog, like what I’m doing now..

2. Stay At Home..
– Since you sleep late in the wee hours, hence you’ll wake up late in the afternoon..You’ll save up your breakfast meal..
– You’ll wake up around 2-4pm in the afternoon..After having your lunch..You go online again..
– If you don’t online after having your lunch..You’ll go sleep again..So-called nap..
– You’ll wake up at 7pm and it’s time to have your dinner and watch tv for chinese dramas..
– You used up all your savings during your college days..So you have no money to go out with your frens..
– You got no money but still don’t want to find a part-time job..You’ll end up staying at home more..
– You wanted to go for a new movie with some frens..But you think it’s too tiring and you prefer to stay at home watch tv..

3. Night Outing..
– You went out every night with your frens hang-out at some mamak stalls (Indian cafes) til the wee hours ‘blowing water’ (self-boasting)..
– The staffs of that particular shop(s)/stall(s) could recognised you and know what’s your usual orders..
– Hang-out at fren’s house til wee hours to play PlayStation 2 bcoz you don’t have one..
– Watch football matches at mamak stalls/fren’s house til wee hours no matter the match is good or not..
– Some of your best frens are working..You got no1 to call to go out ‘yamcha’..
– You went clubbing 5 days a week that the bouncer also recognised you as a regular customer (this only happens if you got lots of money)
– You don’t have to pay for entrance fee for clubbing, even if you bring a bunch of your frens, bcoz the bouncer knows you as a regular customer..

4. PC Games..
– You can play up to 5 or 6 seasons in Championship Manager 4 (CM4) or Fantasy Manager (FM) in less than 1 week..
– You are a full-time online-gamer..
– You are so damn bored with RO, DOTA, Lineage, etc..You switched back to Utopia..
– You can finish off all of the Final Fantasy series before your new semester starts with the help of Game FAQs or Cheat Codes..

5. TV..
– You watched all of the sitcoms, dramas, movies, National Geographic, Animal Planet repetitively (only if you are a ASTRO subscriber)
– You watched all of the TV series of Mahligai Gading, Misteri Nusantara, Pearl Drama, Samarinda, and latin dramas (only if you are not a ASTRO subscriber)
– You download Golden Faith and other popular TV series and watch it AGAIN after you had alredy watched it on ASTRO and TV3’s Pearl Drama..
– You know when is the Anugerah Industri Muzik 2005 (AIM 2005) will be aired on NTV7..

6. Shopping/Window Shopping..
– You are so damn bored with Suria KLCC, Midvalley Megamall, Berjaya Times Square, Sungei Wang, Lot 10, etc (if you stay in KL area)
– You are so damn bored with Sunway Piramid, 1 Utama, The Curve, Ikano Powerstation, IKEA, etc (if u stay in Subang, Damansara, PJ area)
– You’ll travel to places stated above vice-versa, KL to PJ and Pj to KL..
– You are so embarassed to enter any of the shops located in any of the malls stated above bcoz you had been there so many times without buying a thing..
– You finish up all the albums available for free listening in any TOWER RECORDS outlet..

7. Works..
– You need to rush your assignments/office works when you are supposed to be on a 2 weeks holiday..
– You need to work to earn extra-cash for yourself to enjoy, when you are actually enjoying yourself when you are on holiday/semester break..
– You don’t get enough sleep bcoz of rushing assignments..

Yeap..That’s what you’ll do if you are a Malaysian..No offence about it..It’s the truth..

So..If you find any of your lifestyle equivalent to the above..You are categorized as damn-well-fucking-bored..

Which means..I am damn-well-fucking-bored now..Get it.??


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