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Friday, 6 May, 2005

Liverpool RULEZ Over Chelsea.!!

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Every football fans know that 2 nights ago, had 1 of the greatest match in Champions’ League history..It was the semi-final Champions’ League 2nd leg match between Liverpool – Chelsea at Anfield, homeground of Liverpool..

The 1st leg ended in a 0-0 stalemate at Stamford Bridge..Which I’m very proud of Liverpool..

So..2 nights ago..As suggested..My frens and I made a last minute trip to Sri Hartamas for the Anfield showdown..

We sat at Hartamas Square..Some kinda food court place..

If I’m not mistaken..We are the only chinese to sit there..Lots of Malays..

Never mind..We lived in a multi-racial country..Sometimes it’s nice to hang-out with Malays..

So both Chelsea and Liverpool fans all sat together to cheer for their team..

Well..Absolutely and clearly Liverpool fans ousted Chelsea fans..Just a few Chelsea fans there..

It’s happy to see Didi Hamann back in the squad to replace suspended Xabi Alonso..

It’s also happy to see Tiago playing in the midefield..Muahaha..

If he’s not a Portuguese..He won’t be playing in the 1st team..Everyone agrees.?? Hahaha..

And Drogba proved to be unworthy for the 24 mil transfer..

Liverpool started the match and looked happy to get their men behind ball..

It turned out to be a nice-feeling high-tensed atmosphere when Luis Garcia scored a controversial-goal in the 4th minute..

Everyone cheered for the goal..Chelsea fans looked dejected and helpless..

Credits to Liverpool supporters at Anfield and also the whole Liverpool team..

Liverpool supporters making noises to cheer for their team and booed and jeered at Chelsea players when they had a touch on the ball..

Luis Garcia and Arne Riise are the man.! they ran up and down the field for the ball..

And every single ball entered the penalty-box cleared off by superb Jamie Carragher and Sammi Hyypia..

At the end of the 1st half..Stats showed that Chelsea had none on the shot on goal..

In the 2nd half..Chelsea pushed forward and look for goals to cancel off Liverpool’s lead..

Although they attacked in numbers..But surely it was effortless against the rock-solid defence of Liverpool..

All Liverpool players made the most hard-tackling defence towards Chelsea charged..

They slided from far away to get to the ball of under Chelsea players feet..

Dudek also made a few fine saves, especially the long-range effort from Frank Lampard..

Everyone at the Hartamas Square clapped and cheered for every attack and every defend..

It’s bad to say this but everyone had a relief when Kezman came off the bench for Tiago..

Kezman is under-performing this season so it’s like having a primary school player playing with secondary school player.. =P

And Joe Cole came off the field for almost-fit Arjen Robben..And also Robert Huth for Geremi..

Cisse, Kewell, and Antonio Nunez came off the bench for Baros, Hamann, and Luis Garcia..

Pacey Cisse looked helpless on the up-front and didn’t managed to get most of the ball passed to him..

The atmosphere turned high-tensed in the last 10 minutes..Chelsea pushed forward in numbers..

For every block-shots from Liverpool, everyone at Hartamas Square cheered hysterically..

In the dying minutes of 6 minutes of stoppage-time..It was a nail-biting situation for both sides..

Should Liverpool defended the goal, they’ll march on..Should Chelsea levelled, Chelsea will march on on away goal rules..

Chelsea missed the only opportunity when Dudek was downed after punching the ball away from the 6-yard box..

Left Gudjohnsen on the right-side to fire an almost-open goal..But the ball sent wide..

After that shot..Every Liverpool supporters at Hartamas Square chanted “LI~~VERPOOL~~~…LI~~VERPOOL~~~.!!”

The ball stood til the final whistle as the only goal for Liverpool to secure a place in the Final..

Praises to Liverpool’s rock-solid defence..Although they only defend for almost entire of the game..

But you can’t blame them..If Chelsea are SOOO-GOOD..They alredy had score goals to win the match..

Don’t blame on the 8-1-1 rock-solid formation..Blame on yourself for not being able to score goals..


Last night was the match between PSV – AC Milan where Milan won the 1st leg by 2-0..

It was a very boring match in the 1st-half..Suspense only came when PSV scored the 2nd goal to level on aggregate..

All looked to be done when Ambrosini scored from a header for AC Milan..

But the game was still on-course when PSV levelled in the 1st minute of the stoppage-time..

But it’s all finished bcoz PSV have to score a 4th goal in order to march to the Final bcoz of away-goal rules..

So..AC Milan ousted PSV Eindhoven on a 3-3 aggregate with Milan won on away-goal rules..

AC Milan will meet Liverpool in the Champions’ League Final in Istanbul, Turkey on 25th of May..

Too bad Liverpool will miss next season’s Champions’ League should they win the title at Istanbul..

Unless Liverpool able to make it to the 4th spot by kicking everton and Bolton out of the way in English Premier League..

Why.?? Bcoz only the top 4 teams qualify for next season’s Champions’ League..

But I don’t think Liverpool will defend the title if they win..

They can try on UEFA Cup..Hahahaha..

Til the day at Istanbul..Adios..


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